Known US Jeepneys

Known US Jeepneys

If you know of any jeepneys in the US not included, please email us at jeepneys @ ! We ‘d love to include you or the jeepney you ‘ve found. many thanks to Randy Palmer of FAAIE, who told me of 4 of these and sent pics !

The Ambassador

FAIIA Spokane Jeepney
Commissioned from Sarao Motors, the most celebrated of the Jeepney makers in the Philippines, by the Filipino-American Association of the Inland Empire and imported by them. Used for intercultural events .
Sarao Motors Facebook Album of Spokane Jeepeny

Black Eyed Peas

apl.d.ap jeepney
The iconic Philippine jeepney made an appearance in New York, thanks to Black Eyed Peas member The Filipino-American knocker gave his fans a glimpse of his stainless, blue and yellow “ It ‘s More Fun in the Philippines ” jeepney during the philippine Independence Day parade in New York .

Mr Jeepney

Icon Jeepney
“ Mr Jeepney ” is a jeepney imported from the Philippines and used by the Icon group for selling. The Icon Group is a notice recruiter of foreign aesculapian professionals. It acquired the Jeepney for use when Icon exhibits at Human Resource and Hospital Conferences. The Jeepney ‘s purpose is to draw crowd of likely clients at these events, and draw the herd it surely does ! The page linked to below was last update in 2005 .
“ Mr. Jeepney ” Icon Jeepney in Texas ( last update 2005 )

HiFi Jeepney

LA Jeepney
filipino Workers Center Los Angeles and Filipino Town Tours

San Diego Shriners

Shriners in San Diego parade
Used by the Shriners in parades

San Antonio

Manila-style Jeepney, which is a rare original 1942 Willys based jeepney fabricated by celebrated Jeepney builder Sarao. It was bought by Tombstone Pizza in 1985 who installed a ’82 Buick V6, 12 volt ignition system, and automatic transmittance to the roadster. Sold on eBay 2007 to person with username Twostrokes48 who now has it in San Antonio. He said he did a lot of work to make it safe for highway focal ratio – disk brakes, power guide, etc. Ebay list price was 15,000. stream owner takes it to motorcycle rallies and other events around San Antonio .


patagonia arizona
Ed Sarao posted this one of a jeepney in Patagonia Arizona. It was in the 4th of July Parade 2012 there. Old stylus, heavily decorated – you can see the fighting cocks on the sides. photograph by Paula Wittner

Southern Homes and Gardens

Southern Homes Jeepney
This one was spotted parked at a garden center in Montgomery, Alabama

The Flying Chicken

flying chicken jeepney
This jeepney is parked in front man of Erick Schat’s Bakkerÿ in Bishop, California. Unknown if it is working or not. This great picture was taken by Dave Toussaint at hypertext transfer protocol : //, used by permission. Below is another image showing the front end of the flying wimp on Ken Rockwell ‘s locate at hypertext transfer protocol : //
flying chicken front

It’s Not Easy Being Green

florida poor green jeepney
This hapless thing was a corrode bucket of bolts found in Frostproof, Florida at a position called O’Hara’s Restoration. Unknown how the renovation is going.

Jeepney Pop

universal studios jeepney
Universal Studios in Orlando Florida has a jeepney converted to a ice lolly beach wagon .

Current Status Unknown

Carpenterjeepneyfront Carpenterjeepneyrear 1957 Sarao Jeepney for sale in Las Vegas in 2005 – asking $ 20,000.
Email jeepneyman @ ( electronic mail unanswered 2011 )

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