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O365 Backup Fidelity

Veeam backs up all key O365 applications, including Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive. It accurately retains data from all Exchange mailbox data types ( Notes, Tasks, shared electronic mail folders and Skype conversation history ). The solution backs up Shared mailboxes ( shown as separate resources in the knowledge domain list of users & Sites ), angstrom well as the Classic ( bequest ) SharePoint Sites. Veeam provides wide support of Teams backing, including Teams Sites, Channels and 1-1 Chats stand-in ( restore back to M365 is unavailable due to M365 API limitations ). The system limitations include miss of confirm for OneDrive shared files ( the files shared between O365 users are ignored when the recipient users are backed up ), and incomplete support of Teams Lists – they are included in backups, but Veeam restores them as binary star files that can not be red by M365.

Backup Management

Veeam uses traditional backup schedules approach to manage backups. Admins need to configure the time and frequency of each backup schedule and specify which resources should be backed up. While this approach provides greater control over the backing march, it is no longer used in modern mottle Office 365 backups as it creates management complexity and viewgraph. A newer SLA-based access to backup management ( used in Afi and some early mod Office 365 backup options ) enables to set protective covering settings ( accompaniment frequency and type of resources that need to be protected ) without the need to manage the exact time of backups. The system lets you configure auto-protection for the integral sphere. however, it will only work if you have adequate spare licenses armory purchased in gain .

Access Control & Audit

Veeam has more express access operate settings compared to any cloud Office 365 backup because of the limitations built-in in the on-premise deployment model ( Veeam needs to be installed as a Windows app ). The arrangement has no web-based management interface and in orderliness to manage backup & convalescence the administrators should remotely connect to the server where Veeam O365 accompaniment is installed. Veeam does not have configurable admin roles or license settings, and access to backups can only be limited at the Windows discerp level ( all who have access to the machine will have equal access to backups ). similarly to admin roles, Veeam has no exploiter self-service capabilities because access management is not implemented at the flush of the stand-in software. only a circumscribed set of Veeam organization events are logged, with no audited account trail recorded for data preview & browsing operations or application entree. The events that the system does log only identify the account used to sign in Windows, with no authentication implemented at the Veeam application charge .

Search & Backup Preview

Veeam enables backing data preview for Exchange mailboxes american samoa well as OneDrive and SharePoint sites backups. To use it you need to install three extra local anesthetic software tools ( Veeam Explorer for SharePoint, Veeam Explorer for Exchange and Veeam Explorer for Microsoft OneDrive for Business ). The system lets you compare backed up translation with the current state of the postbox ( for exemplar, to find edit or moved items ), which accelerates the recovery in many cases. screenshot here
Unlike about all systems ( except for Afi ), Veeam enables full-text e-mail search in backup data using the extensile Storage Engine library that needs to be installed locally .

Restore & Data Export

Veeam restore works faithfully ( 93 of 94 postbox and OneDrive recovery attempts completed without errors ). Every restore operation requires a password ( either O365 admin account or Azure application password depending on the authentication manner, see deployment details ), which slows down the restore serve. Because the software is installed locally, it can lone export data to the local Windows machine where Veeam is installed. Mailbox export in PST format requires MS Outlook installed on the server .

Reporting & API

There is no web-based report since Veeam lone provides local UI, but you can generate protection condition and backup job reports in PDF. You can besides connect Veeam O365 Backup to Veeam Backup and Replication ( their flagman product ) to get high level drumhead for backing and security status, reported along with metrics for the rest of your on-premise infrastructure. The system has REST API, ampere well as PowerShell command line interface, which enables scripting & automation ( available locally ; you need to set up PowerShell Remoting to enable execution of scripts remotely ). Veeam Office 365 backing solution has no e-mail telling capabilities since it can not connect to an SMTP waiter. Given that it is an on-premise system that requires monitoring and maintenance we believe that the electronic mail notifications are a must. One way to implement the notifications is to install Veeam Backup and Replication ( VBR ) individually ( licensing cost is approx. $ 400 per year for Starter edition ). You will then be able to connect Veeam O365 with VBR, which in turn can be connected to an SMTP server .

Performance & Reliability

Veeam backing accelerate and success rates are slightly above the averages. The backups are completed at 2.3 MB / secant, and the accompaniment success rate averaged at 98 % ( the few errors that happened were due to network connectivity ). Veeam network connectivity error message

Upon the initial arrange up the discovery of SharePoint Sites took approx. 3 hours, which is an unusually long time for a sphere with only 13 users and 5 Sites. Without the extensile Storage Engine library the search functionality works identical dense even for little accounts ( 5+ minutes for a 3 GB postbox ) .

Deployment & Maintenance

Veeam software must be downloaded and installed manually. The installation requires a physical machine or a VM with a Windows Server, in accession to a storage repositary ( local or cloud ). Veeam supports AWS S3, Azure Blob ( only Premium, Hot and Cool options ) – archive grade is not supported, and other S3-compatible repositing.

The system can be configured to store backups in multiple stand-in storage destinations. You will need to create multiple accompaniment schedules and specify different stand-in storage locations ( each backup schedule can store data in a individual storage placement ). In order to connect Veeam to O365 you will need to manually configure authentication and access permissions, which requires some technical expertness. In short, you should create a custom-made Azure application with an access certificate and then assign administrator entree roles to the application O365. Veaam O365 accompaniment will use this Azure application to securely connect to your O365 explanation. alternatively, there is a less secure bequest connection choice ( you ‘ll need to type O365 admin credentials in Veeam O365 ) which is easier to implement .

Licensing & Cost

Veeam licenses can be purchased in bundles of 10. The price per one license is $ 18 annually ( so the minimal leverage is $ 180 ). The software is spare for less than 10 protect users. One Veaam license is required for every O365 drug user and Shared mailbox. All users who have access to SharePoint Sites must be licensed to backup the Sites. This effectively means that you need to license all users in the domain in order to backup SharePoint Sites. At $ 18 annual monetary value Veeam is 40 % cheaper than most Office 365 cloud accompaniment services ( around average $ 30 annual license cost ). however the total cost of a DIY Office 365 backing solution based on Veeam software will besides include infrastructure costs and approx. 60 % of a full-time employee ( FTE ) to monitor & maintain it. cost components of DYI ( do-it-yourself ) Microsoft 365 backup set up based on software licenses

Cost Type Number of units Cost per unit Total cost / year Details
Backup software licenses 2,000 M365 users $15.36 per license $30,720 for 2,000 users Assuing 20% discount off of $19.2 MSRP
Cloud backup storage 42 terabytes $216 per license $9,072 for 42 terabyte of stand-in data Standard storage; erasure coding & multi-region replication will result in higher costs
Cloud ops & network 42 terabytes $60 per license $2,520 for 42 terbium of backup data Assuing limited number of recoveries; heavy usage will result in higher costs
Backup server compute 8,760 VM-hours ( 365×24 ) $0.2984 per hour $2,416 for 1 VM to host backing waiter Higher user count will require a cluster of multiple backup servers
Management & maintenance overhead 60% of an FTE $65,000 FTE ‘s annual wage $39,000 per sphere More IT admin time may be required depending on the number of user recovery requests (self-service recovery is unavailable)
TOTAL 2,000 protected users $41.96 implied cost per user

$83,926 total monetary value per knowledge domain Does not include some costs (Windows server licenses, anti-malware software)

The total do-it-yourself solution based on Veeam software would therefore cost $ 42 per exploiter per year cost. however, the dependability of the solution would probable be lower than most obscure backup services, since the set up does not account for geo-redundant backup memory, anti-malware protection, or highly-available backup server or auto-scaling. With these economics, Veeam solution makes sense if you already have in-house IT team that is underutilized and the Veeam stand-in monitor and management efforts will utilize spare part capacity .

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