2020 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Business Degrees

How Much Does an Online Business Degree Cost?

The cost of an on-line knight bachelor ‘s degree in clientele varies widely, depending on many factors. Most bachelor ‘s degree programs require 120 credit rating hours to complete. tutelage rates for the most low-cost options can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $30,000 based on a per credit cost of $ 150 to about $ 250 for the most low-cost options on this list. Compare that to the per-credit monetary value for other on-line occupation bachelor ‘s degree programs that can go a gamey as $ 1,343 for a sum of $ 161,160 for the degree. Other factors influencing per-credit fees are school type ( public, private, or non-profit ), degree format ( on-line or in-person ), and whether the scholar is paying in-state or out-of-state tuition. These amounts do not account for extra expenses, such as books, supplies, and engineering, graduation, or other fees charged by most schools. Students enrolled in on-line learning are besides much eligible for financial assistance, such as scholarships and grants, that can help offset the expense of higher education. Active duty military members, veterans, and dependents may be entitled to tuition aid at military-friendly schools. Some colleges collaborator with assorted organizations to offer tuition discounts to those organizations ‘ members or employees, while others may consider exploit experience and prior learning credits to speed the process.

diffident about pursuing a degree in occupation ? Explore extra on-line programs.

Financial Aid for Online Business Students

Federal fiscal help programs are open to on-campus and distance determine students at accredit on-line colleges and universities. many students need some combination of federal, state, and school-sponsored care to cover most of their expenses. Grants, such as the Pell concede and scholarships, are preferable because they are not repaid. however, your care software may besides include a student loanword, which must be repaid with interest. Review the loanword terms thoroughly before accepting, and keep in thinker that federal student loans typically have better refund terms than private scholar loans. To apply for these types of fiscal care, you should complete and submit the Free Application for Student Aid ( FAFSA ). once this form has been reviewed, schools will notify you regarding your fiscal help offers. According to the College Board, the average sum award for undergraduate students is $ 14,800, although amounts vary dramatically based on students ‘ individual circumstances. There are besides private scholarships that require separate applications because they are not included under FAFSA. In addition, non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses normally sponsor individual scholarships. Harvard Business Services Student Entrepreneur Scholarship Harvard Business Services awards two $1,000 scholarships to business majors and entrepreneurs with a non-profit or for-profit business concept. Applicants must be at least 18 and attending an accredit university full-time. The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars Program JRF awards scholarships in varying amounts to minority high school seniors who demonstrate academic excellence and design on attending a four-year accredit university. Recipients will besides receive mentor services and educational steering throughout their academic career. The League of United Latin american Citizens Scholarship Fund LULAC awards three types of scholarships ranging from $ 250 to $ 2,000 to spanish american students pursuing higher education. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or better to qualify. LULAC besides partners with respective large corporations to offer other scholarships and hand brake support from $ 500 to $ 20,000 to hispanic students For college affordability tips, students can check out our resources about paying for a college degree.

Online Business Courses

business programs and on-line courses are designed to give students the basic cognition and practical skills they ‘ll need as professionals. To achieve this objective, students are frequently asked to engage in research, writing, group projects, and oral presentations, which are activities that simulate the types of oeuvre they might be asked to do on the job. In the process, students develop substantive skills, such as analysis, problem-solving, collaboration, and verbal and written communication. Some students besides pursue specializations, such as in finance or accounting, and take more courses in these areas.

Business Communications

In this course, students learn to use a professional tone and voice when writing different types of commercial enterprise agreement, emails, reports, and other documents. They may besides be required to create ocular presentations, and to give oral presentations either individually or in groups. These projects allow students to learn the software programs normally used in business.

Human Resource Management

This introductory course is designed to provide a broad overview of the many interconnected and much complex topics within human resources management. These include recruit and hire, educate, recompense and benefits, legal issues, tug unions, and scheme. Students who are particularly matter to in this national may want to consider choosing HR management as a concentration so they can pursue this as a career.

Managerial Accounting

often the companion course to fiscal accountancy, which covers basic account methods and bookkeeping, managerial accounting teaches students to understand, interpret, and make decisions based on an organization ‘s fiscal records. There is typically a heavy stress on terminology, arsenic well as the significance of account in terms of planning and budget.


initially, students will be introduced to the basic components of market, frequently referred to as the “ four Ps ” : intersection, promotion, price, and position ( or distribution ). As the run progresses, students learn how selling efforts are used to build awareness and convert an organization ‘s target consultation into customers. Course materials besides explain how market is related to other business functions, such as report, planning, operations, and production.

Principles of Management

typically one of the foremost classes in a business administration broadcast, this course provides an overview of basic managerial functions. Course materials will cover a broad stove of related subjects, including the business environment, corporate culture, decision make, finish set, individual behavior, and organizational structure. extra topics may include strategy, leadership, ethics, and external occupation.

Business Concentrations

Studying a specific subject area within a major may help you gain a competitive boundary as you become an technical in a particular field. Choosing a concentration in a emergence area could result in higher salaries and extra career opportunities. There are several democratic business concentrations to choose from, including finance, HR, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, and entrepreneurship. There is no extra coursework required — concentration courses often apply toward your major.

Career Options for Online Business Graduates

An on-line commercial enterprise bachelor ‘s degree can equip you with the skills necessary for career success upon degree completion. furthermore, many of these jobs pay well in fields that have high growth anticipation.

Financial Managers

Median Annual Salary: $ 134,180 Job Outlook: 17 %

Financial managers understand an arrangement ‘s fiscal social organization to help leaders make sound business decisions. They prepare fiscal statements and reports and monitor performance, ensuring an administration is meeting its legal fiscal obligations and goals.

HR Managers

Median Annual Salary: $ 121,220 Job Outlook: 9 %

HR managers are the link between management and staff. They oversee recruitment and lease, cope employee benefits and recompense programs, handle employee issues and complaints, and consult early managers on policy and procedure.

Logisticians and Supply Chain Managers

Median Annual Salary: $ 76,270 Job Outlook: 30 %

Logisticians and supply range managers work in fast-paced environments by managing the flow of goods and services. They oversee the buying, warehouse, and transportation system of goods while managing inventory.


Accreditation ensures that a school has achieved a senior high school academic standard of excellence, which is critical for schools to receive federal fund and for students to be able to utilize federal fiscal aid. There are three premier programmatic accredit agencies for business programs : the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business ( AACSB ), the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, and the International Accreditation Council for Business Education.

Is an Online Business Degree Worth It?

A review of the BLS ‘s Occupational Outlook Handbook reveals that a knight bachelor ‘s degree is required for about all business positions. These divers entry-level opportunities range from mastermind to construction to health services and apply to multiple business functions, including operations, information systems, and homo resources. Distance education provides tractability with on-line classes, which may be more manageable with a busy schedule. on-line programs can besides be more low-cost, thereby increasing the numeral of programs and price points you can choose from without having to relocate. There are some other upsides to a business degree ‘s worth :
High earning potential: Business operations and fiscal occupations have a medial annual wage of $ 72,250 as of 2020, higher than the $ 41,310 for all occupations .
Entrepreneurship opportunities: A business academic degree helps students interest in starting businesses and being self employed to become entrepreneurs. conversely, there are besides downsides :
Time-consuming and costly: Earning a degree takes a fortune of time and exercise, often making it difficult to manage other obligations and responsibilities. In addition, some students incur debt that may take years to repay.

Highly competitive: There are many business program graduates in the subcontract market because of the degree ‘s popularity. It can be difficult to gain a competitive boundary. You may need a master ‘s degree to increase your career opportunities. After earning your undergraduate degree in business, you may be curious about next steps. We ‘ve compiled a resource to help you determine whether pursuing an on-line MBA will be worth it.

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