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Upgrade your toilet with accessories from The Home Depot. Whether you ’ re looking for towel racks, toilet newspaper holders, shower curtains or bath safety equipment, we have everything you need. Get the accessories that match your style at a price that matches your budget .

Bath Accessories

Between shower, putting on constitution, doing our hair’s-breadth and shave, we spend a draw of time in our bathrooms. Make certain you have everything you need handy with stylish, virtual bathroom accessories. This includes all the things you use most, like your toothbrush holder, consume basket, toilet mirror and soap dish. storage jars are capital for holding those cotton balls, cotton swabs and constitution remover pads. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget about toilet organizers to keep all your razors, combs and brushes, and beauty essentials organized and in one place .

spare time and energy by choosing a bathroom accessory set. many sets include the soap serve, soup-strainer holder, soap/lotion dispenser, waste baskets, tumbler and tissue box cover, all in the same style and color. Choose the material that meets your style, from ceramic and stainless steel to wood, glass or plastic .

Bathroom Hardware

To complete your toilet or good to get started, you must have the right bathroom hardware. Keep towels in reach with an easy-to-install towel scud or towel ring. Add in the match gutter paper holder. You ’ ll besides find durable and authentic towel bars, vest hooks and more. Make shopping easier by selecting a bathtub hardware set, many of which contain your towel stripe, toilet paper holder, towel surround and clothe addict in coordinating colors and all in one commodious package .

Set the tone of your toilet with a stylish eat up. Choose a end that ’ sulfur elegant or edgy, but besides resists corrosion, tarnish and fingerprints. Some of our most popular finishes include brushed nickel, chrome, bronze and flat black .

Shower Accessories

The shower is a major focal point of any bathroom. Show it some love with the right shower accessories from The Home Depot. Start with the shower curtain. A great shower curtain truly helps set the temper in your bathroom. Do you want to go with bright and bold or soft and soothing ? The right exhibitor curtain is not only functional, providing privacy and protecting floors from getting besotted, it is besides stylish – like a exploit of art. Choose from a variety show of materials, including plastic, cotton and polyester. many customers look for exhibitor curtains that are mildew tolerant and machine washable .

Remember your early shower must-haves. Shop our large choice of shower rods, shower curtain hooks and shower liners. Shower caddies are virtual and make it easier to access your soap, shampoo, conditioner and towels. Looking for the right shower head ? We have those, excessively, in the styles and finishes to complement your toilet interior decoration .

Get style inspiration with your toilet interior decoration. Shop according to the expressive style you love most – contemporary, mod, traditional or rustic. You can even shop by solicitation or shop class by post mention .

Bathroom Safety

Help prevent mishaps in the bathtub or shower with the right toilet safety equipment. Consider installing grab bars. Grab bars provide digest for getting in and out of the shower or bathtub. Bathtub seats and shower chairs offer a safer and more convenient topographic point to sit while bathing or showering, while bathtub mats provide grip to help prevent slips and falls .

Outside of the tub or shower, consider a slip-resistant bathtub flatness or bathroom rug. Bath rugs not lone add a style component to the toilet, but they besides keep the floors dry and more comfortable underfoot. Another bath safety component to keep in beware is a gutter seat riser. These seat higher than a standard toilet, making toilet entree easier and safer .

Let ’ s Get Started !

Make your toilet a relax, stress-free place that ’ mho besides beautiful and expresses your own personal style. It all starts with the right toilet accessories. We ’ ve remember of all the little things for you. From bathroom scales and bathroom towels to toilet brushes and medicate cabinets, we ’ re your one-stop-shop for all things bathe. Plus, we make it simple and commodious for you to shop with unblock two-day shipping for most orders over $ 45 and free pickup and returns at any store .

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