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suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Merrylands is a suburb in western Sydney, Australia. Merrylands is located 25 kilometres west of the Sydney cardinal business district and is in the local government area of the Cumberland City Council .

history [edit ]

Merrylands was named after the early English home of Arthur Todd Holroyd ( 1806–1887 ), who acquired land in this area in 1855 and who gave his name to the adjoining suburb of Holroyd.

commercial area [edit ]

Merrylands has a commercial area around Merrylands railway station in Merrylands Road, which chiefly feature art deco style of buildings constructed in the 1930s and 1940s and is ornamented by a couple of London planetrees. Stockland Merrylands is a shopping centre with supermarkets, discount department stores and peculiarity shops. [ 2 ]

transport [edit ]

The Merrylands railroad track station is serviced by the Inner West & Leppington and Cumberland lines of the Sydney Trains net. There is unlimited parking for commuters. It is on the bus route from Liverpool to Parramatta. Main conveyance corridors of Woodville Rd ( Parramatta-Hume Hwy, Western Motorway M4 ( Mountains to the sea ). other main roads include Coleman St ( to Westmead Hospital ), Hawkesview Rd ( rail overbridge to Woodville Rd ), Neil St ( rail overbridge to Woodville Rd ), Pitt St ( to Parramatta ), Lois St and Excelsior St ( to Granville ) .

Churches [edit ]

There are a number of churches in Merrylands, including Merrylands East Presbyterian Church, St Margaret Mary ‘s Catholic Church, Merrylands Anglican Church, Merrylands Baptist Church, Merrylands Uniting Church, Merrylands Presbyterian Church, an evangelical church and C3 Church Merrylands. St Raphael’s Slovenian Catholic Church There is besides a Heritage Catholic Micro-Cathedral in honor of Saint Raphael the Arch-Angel on the corner of Warwick Road and Merrylands Road, which was not alone the beginning and only Church in Merrylands but besides one of the most uniquely designed in western Sydney being a conventional-modern-neo-Gothic design. The church of St Raphael was conceived by Fr. Valerijan Jenko, OFM, OAM then soon to be completed and consecrated in 1973, by adjunct bishop Dr. Stanislav Lenič from Ljubljana, Slovenija ( previously Yugoslavia ). The future building visualize was the church hall. Completed in 1983 the dormitory became the center of bouncy cultural activities. [ 3 ]

Parks [edit ]

With an introduction Merrylands Road and Paton Street along the Cumberland Highway this nature reserve has kangaroos, emus, birdlife and waterfalls around the lake. Pinnaroo ( Paton Street ) and Yarrabee ( Merrylands Road ) can be hired for the day from Cumberland Council for a fee. Access is by road or bus from Merrylands Station and is a route of the Liverpool to the Parramatta Transitway .

Ted Burge Reserve [edit ]

Bounded by Centenary Road, Hollywood, Richmond and Fairmount Streets. Is used as a sporting battlefield for cricket, soccer, softball and netball .

Merrylands Park [edit ]

Merrylands Swimming pool On the corner of Merrylands Road and Burnett Street this complex has sporting fields, tennis courts, barbecue areas and a swim concentrate which has several outdoor pools and a grass areas with a barbecue.

Merrylands Swimming Centre [edit ]

Merrylands Swimming Centre was opened in 1968 and is owned and operated by Cumberland Council. The Swimming Centre was heated in 2004 and consists of 3 pools. An 8 lane 50m competition consortium, a training pond and a babies pool. The urine in the rival and coach pools is heated to 27 °C. [ 4 ] The center is the home of the Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club – the second largest swimming club in the City of Cumberland and one of the largest in the South West of the Sydney Metropolitan Area. [ 5 ]

Granville Park [edit ]

Bounded by Merrylands Road ( east of the railroad track line ), Claremont Street, Montrose Avenue and Woodville Road the ballpark is approximately 13.2ha in area. McDonald ‘s has a restaurant on the corner of the park with access from Merrylands Road and Woodville Road. It has several sporting fields, a barbecue area, basketball court, cricket and nets, and resort area equipment. When the circuses arrive they stay hera. During WWII Granville Park was used as US Naval Base Hospital No 10 .

Cycleways [edit ]

several main hertz routes pass through Merrylands and surrounding suburbs and linking up to Liverpool, Penrith and Sydney Harbour. M4 has an die in Crown Street, Parramatta for Parrmatta, Merrylands and Holroyd access .

climate [edit ]

Merrylands has a moderate climate, with hot summers and meek winters. The median summer maximum temperature is 27.9 °C, but hot north-westerly winds can cause temperatures to rise to +40 °C. The highest temperature recorded in the Merrylands sphere was 45.5 °C on 18 January 2013. The average winter maximal temperature is 18.1 °C, however, +27 °C days have occurred, by and large in August. The coldest temperature recorded was −1.0 °C on 12 July 2002. The average annual rain is 830.5mm. [ 6 ]

population [edit ]

Demographics [edit ]

At the 2016 census, Merrylands had a read population of 29,653. Of these people :

  • 44.0% were born in Australia; the next most common countries of birth were Lebanon 7.9%, China (excludes SARs and Taiwan) 5.0%, Afghanistan 4.3%, India 3.9% and Pakistan 2.4%.
  • 29.4% of people only spoke English at home; other languages spoken at home included Arabic 22.5%, Mandarin 5.2%, Dari 3.3%, Cantonese 2.7% and Turkish 2.7%.
  • The most common religions were Catholic 29.2%, Islam 24.6%, No Religion 11.7%, Not stated 8.4% and Hinduism 4.6%.
  • The median age was 32 years. Children aged 0 – 14 years made up 21.3% of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 10.6% of the population.

luminary residents [edit ]

Some of the stream and early residents of Merrylands include :

References [edit ]

  • The Book of Sydney Suburbs, Compiled by Frances Pollen, Angus & Robertson Publishers, 1990, Published in Australia ISBN 0-207-14495-8

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