New TikTok rules put big Twitch & YouTube streamers on notice

TikTok has updated its branded content guidelines, and it’s putting hundreds of Twitch & YouTube streamers on edge.

As person grows as a content creator, they may find their way into respective trade name sponsorships to help them supplement their income. In render for payment or intersection, creators will record ad television for the company, frequently posting snippets of the ad onto TikTok .
It was reported on December 9 by MLozada on Twitter that the short-form video recording app has updated its rules for brand content, causing many users to wonder how they ’ re going to promote their products.

New TikTok brand content rules have streamers on notice

TikTok defines branded message as “ content where you will receive ( or have already received ) something of value from a third party such as a brand in exchange for your post, to promote that post ’ sulfur products or service, or which you may otherwise need to disclose in accordance with your local laws or regulations. ”


“ It could be a mark sanction, partnership, or other kinds of promotion for a intersection or service. ”
TikTok ’ s change to the Branded Content Policy affects many things that are normally provided to streamers. If a godhead were to post about any of the newly added things, they would risk their mail being removed and their account would be on bad terms .
While you can check out the whole list here, we ’ ll point out a few :

  • Financial Services and Products – While they note a few different things that fall under this category, the one affecting streamers is “virtual currencies,” aka Crypto.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Medicine products – Even though medicine sponsors are few and far between, 100 Thieves is sponsored by Excedrin, which is a headache medicine.
  • Energy drinks – Energy drinks may be considered one of the most common things marketed towards Twitch and YouTube streamers, with companies like G FUEL and even Mtn Dew Game Fuel.

There have been dozens of other things added to the tilt — including baby food and the ability to be banned for taking a political side.


It ’ s unknown at the time of writing how hard-and-fast they will be following these guidelines, so it may be best for creators to play it condom for the clock time being .

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