Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

Sharp shards of car glass on the asphalt

Follow these 4 steps:

  • Always exchange driver information even when in a minor car accident!
  • Be sure to take photos of ALL cars involved in the accident.
  • Get yourself checked out for injuries as soon as possible.
  • If you’re injured, call a car accident lawyer.

checklistYes, you should hire a lawyer, even after a minor car accident. Here’s the thing… That question actually has nothing to do with the car accident and more to do with your injuries. If you were injured, then you need to speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Yes, you should hire a lawyer, even after a minor car accident. here ’ s the thing… That question actually has nothing to do with the car accident and more to do with your injuries. If you were injured, then you need to speak to a car accident lawyer vitamin a soon as possible .
You ’ re sitting at the crimson luminosity after a retentive day. You reach down to change the radio post when…BAM ! You have been hit by another driver who wasn ’ thymine paying attention. You both step out of your cars to assess the damage. You both feel all right and your cars have very minor wrong. It ’ sulfur been a identical long day so you decide not to call the police to file a report card or exchange any data between the two of you. Hey, do you in truth need to hire a lawyer after a minor car accident ?

Do you actually need to make a big mother about all this ? possibly we can just forget the whole thing and go on about our day. After all, you want to get home, the last thing you need is to wait on the side of the road, troublesomeness all these early drivers, and locate hera frustrated and emotional… thus you leave .
That was your first mistake and the biggest mistake you could have made.
In most states, failing to file a police composition after a car accident, even if it ’ randomness just a fender bender, is illegal. It becomes a citable discourtesy when you get in your cable car and drive aside. It doesn ’ t topic if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think you were injured or if the vehicles didn ’ thymine confirm wrong. An accident is hush an accident, even if it ’ s merely a child car accident .
besides, once you leave the fit of a car accident, it becomes therefore a lot more difficult to get the facts straight. even a minor car accident becomes cloudy. so whether or not you want to hire a lawyer after a minor cable car accident, consider this your consequence properly here. You should think about calling the patrol before leaving the scene .
aside from the legalities of the offspring, you may have precisely ruined any potential claim you may have against the early driver. even if there is no damage to your cable car. here ’ s the problem :

Hidden Injuries

Studies have shown that there are respective injuries a person can sustain in minor car accidents that don ’ thyroxine show up for days after the incident. You get hit from behind, you ’ re barely jolted and you feel ticket. You have no obvious injury and you would know if you were hurt — wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you ?
not constantly. People frequently think of “ injuries ” as pause bones, lacerations, and even head injury. Our minds turn to severe, life-altering conditions. We don ’ metric ton often consider stain tendons, stretched ligaments, or contusions, but we should .
If your body went advancing, your neck snapped second or you moved forward in a sudden manner, you may wake up with severe back pain tomorrow or the future day. The epinephrine following an accident can mask an injury. Most Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers will tell you to see a repair ampere soon as possible to ensure you are not suffering from hidden injuries .
If you drive away from the scene and fail to make a report with either the police or your indemnity ( or both ), you will have a difficult prison term taking your personal injury to court, tied if you have a checkup professional on your side .

The “Other” Guy

What if you exchanged data with the other driver, shake hands and go about your business without reporting the minor car accident to the patrol ?
several weeks late, you are summonsed to court because the “ other ” guy has filed their own claim against you. You know they were at defect and you know that the injuries they are claiming and the property damage they say you caused are exaggerated if not absolute false. Remember when you chose to drive away without a report ? You ’ ve now stepped solidly into a “ you say, they say ” type of position.

In accuracy, most of these types of suits won ’ thyroxine get very far. After all, the other guy left the scenery, excessively. But do you in truth want to deal with the fuss and clock it ’ randomness going to take to answer the summons, potentially appear for hearings, and argue on your behalf when you know you were in the right ? Chances are you have better things to do !
And here ’ s another great tip for you, “ Do not admit blame or reveal policy limits ”. That ’ s a direct quote from the Geico policy web site. Be careful about what you do and say !

What to Do After A Minor Car Accident

possibly you and the other party didn ’ triiodothyronine drive aside from the minor cable car accident. possibly there was some minor price to one or both of your vehicles that made you moment think yourself, so you decide to file a police report. You file with your insurance companies and the other party is found to be at blame. Their insurance ship’s company offers you a liquidation and you take it. It seems the easiest thing to do and will enable you to get your car fixed more promptly .
But wait a hour. The settlement wasn ’ t enough to fix your car and you think you have an injury, possibly whiplash !
An indemnity company is a business and they are out for their bottom line, not your best interests. If you accept an insurance colonization, the paperwork will likely say that you are giving up your right to any future legal action. It ’ s not unusual for people to believe that an policy party offers what ’ s fair — and it ’ s not strange for that to be far from the accuracy .
tied in minor car accidents, you should have a personal injury lawyer look at your case before agreeing to any colonization ! They can help you get the most recompense potential for your character. That way you will not have to come out of pouch for your car and medical bills .
But don ’ t move on just so far, remember these 10 things to avoid doing after a car accident :

  1. Leaving the Scene of An Accident Without Reporting It To the Police: Just as we mentioned in the notes above, leaving the scene of a minor car accident without reporting it to the police is a major mistake. The Police report will be used in a minor car accident lawsuit to help the judge award the plaintiff the appropriate damages.
  2. Failing To Gather Evidence At the Scene: Take as many pictures as you can, collect as many phone numbers as you can, and ask for as many accounts as you can from people nearby and let your car accident attorney sort through what is valuable and what is not. Simple collect as much evidence as possible while you still can at the scene of the accident.
  3. Admitting Fault: Never admit fault, even if you believe you are at fault for the minor car accident. The fact is, you cannot possibly know who is at fault from your vantage point and you are merely attempting to understand what may have happened to form your perspective. Never admit fault. Instead, let your attorney and the police figure out who may be at fault and how much comparative fault is at play.
  4. Not Seeing a Doctor: You should see a medical professional as soon as you feel as if you have sustained injuries from your accident. If you do not, and you develop any injuries from the minor car accident, it may become difficult to attribute them to the accident and not to some other wear and tear and you may find it even more difficult to be compensated.
  5. Not Taking Advantage of PIP: Remember that Florida requires that you have Personal Injury Protection and that is used to make sure that you are protected in the event of a car accident. Do not feel any obligation to avoid not claiming from this insurance policy if you have been involved in a minor car crash.
  6. Failing to Understand Insurance Companies: Remember that insurance companies are first and foremost a business and they exist to make money and that means they want to collect and hold as much money as possible while paying out as little as possible (in theory). So when you make claims, they will try to settle for less if they can.
  7. Not Reviewing the Police Report: You must review the police report to make sure that the facts contained on the police report are correct and that you agree with them and if you do not agree, do your best to make your voice heard right then and there and get any and all changes made as soon as possible and before signing.
  8. Taking the First Settlement Check Offered: Just like most negotiations, the first check and the first offer will be the lowest that the insurance company thinks they can offer to satisfy you while also ensuring they are not overpaying in their estimation and saving as much money on the car accident settlement as possible.
  9. Trying to Settle Your Own Case: Though you may think that a minor car accident may not warrant a car accident lawyer, we can confidently say that clients who hire experienced attorneys earn a settlements check that is on average 3X larger than those who do not hire an auto accident attorney.
  10. Not Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer: For all the reasons stated above and more, we believe it’s in your best interests to hire a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to call a car accident lawyer today : ( 800 ) 560-5059. Our lawyers offer rid reference 24/7 and are happy to help you make the right decisions right now .

Attorneys Are Free

Wait… what ? The truth is that every lawyer will cost you, but about every personal injury lawyer works on a contingency basis. This means that they take their fee out of the settlement they achieve for you. sol, if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate reach a settlement for you, you don ’ thymine owe them anything !
tied better, most will talk to you for free during a case evaluation. You can make an appointment, address with an know Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer, lecture to them about any settlement offers you ’ ve been given, and ask about your rights under current state law .
This means that money won ’ thymine be a decide factor when you are thinking about hiring an lawyer. It besides means that you should absolutely speak to a car accident lawyer following your collision. You have nothing to lose and potentially a batch to gain.

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Speak to a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney Today

If you were involved in a minor car accident in Florida, give the car accident lawyers at Steinger, Greene & Feiner a call nowadays. It will cost you nothing to speak with a member of our team, and we are more than willing to review your legal rights with you to be surely you understand each of your options in depth. In 2018, Florida had about 400,000 car accidents. Florida had over 3,000 car accidents that lead to fatality in 2019 .
Our syndicate is here for yours. We will fight indefatigably on your behalf, working to secure the recompense you are entitled to. Don ’ t trust on an indemnity company to do what ’ sulfur right ; trust on us rather. Give us a call 24/7 ; judge never sleeps .
This article was originally published on September 14th 2020 and was updated on March 22, 2021 .

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