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This post was originally published on April 13, 2017, and was updated on Nov. 20, 2019.
Have you ever wondered what your domain identify was deserving ? It ’ s an crucial wonder that ’ sulfur worth answering. Whether you have a world that ’ s about to expire or an tidal bore buyer contacting you out of the blue, knowing the importance of accurate knowledge domain evaluation is key .
Are you sitting on an unknown luck like some antiques at a roadshow ? Do you have buyers interested in your domains ? Are you an active investor with 600 domains, but merely don ’ t have the fourth dimension to manually update and research pricing each time the market shifts ?

From active sphere investors to one-off buyers and sellers, there ’ s a knowledge domain evaluation tool for you .
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How domain valuation works

Up until now, you had a few standard options for pricing and selling domains — you could ask experts in the field and get some feedback on the value of your knowledge domain, you could use some of the free or paid on-line appraisal tools, or you could guess .
even, even if you happen to know industry experts, you ’ d still run into problems. Scheduling a time to talk, going rear and forth over emails — let alone hoping they ’ vitamin d want to sit down and appraise several hundred domains for you. You can see the delay .
There are a issue of automatize appraisal tools available that can value in bulk, but most would agree that there ’ south decidedly room for improvement .
Since each sphere is singular ( for example, is different from or in measure ), the tax to differentiate the nuances of mean can be daunting for a machine to parse .
thankfully, with the use of some of the latest technology and a wealth of sales data as the leading marketplace for knowledge domain names, GoDaddy developed a cock that we feel is the market leader in evaluating and appraising knowledge domain names .
Best of all, it ’ mho free to use .

GoDaddy Domain Name Value & Appraisal uses an exclusive algorithm that relies on both machine learn and substantial market sales data to estimate domain values .
now, you can get the most accurate and comprehensive knowledge domain price estimates available. It ’ s about like having access to your own domain expert or antique appraiser right from your computer .
Graph Shows GoDaddy Domain Valuation Tool Vs Competing Services
GoDaddy ’ s sphere valuation creature can remove a lot of the guess associated with valuing your world names .
Jason Ansel, the godhead of GoDaddy Domain Appraisals, had this to say :

“ Measured by think of erroneousness, the new GoDaddy model is 1.3x better than the best of the four human experts, 1.5x better than Estibot, and 1.6x better than the average of all four human experts. ”

Having tested my fair contribution of automated systems before, I was initially disbelieving ; but after using this instrument for years, and seeing the customer success stories, it was clear — the future of world evaluation is here .

Key learnings

 Lightbulb Represents Key LearningsNow that the tool has been in use for several years, we have had a lot of feedback from customers on how they use it.

Use the domain valuation tool for price “gut checks”

immediately that the tool has been in use for several years, we have had a lot of feedback from customers on how they use it.

One capital tip from our customers includes checking big lists of domains with the tool to get a “ gut control ” against what they think the world price should be. This helps with finding domains that may be valuable but unfamiliar to you, such as a domain related to an unfamiliar diligence or a domain in another language .

Use the domain valuation tool to pinpoint domains for purchase

It has besides been helpful to help narrow down big lists of potential domains to purchase. As there are thousands of new expiring domains a day coming to the market, any tricks you can employ to help narrow that down can be very helpful in finding the diamonds in the grating .

Use the domain valuation tool for help with domain list pricing

We know from our marketplace that having a Buy now price on a world name you list for sale helps increase the chances that it will sell. sometimes — specially when you have a lot of domains — the job of pricing a sphere can seem daunting .

Using the evaluation tool can help give you a starting point to look far into when deciding on your list price .

Besides the price point that the evaluation tool displays for your world, it will besides show some examples of comparable world sales. This section is found by scrolling below the instrument ’ sulfur price results. There you will see a number of sales that our machine learning joyride found that we think are like to the sphere you are researching. This datum comes from our own sales database, a good as many public world sales sources .
These comparable sales help you see what the market is like for domains like your own .

It besides shows why we think the price we picked is a bazaar price for your world. Domains are alone, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the acquire price for your sphere, but the domain evaluation tool does help you to get a good theme of the marketplace around alike domain names .

Make more money with domain investments

so far, the response to the GoDaddy Domain Appraisals tool has been positivist. From increased sales to more accurate valuations, customers are having more success with pricing and sell world names .
We ’ ve besides had achiever stories from buyers and sellers who used the tool to help find a good market price both parties could agree to .
Accurate domain valuations are a recipe for success .

research and market awareness continue to be important, but using the GoDaddy Domain Name Value & Appraisal instrument could be another valuable arrow in your shaking for making money with your domains .

In conclusion

At the end of the day, a domain mention ’ mho prize is what person is volition to sell it for .
We strive to provide carnival market value ( i.e., what we think the domain name should sell for in an clear marketplace ) indeed that you can make educate decisions .
While the valuation tool can be very helpful, it ’ sulfur besides authoritative to keep in mind that it is an automatize tool. It ’ randomness essential when making any character of fiscal decision about either buy or selling a domain name that you look over the price and do some extra research yourself before making any final decisions.

How you determine your domain valuation is entirely up to you, but we recommend going beyond guess and seeking out expert advice when possible .
The appraisal joyride is an automatize joyride and should not be used to determine final sphere values. As in any fiscal endeavor, use your best judgment when making fiscal decisions .
image by : Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

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