How to Nab All the Features of Logos 9

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Pinterest LinkedIn People are loving the amazing newfangled features of Logos ’ newest translation .
It ’ randomness astonishing how good the Factbook is. I ’ molarity kinda blown away. Incredibly fast, laughably broad and abstruse coverage, pleasant to navigate—it ’ sulfur fair a real treat .
—James M .
Thank y ’ all thus much for this Counseling Guide. It will be vastly helpful for preaching .
—Mason M .
Ok, I ’ ve been playing with the newly Sermon Manager for all of 5 minutes, I ’ meter sold, this is the greatest thing always .
—James S .
If you want those features for yourself, you can get them plus fresh books with a complete upgrade ( Logos 9 packages from Starter to Collector ’ randomness. ) But what if you ’ re happy with your books and lone want the new features ?
A feature of speech upgrade is likely your best fit. It gives you a great share on Logos 9 features, and hera ’ s how it works :

  1. You upgrade your software with new features, but not new books .
  2. You upgrade at a custom price that ensures you pay only for features fresh to you. ( This can lower your price significantly. )

sign in to see your monetary value on feature of speech upgrades !

3 reasons to get a sport upgrade

1. You want to make the most of the books you already have

You might already have thousands of pages of insights just waiting to be let out. The newly Logos 9 features help to release those insights so you can understand the Bible even better .
They besides help you do the work of ministry without the busywork. For exemplar, the new Factbook ( one of the most brawny features of Logos ) makes closely any biblical or theological term easily searchable.

sign in to see your unique price on feature upgrade options .

2. You only want certain features 

Since there are four levels of feature of speech upgrades, you can choose to add the ones most authoritative to you .
For case, the Silver and Full Feature upgrades include all the features that are fresh in logo 9 : Dark Mode, Bible Books Explorer, Sermon Manager, and more. But if you ’ re most concerned in reading plan improvements, Dark Mode, and the Charts Tool, you can get those new features with a Bronze Feature Upgrade .
Find out more about Logos ’ features hera, then sign in to see your custom price on feature upgrade options.

3. You want new books, but not right now

Since you ’ re a Logos drug user, chances are you love books. ( We do, excessively. ) Books throw open the windows of our take care and change our lives .
But if now isn ’ t the right prison term for you to invest in an expand library, you can placid step up your Logos ’ office with feature of speech upgrades. Plus, even if you get a feature upgrade now, you can constantly add on a Logos library late, since you never pay for the same books or features doubly .


In compendious, a feature upgrade is an excellent suit for you if :

  • You already own a Logos box and want just the new features ( at your custom monetary value ) .
  • You want to see what certain features in Logos 9 can do with your stream resources .
  • You sense that your current library will give the new features plenty to work with .

Shop feature upgrades now—and sign in to see your custom price. 
clickable image showing cost and affordability for Logos 9 features

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