Best Military-Friendly Online Colleges

Our methodology is intended to identify schools that are a good fit for military students and their dependents. Continue reading to learn more about attending college on-line while serving in the arm forces, fiscal aid for military students and veterans, and benefits for military spouses and families. A military-friendly school is one that actively seeks to support current service members, veterans, and their families. To determine the top 100 military-friendly on-line colleges, we evaluated more than 450 schools on 15 different data points collected from the GI Bill Comparison Tool maintained by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of the key factors include : The George Washington University offers veterans and military-affiliated students support and aid through the Office of Military and Veteran Services, VetSuccess on Campus, and the George Washington Veteran Student Organization. In collaboration with the military, the George Washington ’ second School of Medicine and Health Sciences offers special consideration and discounted tutelage rates for active-duty military personnel and those who have recently separated or retired. The George Washington University accepts military tuition aid and participates in the jaundiced Ribbon program, offering up $ 5,120 for eligible veteran graduate students. The George Washington University offers a entire rate of bachelor ‘s and graduate degree programs and certificates wholly online. Bachelor ‘s programs are offered in the field of health sciences, including clinical health sciences, clinical research government, and emergency medical services. other knight bachelor ‘s programs include an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor ’ second Completion Program in Homeland Security. Over 50 on-line dominate ’ s academic degree programs are available in areas such as education, medicine and health sciences, and nurse. on-line courses are hosted on the Blackboard learning management platform, where students learn in an asynchronous format and participate in discussion boards, see interactional presentations, access course materials and exercises, and take exams.

UMass Lowell ’ second Office of Veteran Services provides aid and services to support veteran and military-affiliated students from registration through gradation. Services include dedicated Veteran Benefits Administrators to assist veteran students in interpret and receiving their educational benefits. An department of education and vocational reclamation broadcast is besides available to eligible veterans and service members. UMass Lowell ’ s remove policy awards academic credit for anterior military train or education. Veterans presently enrolled in an on-line bachelor ‘s or certificate plan may be eligible to receive aid grants based on deserve or need. prospective students can receive tutelage aid through the Yellow Ribbon Program, which helps covers up to 100 % of out-of-state tuition fees for eligible veterans, or through the military tuition aid benefit. The University of Massachusetts-Lowell ( UMass Lowell ) offers over 50 degree and certificate programs online. Bachelor ‘s degree programs offered wholly on-line include business presidency, criminal justice, English, information engineering, broad arts, and psychology. UMass Lowell offers nationally-ranked graduate programs in education and occupation. Master ’ sulfur degrees are besides available in criminal judge, accountancy, security studies, engineering management, and more. Online coursework follows an asynchronous format so students can complete assignments each workweek on their own time. on-line courses are available on the Blackboard learn management instrument, where lectures, assignments, and discussions are posted each week. on-line courses besides offer optional Chat Hours where students and instructors can video conference in real-time. Xavier ’ mho Student Veterans Centers provides support and aid to veteran and military-connected students from registration through graduation in the form of academic advise, fiscal care planning, and career exploitation. Xavier bear military tutelage aid and is a chicken Ribbon School, covering up to 100 % of the tuition cost that exceeds the private school maximal paid by the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Yellow Ribbon fund is offered to eligible seasoned students undertaking either undergraduate or graduate studies. Xavier ’ second credit transfer policy awards academic accredit for anterior military have and prepare. Xavier University offers fully on-line knight bachelor ‘s and master ’ s degree programs that are designed for working professionals. The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is offered with minors in Business, Communication Studies, and Information Systems. Many of Xavier University ’ s maestro ’ second programs are nationally ranked or accredited. They are offered in business administration, coaching education, condemnable justice, health economics and clinical outcomes inquiry, health services administration, Montessori education, nurse, nursing/criminal judge, and particular education. Online coursework is delivered through the Canvas learning management platform where students can stream video recording or audio lectures, participate in discussion boards, take quizzes, and upload assignments. Students can expect that most courses will follow an asynchronous format with no set merging times ; however, instructors can include mandatary or optional synchronous sessions. The University of Utah awards academic credit rating for prior military aim and education. student veterans can besides receive precedence registration to be among the beginning students to register for courses each semester. scholar veterans and military-connected students have a few resources available that provide support in transitioning to the academic environment and understanding their GI Bill department of education benefits. These include the University of Utah ’ sulfur Veteran Services function, which serves as the independent item of contact, a well as the Veteran Support Center and the student Veterans at Utah, an independent student-run organization. many scholarships and grants are available to current and early military members and dependents, including the General Jim and Pat Boswell Merit Scholarship, Military Veterans Scholarship Program Airmen Memorial Foundation Scholarship, the Alumni Association General Scholarship, and more. The University of Utah accepts military tutelage aid and is function of the Yellow Ribbon Program that covers up to 100 % of the costs out-of-pocket tuition fees for eligible students. The University of Utah offers hundreds of programs, including certificates, bachelor ’ sulfur, and passkey ’ mho degrees, that can be completed entirely on-line. Online knight bachelor ‘s degree programs are offered in fields such as economics, human development, and psychology. A nationally accredit Bachelor of Social Work course of study is besides available on-line. Students can earn a passkey ’ s degree in electric and calculator technology, information systems, nurse, clientele presidency, and more. on-line courses follow an asynchronous format that allows students to learn and study at their own tempo. Online coursework is delivered through the Canvas learn platform, where students interact with classmates and the teacher through group assignments, discussion forums, and peer reviews. Miami University-Oxford ’ south transmit credit policy awards academician credit for anterior military prepare and education. A jaundiced Ribbon School player, MU-Oxford covers the monetary value of tutelage, in partnership with Veteran Affairs, to cover out-of-state tuition costs for eligible students. Tuition aid is accepted for active-duty military personnel. The military Assistance Group is available to veterans and military-affiliated students and offers steering and hold through helping students in developing academic plans and providing information about entree aid, applying education benefits, and more. Veterans can find extra resources and hold through the school ’ second Student Veterans of America chapter. Miami University-Oxford offers a kind of on-line programs, including alumnus certificates and associate, bachelor ’ south, and maestro ’ second degrees. Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in Small Business Management, Health Communication, and Health Information Technology. Master ’ s degree programs are available in education design and engineering, education technology, and more. Online coursework is delivered through the Canvas learn management organization, where students can access run materials, prosecute in discussions, and take assignments. Course teaching is asynchronous, meaning that lecture recordings can be accessed by students anywhere and at any meter. The UMSL Veterans Center assists veterans and military-affiliated students in admissions, GI Bill certificate and propose, tutor, and more. other resources for veterans include a student veteran group to help in the transition from military biography to the academic environment. UMSL credit transfer policy awards academic accredit for military train and education. Additional seasoned benefits include priority registration in courses and military tutelage aid. UMSL is a yellow Ribbon school that helps cover the cost of out-of-state tutelage fees for veterans. The University of Missouri at Saint Louis ( UMSL ) offers amply on-line knight bachelor ’ sulfur and master ’ s degree programs a well as calibrate certificate programs. Students can receive knight bachelor ‘s degrees in business administration, communications, criminal department of justice, history, and more. Master ‘s degree programs are offered in elementary education and secondary coil education. Online coursework is hosted on the Canvas eruditeness platform where students can upload assignments, take quizzes, assay grades, and entree other resources from their teacher. UW-Madison offers veteran and military-affiliated students a assortment of resources, including the University Veterans Services office, to assist with sympathize benefits and registration. The student Veterans of America, UW-Madison chapter assists veterans in transitioning to academic life from the military. early benefits for veteran students include the ability to enroll early in courses through priority registration and receiving transfer credit for anterior military education. UW-Madison is a chicken Ribbon School, which covers the cost of out-of-state tuition and accepts tutelage aid for active-duty military students. The University of Wisconsin-Madison ( UW-Madison ) offers amply on-line undergraduate and alumnus academic degree programs, courses, and professional certificates. The Bachelor of Science in Personal Finance is a greet program available to transfer students or those who have completed 24 assignable credits of college-level coursework. Master ‘s degrees are offered on-line and can be completed in 2-3 years. UW-Madison is systematically recognized for its engineering course of study, offering master ’ south degrees in environmental engineering, manufacturing systems mastermind, polymer mastermind, power technology, and sustainable systems engineer. Online classes follow a semester schedule with coursework hosted on Canvas, where students can access online lectures, course materials, and upload assignments. UW-Madison ’ s on-line classes follow an asynchronous format so that students have more tractability in their schedules. The University of Montana VETS Office assists military-affiliated students in using their education benefits and connects them to wellness and academic corroborate resources and veteran student organizations. UM is part of the Yellow Ribbon program that assists out-of-state seasoned students by covering the cost of out-of-state tuition. The school ’ randomness credit transfer policy will award academic credits for prior military train or education. Tuition Assistance is accepted for enroll active-duty military students. The University of Montana ( UM ) offers a variety of undergraduate, alumnus, and certificate programs amply online. Bachelor ‘s degrees are offered in art, communicative sciences and disorders, and media arts. An on-line Bachelor of Social Work platform is available for students who have already completed two years of their undergraduate academic degree. A majority of the overcome ’ sulfur programs offered are in the field of education. other master ’ sulfur programs are available in public administration and public health. Online courses follow a semester agenda and are delivered through the Moodlerooms learn management system. Classes follow an asynchronous format, which means that while there are due dates for assignments and quizzes, face-to-face interaction is not required so that students have more flexibility in what times they log into their on-line courses. The University of Dayton participates in the yellow Ribbon platform to offer fiscal aid to eligible seasoned students. military and Veteran Program and Services supports seasoned and military-affiliated students by offering services and resources such as registration and benefits advising. early course registration is available to both veteran and military students. UD besides offers academic credit for prior military discipline and accepts tutelage aid for active duty military personnel. The University of Dayton offers online certificates and bachelor ‘s, passkey ’ south, and doctoral degrees through its nationally recognized colleges. Designed for early childhood professions, the early on Childhood Leadership and Advocacy course of study is offered as a bachelor ’ second or chief ’ south degree track in the School of Education of Health Sciences. The School of Business Administration offers three paths to complete an MBA depending on experience, including a annual completion course of study. early programs include a master of Applied Behavior Analysis, a master of Science in Educational Leadership, and a Doctor of Education in Leadership Organizations. Online coursework is delivered in an asynchronous format to allow students to complete cultivate on their own time. The Veteran Resource Center ( VRC ) offers accompaniment and services to veterans, current military serve members, and their dependents. Services include assisting military-connected students in understanding their educational benefits and career development support. AU offers over 20 scholarships to seasoned students, including the Auburn Veterans Endowed Scholarship and the PNC Scholarship Fund for Finance. additionally, AU participates in the yellow Ribbon Program to cover the cost of tutelage, offers precedence registration for military-connected students, and honors tuition aid for active-duty personnel. Auburn University ( AU ) offers many on-line courses, bachelor ’ s and master ’ s degrees, and alumnus certificates. Online bachelor ‘s degree programs include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Computer Science, and an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing for students with a register nanny license. additionally, an on-line Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accountancy is available for students who have completed an accredit knight bachelor ’ second or overlord ’ south course of study in commercial enterprise. Auburn University is recognized for its on-line graduate clientele programs, which include a master ’ s degree in business administration, finance, and information systems. AU operates on a semester system, and on-line coursework is delivered through the Canvas memorize chopine. Students have access to live lectures streamed on-line, participate in discussions with classmates and instructors, submit homework, and access course materials. on-line courses follow an asynchronous format, so students have more flexibility in their schedules. Palo Alto University participates in the yellow Ribbon Program to fund excess tuition costs for eligible veterans. PAU will award transfer credit rating for eligible previous military educate or educational experiences. The school presently awards up to nine units for basic train. PAU besides accepts tutelage aid for active-duty personnel and their dependents. The Veteran and Military Student Services provide students with extra corroborate and resources, while the Student Veteran Organization is an advocacy and support group for veteran and non-veteran students concerned in seasoned issues and behavioral-health associate inquiry. Known for its psychology and guidance programs, Palo Alto University ( PAU ) offers on-line knight bachelor ‘s and master ‘s degrees in those subjects. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Social Action is desirable for students who have already completed their college general education requirements and are matter to in completing their bachelor ‘s degree. The dominate ’ randomness programs include a headmaster of Arts in Counseling and a chief of Science in Psychology, which prepares students for a doctoral degree in the discipline. Both bachelor ’ second and overlord ’ s degree programs are quarter based and synchronous, as students are required to log into weekly bouncy class sessions via videoconference. The overlord ’ second programs require that students complete one workweek of residency on campus. Online course materials are available on Canvas, where students can besides view grades and assignments online. Sacred Heart University participates in the yellow Ribbon Program to cover all or a part of tuition expenses for eligible veteran students. seasoned students may besides receive academic credit for military train. The Office of Veteran Student Affairs and the Veterans Resource Center assists veteran and military-connected students in the passage to academician life and connects them to available resources. Tuition aid is available for active duty military personnel and dependents. Sacred Heart University ( SHU ) offers fully on-line bachelor ‘s and graduate degree programs and certificates. A majority of the programs available are suited for practicing register nurses, including an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a master of Science in Nursing with specializations in clinical Nurse Leader, Nursing Education, Family Nurse Practitioner, and more. other headmaster ‘s programs available are a Master of Social Work and a master of Arts in Clinical Health Counseling or Strategic Communication and Public Relations. SHU hosts online classes on Blackboard, where students can check grades, take exams, render assignments, and connect with students and the teacher. on-line courses are asynchronous, which means that students have greater flexibility in setting their own agenda. SHU offers on-line students a team of specialists that includes a platform coach, registration coordinator, and student services coordinator to help scout students through the application process and beyond. Rochester Institute of Technology is a chicken Ribbon School that covers the price of tutelage for eligible, out-of-state veteran students. eligible military train can be transferred into academic accredit. military tuition aid is accepted for military personnel. In summation to a Veteran Services Office, RIT has a Veterans Upward Bound ( VUB ) Program to help transition students from military to academician life and includes curative coursework, tutoring, one-on-one accompaniment, and career exploration. The RIT Helen and Frederick Blaessig Annual Memorial Scholarship covers the cost of tutelage for one year and is awarded annual to a disabled veteran, their spouses, children, or grandchildren. Rochester Institute of Technology ( RIT ) offers over 550 on-line courses, a fully-online knight bachelor ’ south degree, chief ‘s degrees, and advance certificates. The Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences course of study allows students to customize their degree and is ideal for students who want to expand their cognition in multiple fields. Master ‘s degree programs are available in data science, business administration, construction management, health informatics, and more. Courses follow a 7-week and 10-week agenda with multiple beginning times throughout the year. Online coursework is delivered through the Desire2Learn platform, where students access path materials, upload assignments, take quizzes, and interact with the teacher and boyfriend students. on-line classes are flexible ; some assignments may be completed independently, while others may be done with the teacher or the course. An on-line documentation community is available to remote students that includes academician advisors and a concierge to answer any non-academic related questions. Drexel offers veteran and military-affiliated students a assortment of benefits and resources. A chicken Ribbon school, Drexel offers inexhaustible engagement in the platform for veterans to receive tuition-free department of education. Drexel accepts military tutelage aid and offers reduced tuition for eligible veterans, military personnel, National Guard or Reserve members that cuts the price of tutelage between 10-40 %. Academic credit rating may be awarded for prior military educate. Dedicated military registration specialists are available to assist military-connected students in understanding their education benefits and begin their academician travel. Drexel University offers over 150 on-line programs that result in a bachelor ’ s or master ’ sulfur degree and even some doctoral academic degree programs. They offer bachelor ‘s degree programs in business, communication, education, nursing, and technology among others. Drexel ’ s master ‘s degree programs are offered in a kind of disciplines, including business, music, harbor, populace health, computer science/software technology, and clinical research. Coursework is accessible on Blackboard, where students can listen to lectures, participate in class discussions, and upload assignments. The majority of on-line classes are asynchronous, which allows students to log in to their classes at any time. Drexel ’ s 10-week class terms provide four opportunities for registration during the class. Drexel offers on-line students dedicate resources and subscribe, including registration counselors and academic advisors to guide students from registration through gradation. military student Services assists veterans and military-connected students in understanding their military benefits and helps them transition to the academic environment. Virginia Commonwealth University participates in the yellow Ribbon Program, accepts tuition aid for military personnel, and awards academic credit for eligible military train and certifications. Virginia Commonwealth University ( VCU ) offers over 25 on-line bachelor ‘s, master ‘s, graduate security, and doctoral programs. The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science program is offered wholly on-line and allows for practicing Registered Nurses to receive a knight bachelor ’ s academic degree in harbor. The Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences program is offered on-line in an asynchronous format, which allows students greater flexibility in their schedule. Master ‘s degree programs are available wholly on-line and include special education, social influence, mechanical and nuclear engineer, and more. Online coursework is delivered through Blackboard and can be asynchronous or synchronous, depending on the course. available resources to distance learners include the VCU Insider and the Virtual Student Success Center that connects students to helpful school resources. The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a scandalmongering Ribbon school, which covers the cost of out-of-state tutelage fees, and offers academic credit for prior military train. Tuition Assistance is accepted for military personnel. The Office of Veteran Student Affairs provides extra services and guidance for seasoned students in the transition from military to academic life. The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers a assortment of on-line programs for obtaining a certificate, bachelor ‘s, or victor ‘s degree. Bachelor ‘s degree programs are offered in interdisciplinary studies, nurse, social solve, economics, and women ‘s studies. Online coursework may be synchronous, where students are expected to log in at specific times, or asynchronous depending on the run. Designed for working professionals, accelerated programs are available for the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies : Social Sciences of Oceans and the Bachelor of Social Work degrees. These are offered in a five-week, asynchronous format desirable for students with a busy schedule. Master ‘s degree programs are available in rede, department of education, library science, and more. Syracuse University accepts military tuition aid and is a jaundiced Ribbon school that allows for inexhaustible participation in the plan. veteran students can transfer former military education or discipline into academic credit. multiple veteran support offices are available to seasoned and military-connected students. These include the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs, and the Office of Veteran Success, which assists students in understanding their military benefits and provides academic advise and career exploration. A individual research initiation, Syracuse University offers over 40 on-line, part-time programs in undergraduate and graduate studies. A Bachelor of Professional Studies is available in Cybersecurity Administration, Creative Leadership, and Knowledge Management. A Bachelor of Professional Studies provides students a strong congress of racial equality in broad arts and allows students to personalize their education by selecting classes in their chosen professional field. Master ‘s programs are offered in library science, marriage and family therapy, business and account, technology, communications, information management, and data skill. on-line courses at Syracuse University are offered through iSchool and sport a blend of synchronous and asynchronous work. Students will log in to live classes weekly to engage with instructors and classmates face-to-face. Arizona State University has a dedicated military support team that provides guidance to online seasoned and military-connected students regarding registration, education benefits, and the on-line academician environment. A member of the Yellow Ribbon Program, ASU works with Veteran Affairs to cover the costs of out-of-state tutelage for eligible students. ASU accepts tuition aid for eligible service members and offers an active duty and reservist scholarship that covers any out-of-pocket tutelage expenses. Arizona State University ( ASU ) offers more than 200 amply on-line calibrate and undergraduate programs. Bachelor ‘s degrees are offered in English, computer information systems, early childhood studies, geography, ball-shaped health, and more. luminary victor ‘s degree programs in business, condemnable justice, education, and mastermind are besides available. ASU Online offers six start times per year with classes delivered in an asynchronous format, allowing for self-paced study. Online coursework is completed on Canvas, where students submit quizzes and assignments, participate in classroom discussions and labs, opinion videos, and communicate immediately with the teacher and boyfriend students. veteran resources at Pace include a Veteran Services Director, who serves as the independent point of touch for veterans and military-affiliated students, and the Office of Student Assistance ( OSA ) – veteran Services Team that works immediately with Veteran Affairs. Pace accepts military tuition aid and is region of the Yellow Ribbon Program that covers the price of out-of-state tutelage for eligible veterans or dependents. Merit scholarships are available to veterans and dependents of veterans who have excelled at other academic institutions or secondary schools. Pace awards academic credit for liveliness experience, including anterior military experience, licensure/certification, and unpaid work.

Pace University offers over 20 knight bachelor ‘s and overlord ’ second degrees and post-graduate certificates amply online. Bachelor ‘s degree programs are offered in business, communication, and technology studies. Some of the passkey ’ mho programs that are available admit fatherland security, information engineering, business presidency, doctor studies, and american history. Classes are taught asynchronously on Blackboard so students can complete coursework on their own time. Resources and aid available to on-line students include advising support, career services, access to the university library, and tutoring services. Colorado State University-Fort Collins offers aid and back to veteran and military-connected students through the Office of Adult Learner and Veteran Services and the Veterans Educational Benefits Office. Both of these offices assist veterans, active military personnel, and dependents in obtaining GI Bill benefits and connects them to extra services and resources. A New Start for Veterans course of study is a re-entry organization for veterans returning from the Middle East to transition to civilian life and explore educational and career options. Colorado State University-Fort Collins accepts military tuition aid and is part of the Yellow Ribbon Program that pays 100 percentage of undergraduate non-resident tuition for veteran and military dependent students. Colorado State University-Fort Collins offers a diverseness of bachelor ’ s degrees, master ’ randomness degrees, post-graduate certificates, and doctoral degrees online. Bachelor ‘s degree programs are available in fields such as psychology, calculator science, agricultural business, and economics. Over thirty passkey ‘s degrees are offered to students with programs in business administration, education, engineering, and natural resources and environment. Online coursework is delivered through Canvas, where students can access recorded video lectures, participate in real-time sessions with instructors and fellow students, and submit tests, quizzes, and projects. Lectures and group discussions take rate asynchronously in most on-line courses, so students have flexibility in their agenda. on-line students have access to the same resources as on-campus students, including the university library, writing consultation services, and resources for veteran students. The University of Alabama participates in the yellow Ribbon Program that can cover the costs of out-of-state or graduate school tutelage for eligible veteran students. Veterans and active duty members have access to a Veteran Affairs Counselor Coordinator who can provide information and steering on VA benefits, career exploration, and health services. Tuition aid is available to those presently serving in the military. Bama by Distance is the University of Alabama ’ s on-line campus that offers knight bachelor ’ sulfur, passkey ’ second, and post-graduate degrees. Fifteen knight bachelor ‘s academic degree options are available and include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Early Childhood Education, Mechanical Engineering, and Commerce and Business Administration. A diverseness of dominate ‘s degrees are offered in the be fields : commercialize, library and information, education, and nursing. on-line courses through Bama by Distance follow a semester schedule that starts and ends on the same date as on-campus classes at the University of Alabama. Online coursework is delivered through Blackboard, where students view lectures, participate in discussions, take assignments, and scene grades. The Center for Veteran and military Students assists veteran students in making the transition to academician life by providing provide support and resources, assisting students in understanding their military education benefits, and action associated paperwork. Indiana University-Bloomington offers extra benefits to qualified veteran students through the Yellow Ribbon Program, which helps cover the cost of out-of-state tutelage rates. additionally, the Veteran Family Support Grant provides up to $ 2,000 in fund each year to seasoned students and those connected to the military who are enrolled in school full-time and support a child under 18 years honest-to-god. Indiana University-Bloomington ( IU-Bloomington ) offers over 150 on-line certificates and undergraduate and graduate academic degree programs. IU-Bloomington offers a fully on-line Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies, which provides an interdisciplinary education that includes studies in political science, sociology, history, communication, and more. on-line classes are taught by on-campus faculty through the Canvas memorize management chopine. Online teaching is delivered through an asynchronous format so that students have flexibility when they log into their classes. IU-Bloomington offers a suite of tools and resources for on-line students, such as an synergistic predilection to online learn, fiscal services, one-on-one academician coaching, mathematics and writing support, career services, and a 24/7 contact center field. Through the university ’ s robust recognition transfer policy, veteran students can transfer up to 90 credits from anterior military experience and coach towards a bachelor degree. Norwich University has military agreements with the Defense Acquisition University, Joint Special Operations University, Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States, and others in ordering to expedite the review process and maximize the amount of transplant credits students receive. A scholar Support Advisor is available to guide veteran students through the academic feel and provide aid for issues related to program requirements, course materials, and university policies. Norwich University participates in the yellow Ribbon Program in partnership with Veteran Affairs to cover out-of-state tuition fees for eligible students. Tuition aid is besides available to eligible active-duty military personnel, Reserve, and National Guard members. Founded in 1918, Norwich University was the first base individual military college in the United States and offers a variety show of on-line bachelor ’ s and overcome ’ s degree programs arsenic well as certificates. available bachelor programs include business administration, nurse, calculator science, criminal department of justice, cyber security, and data analytics. sixteen master academic degree programs are available in the follow fields, history, account, commercial enterprise, civil engineering, cybersecurity, information systems, leadership, and nursing. Norwich University ’ second elastic on-line learning platform allows students 24/7 access to lessons and assignments a well as the ability to communicate with classmates and instructors and access to course materials. Classes follow an asynchronous format so students can participate in classroom discussions at times that are convenient for them. Services available to veterans are the Veterans Education and Transition Services ( VETS ) and supportive education for Returning Veterans ( SERV ) program, which provide tools and aid to students transitioning from the military to academician life. Popular knight bachelor ‘s programs for military members and veterans include business administration, communications, and electrical and computer engineering. The UA besides offers National Security Agency-designated programs, such as the Bachelor of Applied Science in Cyber Security or Intelligence and Information Operations. military education or have may be eligible for academic credit for veteran students. The University of Arizona accepts tutelage aid and is a yellow Ribbon School that covers out-of-state tutelage costs for eligible veteran students. The University of Arizona ( UA ) offers over 100 fully on-line degree programs with flexible class schedules and six start dates per year. Bachelor ‘s academic degree programs are offered in the pursuit areas : business presidency, communication, cyber operations, education, engineering, environmental skill, history, public health, and more. The UA besides offers a range of master ‘s degree tracks, including highly involve programs in account and business government. D2L is the UA ’ s on-line learning management organization that offers lectures on necessitate and allows students to submit assignments, participate in class discussions, and communicate immediately with instructors. on-line courses follow an asynchronous format so that students can complete coursework on their own time. A dedicate on-line academician adviser is besides available to remote students to provide ongoing academician support and steering. Recognized as one of the best in the state, the Military Outreach Center at Georgia State University provides military students with a military recommend who offers support and guidance through application to graduation. A presenter of the Yellow Ribbon Program, GSU contributes 50 % to the out-of-state tutelage charges for eligible students, and the Department of Veteran Affairs matches the contribution. other resources include The Veteran Upward Bound ( VUB ) program that offers free train and refresher course courses for veterans with a high school diploma or GED. VUB besides connects veterans to early state and local agencies for extra support. additionally, GSU offers rolling admissions and conditional acceptance for prospective students. Tuition aid is accepted for those presently in the military. contribution of Georgia State University ( GSU ), the Perimeter College provides on-line courses and associate degree pathways. Graduates of Perimeter College earn an associate of Arts or an Associate of Science with the opportunity to transition into over 250 programs at GSU to complete their knight bachelor ‘s degree. Some Perimeter programs, such as breastfeed, dental hygiene, and radiologic technology, cook students for immediate entrance into the playing field. on-line classes are delivered through the iCollege learning management system where students can access course materials and render assignments. Online coursework follows an asynchronous format so students can attend at their own pace. Besides the Perimeter College, GSU offers on-line graduate degree programs in education and an on-line bridge program that allows practicing registered nurses with either an companion or diploma in nurse to earn a Bachelor of Science degree .

Overview of Military-Friendly Online Colleges

According to a 2018 demographic report, 84.8 % of all active duty officers have a bachelor ‘s degree or higher. The flexibility of on-line eruditeness is particularly well suited for active voice duty military personnel who frequently change locations due to deployment or changes in work assignments. many on-line colleges and universities welcome military students.

Can You Be in the Military While Going to College?

Yes, you can, although only about 3 % of undergraduate and calibrate students are active duty serve members. however, approximately 10 % of all college students are veterans. Individuals who want to serve their area and go to college simultaneously have two options :

  • Become a full-time student who serves as a paid reservist or National Guard member on select weekends and other limited periods of time.
  • Enlist in a branch of the military and enroll in a college near your base or an online degree program, using tuition assistance to pay for school.

however, you do not have to do both concurrently. You have two other options for serving in the armed forces and receiving college fund as one of your military benefits :

  • Enlist in any branch of the military and serve a full term, and then use your veterans’ benefits to pay for college afterward.
  • Apply for a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship and, if accepted, enter into an agreement with a branch of the military that will pay for your college education first in exchange for your commitment to serve a three- to six-year term after you graduate.

Gaining Credits for Military Experience

In many cases, the train and education you have received as a military service member can be converted into college credits. This can save you both clock time and money by giving you a head beginning on fulfilling some of the requirements for earning your on-line degree. There are several ways schools go about evaluating your previous life experiences to see if you might qualify for any credits :

  • Conducting a prior learning assessment (PLA) to determine how many credits your experience is worth. The PLA process varies from school to school, but it usually begins when you request a transcript of your military experience. A college faculty member and/or a representative of the American Council on Education will then review your transcript and assess the learning outcomes related to your service and training.
  • Asking you to take one of several standardized examinations.
  • Inviting you to present a portfolio of work for review, facilitated by a faculty member or trained evaluator.

The school will then inform you as to which, if any, required courses are considered dispatch and how many college credits you are receiving for your military have.

Financial Assistance for Online Military Students

One of the most authoritative benefits available to military service members is fiscal aid for college. There are two chief types : tutelage aid provided by the respective military branches for active duty service members, and GI Bill benefits provided by the Veterans ‘ Administration for active duty military personnel and veterans. Below, we provide an overview of these programs and answer some common questions about military benefits, specially when used for on-line college.

What Online Colleges and Degrees Will the Military Pay For?

Under the GI Bills and other programs, active duty and veteran serve members can receive fiscal aid for getting an education, whether through traditional means or through on-line schools. however, not all schools accept veterans ‘ benefits, indeed prospective military students will want to focus on military-friendly colleges that do. The Veterans ‘ Administration provides a search tool that will tell you which schools accept veterans ‘ benefits. These benefit programs allow current and former military service members to pursue accredit companion, bachelor ‘s, and dominate ‘s degrees in all subjects, a well as certificates and vocational train, on a full-time or part-time footing. fund may besides be used for continuing education courses needed to maintain professional documentation or licensure. not lone does the politics crack aid with tutelage costs, it may besides provide fund for books and other expenses, including examination fees for national exams, such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT, or LSAT, and authentication exams. many service members are eligible for caparison stipends—known as the Basic Allowance for Housing ( BAH ) —as well, although these stipends are reduced by half if the student is pursuing an on-line academic degree. It ‘s authoritative to note, however, that there are caps on how much money the government will provide. For example, the current maximal amount of annual tuition at a private school that is reimbursable under the Post-9/11 GI Bill is $ 24,476.79. This will not be enough to cover the annual tutelage costs at many of the more prestigious individual universities, such as Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. If students wish to attend these schools, they may need to apply for extra federal fiscal aid and other sources of college fund.

GI Bill

Enacted during World War II and administered by the Veterans ‘ Administration, the original Montgomery GI Bill was established to encourage veterans to go to college or pursue formal job aim. The terms have been revised and updated over time, and an extra program, known as the Post-9/11 GI Bill, was signed into law in 2008. today, some veterans are eligible for benefits under merely one of these bills, while others are eligible under either one. active duty military personnel, reservists, and National Guard members may besides be eligible for GI Bill funding. Benefits typically cover tuition, books, house, and other expenses. Your eligibility for benefits under either GI Bill, angstrom well as the come of benefits, depend on when and how long you served. In general, if you have served on active duty for at least 90 days since September 10, 2001, and you received an honorable drop, you are eligible for benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Veterans who have served for more than three years, received a Purple Heart, or served for less clock time but were discharged ascribable to a service-related disability are all entitled to 100 % of the available benefits. Veterans should contact the VA directly to determine their demand benefits before applying to online military-friendly universities or trade schools. This table indicates the maximum benefit you are eligible for, based on your length of service and early criteria. If you are eligible for GI Bill benefits, you ‘ll find you have many options for pursuing an department of education at a military-friendly college. You can study full-time or half-time at on-line schools or on traditional college campuses, and you can enroll in an consort, bachelor ‘s, overlord ‘s, or certificate program in any subject you choose. however, if you are eligible for either the Montgomery or Post-9/11 benefits, you may want to consult with a VA adviser. Both programs are complex, yet distinctly different, and you may want to get remark from an informed adviser before determining which one best fits your plans and goals. You can lone use one at a time, and you can not switch once you ‘ve made your choice.

Tuition Assistance

active duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members are besides eligible for the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance ( TA ) program. As with the GI Bill programs, avail members must meet certain requirements to be eligible for TA. here ‘s what you need to know about this program :

  • Benefits can be used at accredited online and bricks-and-mortar schools for courses leading to academic or technical degrees or certificates.
  • The program covers up to 100% of tuition expenses and course fees at schools charging a maximum of $250 per credit hour.
  • TA can only be used while you are still on active duty, although you can use it in conjunction with any GI Bill benefits you may be eligible for.

Additional Funding Through Yellow Ribbon

due to the limits on how a lot fund is available, some military students may find they face a col between their military benefits and the total cost of attending their school and broadcast of choice. To address this issue, many military-friendly colleges participate in the yellow Ribbon Program. Yellow Ribbon schools provide extra benefits to military students that may include tutelage discounts and scholarships in varying amounts, depending on the school. military students may besides be eligible for federal fiscal care, such as Pell grants, state-sponsored scholarships, and school-funded grants and scholarships.

Do Online Colleges Give Military Discounts?

Yes, some on-line, military-friendly schools offer tutelage discounts for active duty and seasoned service members, and in some cases for their spouses and dependents angstrom well. Some schools, such as Regent University, cap the per-credit tuition cost for military students at $ 250 to better align with TA and/or GI Bill awards, while other schools discount the per-credit tuition cost by a specific percentage, such as 10 %. The reduction in tuition fees helps military students maximize any fiscal aid they receive from the federal government and other sources.

What States Offer Free College for Veterans?

There are several states that cover the total price of tutelage and possibly other fees for veterans who want to earn a college degree. Some of the states offering fiscal aid programs to a large issue of in-state veterans include Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana, Massachusetts, Texas, and Illinois. several extra states—such as Florida and Alabama—offer fiscal help for resident veterans who were injured while serving. eligibility requirements vary, so veterans should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs function in their state to find out what programs are available.

Online College for Military Families

The spouses and dependent children of active voice duty military members and veterans are entitled to a total of benefits that can make earning an on-line college degree more low-cost. In some cases, military syndicate members who demonstrate significant motivation may be able to attend on-line college for free or at minimal monetary value.

All five major branches of the U.S. military put up education-related fiscal aid to spouses, and in some instances to dependent children as well. For model, the Army provides the Mrs. Patty Shinseki Spouse Scholarship Program for spouses of active voice Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard service members. Families of Navy and Marine Corps service members may be eligible for NMCRS ( Navy Marine Corps Relief Society ) Education Assistance. additionally, service members who are eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits may be able to transfer some or all of their education benefits to a spouse or dependent. military class members should check with the appropriate military outgrowth to determine the eligibility requirements for the assorted types of aid that are available. fiscal aid is besides available from private organizations, states, and colleges. For model, private scholarships include the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship, which provides up to $ 4,000 for spouses pursuing consociate degrees, continuing education programs, or licenses and certifications. The National Military Family Association offers a range of scholarships for college students at all levels. here are some extra fund sources for military syndicate members :

  • Most U.S. states offer scholarships and grants for military and National Guard family members, especially for families of service members who were injured or killed in action.
  • Many military-friendly schools, especially those designated as Yellow Ribbon schools, offer financial assistance to eligible spouses and dependents.

eligibility requirements for these programs vary, so prospective on-line college students should check with their schools and their submit ‘s Department of Veterans Affairs office to discover all possible options .

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