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crimson amber medallion talisman elden ring wiki guide 200pxCrimson Amber Medallion Raises maximum HP by +6/7/7.5%. 0.3
  • Can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant at the eastern side of Weeping Peninsula, for er runes 13 300 Runes. Map Link.
  • +1 Variation: Can be found in Volcano Manor. Go to the prison church site of grace, go out and through the little town as if you were progressing through the manor as normal, and use a Stonesword Key to go through the fog gate. A big moving saw enemy is there but you can easily run up the stairs to the level above, where the talisman is on a dead body. Map Link.
  • +2 Variation: Can be found in Leyndell, Capital of Ash. Just south of the site of grace drop down the open sewer grate to the beam below.
Arsenal Charm Raises maximum equipment weight by +15/17 %. 1.5
  • Looted off a body inside the room where the Many Armed Key Master is in the wine cellar of the Stormveil Castle in Stormhill.
  • +1 Variant: Within Altus Tunnel located in the Altus Plateau, upon reaching a massive chamber you will want to drop down onto a platform below and then climb up the tree root to a higher platform where the charm will be waiting on a body.
Great-Jar’s Arsenal vastly raises maximum equip load

  • Raises maximum equipment weight by +19%.
  • Reward for completing the 3 duelist NPC invasions in Dragonbarrow (Caelid North) for the giant Living Jar in the area. You will only be able to access this area by coming up from Siofra Deep River Well in the underground. This area can also be accessed by climbing the roots above the large crystal at the bottom of the valley. However, this is most likely unintentional. Elden Ring Interactive Map Link
Erdtree’s Favor Raises maximum HP, Stamina and Equip Load

  • HP increased by 3/3.5/4%
  • Stamina increased by 6.75/8.25/9.6%
  • Equip Load increased by 5/6.5/8%
  • Can be found at Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.
  • +1 Variant can be found in the boss room after the boss fight near the forsaken depths grace in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
  • +2 Variant can be found in Leyndell, Ashen Capital and may only be accessed near endgame/post-game. Found on top of a branch jutting out of the ground in a large courtyard, guarded by two large rotten beasts. [Interactive Map Link] 
Radagon’s Soreseal Greatly raises attributes, but also increases damage taken. 0.8
  • Fort Faroth, Caelid: Found on a corpse by dropping down the opening from the roof and exploring around the wooden walkways. [Map Link]
Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom Raises Dexterity 0.8
  • Finish the sidequest given by Gowry in Caelid, then return to Millicent to receive the talisman.
Two Fingers Heirloom Raises faith. 0.6
  • Can be found on the lower level of the Purified Ruins. It is on the chest in front of you as you descend. Map Link.
Silver Scarab Raises item discovery 1.2
  • Found in a chest in Hidden Path to the Haligtree. In the large central room, there is a broken section of railing. There you can drop down to an invisible platform, and walk to a small room. The chest is past an illusory wall, behind the Grave Glovewort (9). Map Link
Moon of Nokstella Increases memory slots 0.8
  • Found in a chest underneath a massive throne in Nokstella, Eternal City. Map Link.
Green Turtle Talisman Raises stamina recovery speed. 0.7
  • Summonwater Village. In an underground area on the outskirts of the village. Map Link.
Stalwart Horn Charm Greatly raises robustness 0.6
  • Can be found in eastern Liurnia. Fast travel to Mausoleum Compound and head north up the incline, then turn left and follow the cliff edge southwest. When you reach the large vertical rock formation, walk around it counter-clockwise until you see a hole in the wall. Go through it and you will find the talisman on a corpse to your left overhanging a cliff.
  • +1 Variant : Can be found in the southwestern area of Consecrated Snowfield, on the way to Yelough Anix Tunnel entrance between the two large “trees”. It is located on a corpse slumped over a log and is guarded by two Ancestral Followers.
Immunizing Horn Charm Raises Immunity. 0.6
  • Found on one of the corpses in an ant nest in Ainsel River. Map Link.
  • +1 Variant: Found by killing a wandering shaman in the lake of rot.
Prince of Death’s Pustule Raises Vitality. 0.6
  • Can be located at Stormveil Castle.
  • Nearest Site of Grace can be located at Liftside Chamber.
  • Looted off a corpse that can be found at the pit of the castle’s crypt. The body can be found next to a giant face that is structured from roots. It is guarded by a Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit; players will need to defeat the guardian to reach the spot. Map Link.
Bull-Goat’s Talisman Raises Poise. 0.5
  • In the back of Dragonbarrow Cave. From the entrance, take a left into the Lesser Runebear’s patrol route. Search that side of the cave and it will be at the end of it on a corpse.
Marika’s Scarseal Raises attributes, but also increases damage taken. 0.8
  • Found on a corpse at the base of the waterfall found at the highest level of Siofra River. Map Link.
Marika’s Soreseal Greatly raises attributes, but also increases damage taken. 0.8
  • Found on an altar in a room requiring a Stonesword Key in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Map Link.
  • From the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace (Map Link), leave the area through the eastern door and head down the ladder to the south-east. After going through the arch, turn right and follow the path, circling the city until you get to the imp statue. Be careful of enemies along the way and inside the room as you pick up the talisman.
Warrior Jar Shard

Boosts the attack power of skills 0.9
  • Drops from Iron Fist Alexander when you kill him without completing his questline.
Shard of Alexander

Greatly boosts the attack power of skills 0.9
  • Drops from Iron Fist Alexander after completing his questline.
Millicent ‘s prosthesis Boosts dexterity, raises attack power with successive attacks 1.6
  • When you are given the choice at the end of Millicent’s questline between aiding or challenging her, choose to challenge her. When you kill her, you will automatically receive this talisman. Map Link
    • Alternatively, to obtain both this and the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia (given when you assist her), kill Millicent after assisting her. Doing so will prevent you from obtaining Miquella’s Needle.
Magic Scorpion Charm Raises Magic Damage, but lowers damage negation 0.8
  • Obtained from talking to Preceptor Seluvis after obtaining the Fingerslayer Blade but before giving it to Ranni the Witch.
  • Obtained by giving Preceptor Seluvis the Amber Starlight after Seluvis tells you about his scheme.
Lightning Scorpion Charm Raises Lightning Damage, but lowers damage negation. 0.8
  • Can be found in the Wyndham Catacombs in a room sealed by an Imp Statue, requires a Stonesword Key.
Fire Scorpion Charm Raises Fire Damage, but lowers damage negations. 0.8
  • Found up the ramparts on a wooden platform to the west in Fort Laiedd within Mt. Gelmir.
Red-Feathered Branchsword Raises attack power when HP is low. 1.4
  • Liurnia of the Lakes: Drops from a Deathbird boss that spawns directly north-east of Scenic Isle site of grace near collapsed structure at night. [Elden Ring Map Link]
Ritual Sword Talisman Raises attack power when HP is at maximum. 0.9
  • Located in Lux Ruins, in a chest down a set of stairs after the boss.
Rotten Winged Sword Insignia Greatly raises attack power with successive attacks. 1.4
  • Earned after choosing to assist Millicent and successfully defeat her sisters.
Dagger Talisman Enhances critical hits 1.1
  • On a corpse. The closest Site of Grace is the Temple of Eiglay. Two Stonesword Keys are required to reach the item.
Arrow’s Reach Talisman Increases bow effective range 0.7
  • Inside the tower above Stormgate. It can be accesed by going up and turn left, all around until you get back to Stormgate but through the upper ground. Map Coordinates Link.
Twinblade Talisman Enhances final hit of chain attacks. 0.7
  • Castle Morne: From the “Back of the Castle” Site of Grace, drop down to the western end of the castle and follow the path along the outer walls. There is a tower section of the walls in the westernmost corner. Climb up the ladder and go around the tower to find a chest where the talisman can be found. Map Link.
Axe Talisman Enhances charge attacks. 0.8
  • Found in a cellar underneath the Mistwood Ruins. Map Link.
Lance Talisman Enhances attacks on horseback 0.7
  • Northeast Stormhill. Map Link.
Arrow’s Sting Talisman Raises attack power of arrows and bolts 0.7
  • Located in a chest on the top of the tower directly above Impassable Greatbridge (Grace), which is infront of the Redmane Castle in Caelid. Map Link.
Lord of Blood’s Exultation Blood loss in vicinity increases attack power 0.9
  • Drops from Esgar, Priest of Blood in Leyndell Catacombs.
Claw Talisman Enhances jump attacks. 0.7
  • Located at Stormveil Castle, looted off a corpse situated on a watchtower. Map Link.
Roar Medallion Enhances roars and breath attacks. 0.7
  • Dropped by the Stonedigger Troll, located in the Limgrave Tunnels. He is found at the end of the dungeon. Map Link.
Curved Sword Talisman Enhances guard counters. 0.7
  • Looted from a treasure chest inside the room where you fight the Banished Knight, located at the wine cellar of Stormveil Castle. You must use the secret back entrance that Gatekeeper Gostoc suggests to reach the said room. Map Link.
Companion Jar Raises potency of throwing pots 0.6
  • After complete Jar Bairn’s side quest at Jarburg, recieve from Jar Bairn’s previous location.
Perfumer’s Talisman Raises potency of perfume items 0.6
  • Can be found in Perfumer’s Ruins in a chest underground below stairs in the room with the yellow poison flower.
Graven-School Talisman Raises potency of sorceries 0.7
  • Found up the ladder close to the Debate Hall Site of Grace in Raya Lucaria and then down the hole to another the room with Living Jars.
  • Before the Red Wolf of Radagon, hit the bookshelf next to the left stair-case which will lead to a secret room. Go up the ladder close to the left, near the entrance of the room. Run down the left side and then jump down the hole of the broken wooden structure to another room with Living Jars. Map Link.
Flock’s Canvas Talisman Greatly raises the potency of Incantations 1
  • Drops from Gowry after completing the Millicent questline and killing him.
Old Lord’s Talisman Extends spell effect duration 0.5
  • Found in a chest in Crumbling Farum Azula. Map Link.
  • When you get on the large crumbling bridge, instead of going up to the boss, go the opposite way down to a building. Navigate through it and take the ladder down to a bridge connecting to the tower housing the chest.
Radagon Icon Shortens spell casting time 0.7
  • Raya Lucaria Academy: Found inside a treasure chest on the second floor of the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, head forward leading to the courtyard. Make a hard right and jump over the fence. Climb up the ladder and head through the broken glass window. The treasure chest is on the east section. Map Link.
Primal Glintstone Blade Spells consume less FP, but maximum HP is reduced 0.6
  • Stargazer Ruins in Mountaintops of the Giants: Found in a chest in an underground area near the center of the ruins. The entrance is sealed by a barrier and there is a talking Jellyfish outside who is looking for her sister. Summon your Spirit Jellyfish that you acquired at the beginning of the game to unlock the seal. Map Link.
Dragoncrest Shield Talisman Boosts physical damage negation 0.8
  • Found on one of the edges of Bestial Sanctum [Interactive Map Link]
  • +1 Variation: Can be found in a locked imp’s room in Sainted Hero’s Grave (Altus Plateau). When you reach the area with the big axes stomping the ground, you need to get on the first one and jump on the ledge on the left wall.
  • +2 Variation: can be found on a floating platform in Crumbling Farum Azula between Dragon Temple Lift and Dragon Temple Rooftop.
Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman Enormously boosts physical damage negation. 0.8
  • At a building north to the Drainage Channel Site of Grace.
Spelldrake Talisman Boosts Magic Damage negation. 0.6
  • Acquired by defeating Runebear at the end of the Earthbore Cave in the Weeping Peninsula. Map Link.
  • +1 Variant: Can be found in Selia Town of Sorcery on the north west side of the area near two enemies below the Staff of Loss – requires the lighting of a bonfire on the towers.
  • +2 Variant: Found in the secret catacombs underneath the Hidden Path to the Haligtree by turning right just before the Stray Mimic Tear’s boss door, following the corridor up and taking the lift. The talisman can be found on a corpse in an alcove at the top. See the location’s page for details on how to get to the catacombs.
Boltdrake Talisman Boosts Lightning Damage negation. 0.6
  • Located at Stormveil Castle. Map Link.
  • +1 Variation: Can be found in a storage shed inside the Old Altus Tunnel dungeon.
  • +2 Variation: The closest grace is Dragon Temple Rooftop (Farum Azula). Jump off Dragon Rooftop and progress down until you get to a large area where is or used to be a big Dragon. There turn East and go to the cliff edge. You can drop down to get to a building. Go up the ladder. There’s a chest here with a Dragon Towershield on the left from the ladder. Take the lift up and go right to find a Crucible Knight fighting beastmen. Past him is a ladder. Climb it and you’ve found the Boltdrake Talisman +2.
Haligdrake Talisman Boosts Holy Damage negation. 0.6
  • Looted off a body in the Stranded Graveyard. Map Link.
  • +1 Variation: Looted off a body near Lyndell Catacombs site of grace, below Leyndell Royal Capital, behind two hidden walls.
  • +2 Variation: Looted off a body in Mohgwyn Palace, found in a small cluster of graves near a watchful Giant Crow perched up high.
Crucible Scale Talisman Reduces damage taken from critical hits 1.1
  • Can be found in Leyndell Catacombs.
Blue-Feathered Branchsword Raises defense when HP is low. 1.1
  • Drops from a Deathbird east of the Warmaster’s Shack near collapsed structure with Rune Fragments and Sanctuary stones on it.
Ritual Shield Talisman Raises defense when HP is at maximum. 0.9
  • From the West Capital Rampart site of grace in Leyndell, follow the marble stairway heading South-Southwest, past a Valiant Gargoyle near a Golden Seed and up the stair toward a giant Colloseum, the talisman is at the top of the hill, in front of the door of the Colloseum. Map Link.
Greatshield Talisman Boosts guarding ability. 0.9
  • Found in a chest on a Wagon East of Grace “Erdtree-Gazing Hill” behind Ancient Dragon Lansseax. Map Link.
Blessed Dew Talisman Slowly restores HP. 0.6
  • Leyndell: Found west of the Divine Bridge Site of Grace, guarded by a Golem. Map Link.
Crepus’s Vial Eliminates all sound made by the wearer during movement 0.7
  • Obtained by the enemy you kill during the second assassination task in the Volcano Manor questline, Rileigh the Idle. Map Link.
Concealing Veil Conceals wearer while crouching away from foes 0.9
  • Dropped by the boss in Sage’s Cave. See the exact location: Elden Ring Map.
Longtail Cat Talisman Renders the wearer immune to fall damage 0.6
  • Raya Lucaria Academy: Looted off a corpse that can be found at the bottom section of the large rotating lift. Past the graveyard section of Raya Lucaria Academy, simply ride the lift down and defeat the single Pendulum Statue enemy.
Shabriri’s Woe Constantly attracts enemies’ aggression. 0.6
  • Can be found on a body at the edge of the Frenzied Flame Village. Map Link.
Daedicar’s Woe Increases damage taken 0.8
  • You get this at the end of Rya’s questline if you do not give her the Tonic of Forgetfulness. (edit : Rya will still drop the talisman even if the potion was given to her. After completing the manor questlines, you will find her in the drawing room. Exhaust her dialogues, rest, and go back to her location. She will be gone, and the talisman will be dropped on the floor.)
Sacrificial Twig Will be lost on death in place of runes. 1
  • Sold by Patches at Murkwater Cave after he sets up shop.
  • 3 sold by the Isolated Merchant at the Weeping Peninsula for 3.000 runes each.
  • Liurnia of the Lakes: Found on a corpse sitting by a stone platform jutting out of the cliffs in the southern landmass. This is accessible from the top of the long stretch of land where the Malefactor’s Evergaol is located.
  • 3 sold by the Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow for 3,000 er runes each.
  • Given by Edgar when spoken to for the first time at Castle Morne.
Furled Finger’s Trick-Mirror Take on appearance of a Host of Fingers. 0.7
  • Can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold for 5,000 Runes.
Host’s Trick-Mirror Take on appearance of a cooperator. 0.7
  • Can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold for 5,000 Runes.
Entwining Umbilical Cord Changes demeanour of wearer’s actions 0.5
  • It is currently unavailable in-game.
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