A massive Facebook redesign just went live for me, and it’s…not great

On Sunday, I woke up to a major Facebook redesign. about all of the navigation elements, menu, and settings were moved to the leave on the desktop version of the platform, with basically no seafaring on acme of the page. I do n’t remember whether I opted in for this, but I ca n’t find a room to roll it back, so this is what the Facebook experience looks like for me right now .A screenshot of Facebook's redesign showing the navigation tools moved to the left.

To the left, to the left…

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

Facebook offered an explanation of what ‘s new with a abbreviated sorcerer. “ We moved all your navigation options into one place, ” it said. “ This change combines everything you need on Facebook — your visibility, search, notifications, messages, and more. ” The digital assistant pointed out the 3×3 grid button offering access to a massive “ full menu ” which appears to contain every Facebook option under the sun. Beneath it, there are shortcuts ( in my case, a individual shortcut for Facebook ‘s Watch video offer ), and tied lower, shortcuts to some of my groups .A screenshot of Facebook's redesigned menu.

The full menu. Good luck finding something quickly in there.

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

It ‘s been about precisely two years since Facebook launched its last major redesign, which included a big change in the site ‘s navigation, a cleaner front ( with closely none of the company ‘s favor blue color to be seen ), arsenic good as the optional blue mode. It was a major change, and it took some getting used to, but it was a much-needed renovation of the over-cluttered Facebook of old. This new change is disorienting. I use Facebook a draw, and not having that Home button ( it ‘s replaced by the Facebook logo button on the top left ) short-circuit my genius every time I needed it. It ‘s besides hard to get used to having absolutely nothing on the top right, where some of the most crucial features and options ( including Notifications and Messenger ) previously were .A screenshot of Facebook redesign showing two columns of menu buttons on the left beside each other.

That’s a lot of buttons.

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

Every major redesign such as this one requires some allowance, and everyone will perceive the changes in their own way. however, there are some elements of this design that equitable do n’t seem well thought out. I ‘m no UI/UX adept, but having two column of menu buttons on the leave, right next to each other, feels like a gawky, clutter solution, with therefore many colored icons fighting for your attention. besides, for some reason, one major navigation button — the one for composing a new Message — is left wholly alone in the lower right corner. side note : the Message button composes a modern Messenger message, but it appears unfinished at this point, with zero suggestions as to whom I could send something to .A screenshot of Facebook's Message tool showing no suggestions for senders.

This feels a bit unfinished.

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

Having most of the seafaring and options on the impart is normally seen in vane design ; Twitter and Gmail both have a exchangeable look. Facebook, however, has a huge sum of options, features, buttons, and shortcuts, and placing all of them on the left might not be the ideal solution.


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It ‘s besides worth noting that the new invention is n’t even consistent with the design of Facebook ‘s mobile apps, which have a seafaring measure at the bottom, with most features and options available under the “ Menu ” release in the bottom correctly. I could n’t find any information about this raw redesign on the web, and none of my colleagues or friends saw it, so I reckon this is a test aimed at a small subset of Facebook users. I ‘ve asked Facebook about it, and will update this post when I hear rear. For now, can I get my old Facebook binding, please ?

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