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New Jersey Announces an Increase in Minimum Wage for 2018

effective January 1, 2018 the New Jersey minimum engage rate will increase to $ 8.60 per hour from $ 8.44/hour. Don ’ metric ton forget to adjust pay for any affected employees coincident with their first payroll in 2018 .
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NJ-W3 Form – Annual Reconciliation of Tax Withheld for Tax Year 2017

New Jersey is scheduled to mail the NJ-W3 Form – annual Reconciliation of Tax Withheld for the 2017 tax year in mid-December. Pieper Payroll prepares and files that form for you as separate of our year-end report military service. There is no action required on your part .
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IRS Mailing Notices of 2018 Deposit Requirements for 941

The IRS is mailing 2018 depository Requirements for Form 941 during the first workweek of November. alone clients that have a change in their deposit frequency, normally monthly to semi-weekly or vice-versa, will receive a notice. If you receive such a notice please scan or fax it to our attention .
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New Jersey Notice of Gross Income Tax Withholding Requirement Mailed

New Jersey is mailing 2018 deposit Requirements for arrant income withholding taxes during the calendar month workweek of November. entirely clients that have a change in their down payment frequency will receive a notification. If you receive such a comment please scan or fax it to our attention .
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New Jersey Announces Mailing of “Employer Contribution Rate Notice” for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

The New Jersey “ Notice of Employer Contribution Rates, ” for fiscal year 2017-2018, are scheduled to be mailed during the fourth week of July 2017. These are the ‘ experience ’ based rates that are adjusted annually based on the come of unemployment and disability claims made against your business.
Unemployment/Disability experience rates in New Jersey are assigned on a fiscal year basis ( i.e. July 1st to June 30 ). All newfangled employers ( except successors ) are assigned new employer rates for the first three calendar years after which a deliberate rate is assigned based on use know.
even though NJ does not issue the rates until the last workweek of July, they are retro-active to July 1st. If your rate does change, we will recalculate your tax indebtedness back to July 1st and credit/debit your account for any differences when NJ 3Q17 quarterly reports are completed.
This liaison will provide more information about rates and the rate summons : hypertext transfer protocol : //
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New Jersey Releases Worker 2018 Unemployment, Temporary Disability, and Family Leave Insurance Rates

2018 Worker unemployment, work force, irregular disability and family leave insurance rates are as follows

  • Unemployment: 0.3825% (unchanged from 2017).
  • Workforce: 0.0425% (unchanged from 2017)
  • Temporary Disability: 0.19% (lowered from 0.24% in 2017)
  • Family Leave: 0.09% (lowered from 0.1% in 2017

The 2018 taxable wage base will be $ 33700. An increase from $ 33500 in 2017 .
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New Jersey Combined Assessment Forms Mailed

Clients have inquired about compound appraisal forms presently arriving in the mail…. These assessments are not a payroll tax and should be paid immediately by the employer before August 30, 2017. The assessment is levied to any employer that had employees in 2016 .
As per the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Website, assessments for diverse state funds have been authorized by the NJ legislature. Combined Assessment bills for the calendar year have a mailing date in mid-july and are due in 30 days. Payroll Tax Services broadly do not pay these assessments for their clients .
seven unlike assessments are levied on New Jersey employers. Assessments investment company programs that are not covered by the quarterly contributions. The assessments are not penalties and are not the leave of an error. The lapp assessment rates apply to all employers. Some employers are not subject to all seven assessments. The party responsible for payment of assessments is the employer. In most cases, Payroll Tax Services do not pay assessments for their clients .
This link describes the assessments in more detail. Please note NJ does not appear to have updated the site since last year : hypertext transfer protocol : //
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New Jersey Announces an Increase in Minimum Wage for 2017

effective January 1, 2017 the New Jersey minimum wage rate is $ 8.44 per hour from 8.38 per hour. Don ’ thyroxine forget to adjust pay for any affected employees coincident with their beginning payroll in 2017 .
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