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If you ’ re looking to get started with SMS Marketing in Canada, you ’ ve come to the right place. Raange is canadian SMS Marketing software based in Montreal, Quebec. We are besides Canada ’ s Most low-cost SMS Marketing Service !
We ’ ve been in the text message bet on since 2015, so we know a few things about the canadian SMS Marketing industry .
We ’ ll take you through a few key facts you need to know about Canada ’ s Anti-Spam Legislation ( CASL ). Explain the do ’ sulfur and don ’ thymine ’ randomness around SMS market. And, discuss how to get started with our platform .
Let ’ s go…

Why SMS Marketing?

All types of organizations from retailers to school to all levels of politics are finding it more and more unmanageable to get a hold of their audience. As you know, electronic mail unfold rates and delivery rates are falling through the floor and people don ’ thymine like to answer the telephone .
however, the avg person checks their fluid 150+ times a day. Organizations of all types are turning to SMS Marketing to stay connected with their audiences. Why ? Because text messages have a 98 % open rate. about, sent messages are read by the recipient .
On lead of opening a text message, your consultation is 7.5 times more likely to respond to an SMS message than the median electronic mail selling campaign .
If you ’ re convinced that you want to try SMS marketing for your occupation, non-profit, charity, school, government organizations or wherever you work, we have good news for you. In this article, we explain how you can get started with SMS Marketing in Canada .

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and SMS Marketing

What is the most crucial share to any successful SMS strategy ?
You need to be able to legally send text messages to your contacts. We ’ ll write you some time and run you through the most important parts of CASL .

Collecting consent | CASL

Any company doing business in Canada, needs consent from their recipients before sending text messaging campaigns. here are the two forms of accept under CASL :

  • Express Consent  – essentially customer has to give you permission to contact them. Ex. They need to sign up to receive weekly promotions. 
  • Implied Consent – you’ve done business with them in the last 2 years. Ex. A past customer who made a purchase in the last two years, you can message them if they haven’t asked you to stop contacting them.

It ’ mho not adequate to receive the consent, you are must have proof of accept. In addition, when you send a text message it must include an unsubscribe mechanism .
Raange SMS Text Unsubscribe Mechanism We always advise customers to seek advice from their legal guidance on complaisance issues. You can besides reach out to the Raange team if you have any questions around our platform and complaisance under CASL .

How to Get Started with SMS Marketing in Canada

It ’ mho very comfortable to start samarium marketing in Canada. fortunately, for you, the buyer, there are many options available in the market. One of the most important steps for any canadian company is to do your due diligence before you commit to a servicing .

1. Research Texting Services in Canada

As you will begin to notice, many of the text market software you discover through Google are international companies. Beware of pricing pages being quoted in alien currency such as USD. If you are paying in USD this will add an extra 30 % to your fees right away. Always ask the sms software company if they offer pricing in CAD arsenic well .
In Canada and the US, fluid carriers charge little surcharges called carrier fees. These can be charged per SMS or MMS sent through the mobile carriers. All SMS market platforms will pass along this carrier wave tip to their customers, you. however, it will not be advertised on their price page. The first time you will see this carrier tip is on your first base bill. Make sure you ask the text commercialize software company if carrier fees are included in their price .
At Raange, all carrier fees are built into our prices, so you will not get any surprises at the end of the month .
Most of our customers that come from competitors are driven away by increasing month over month prices because it can get expensive if you don ’ t do your research in the beginning. therefore spend a little extra time making certain you find the right text message service for your business .

2. Import Your List of Contacts

If you already have a number of contacts who you have the right consent to text, as mentioned above under the CASL part, you can import your list of contacts into our platform. This is the best direction to get started with SMS market and see results properly aside.

3. Grow Your Marketing List

It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require any mobile commercialize or text marketing experience to start growing your market list. Our chopine provides you with the tools you need to get started .
You can even read about how we ’ ve helped clients add thousands of newfangled contacts to their market list in only a few months .

Create an Offer

Everything starts with a good offer and call-to-action to get your customers attention .
Studies have found that a majority of shoppers are more uncoerced to provide opt-in and mobile information to merchants if they receive an offer or share in rejoinder .
We ’ ve found that providing a tangible, blink of an eye extend like a free coffee bean for a restaurant, or $ 5 off your future purchase when you subscribe to receive textbook alerts for a retailer, will provide the highest conversion rates. You know your consultation best .
It is very authoritative to include the qualifier “ when you subscribe to receive text alerts ” therefore that the entire process is transparent .

SMS Keywords | Text to Join

SMS Keywords is a news, idiom, numbers or evening emoji that your customers can use to text to your texting earphone number to receive register for future commercialize messages ( see video recording below ). besides known as Text-to-Join, you can use it for a simple registration wherein person text in and is added to your contact list. Or, we, at Raange, add a link to a registration kind so you can collect a bite more information on your customer like first name, last mention and e-mail address .

Web Sign Up Forms

QR Codes

In the Raange chopine, you can well generate QR codes linked to mobile registration forms. QR codes offer another joyride for you to grow your commercialize lists. Your customers can easily pull out their earphone and scan a QR code in seconds to register for your promotion or giveaway .
Urban Planet | Raange Interactive In-store Sign | $5 Off Next PurchaseUrban Planet | Raange Interactive In-store Sign | $5 Off Next Purchase using QR codes, Text-to-Join and NFC for sign ups.

Subscriber Links

Grow your contact lists with Raange Subscriber Links. Increase registrations by linking mobile registration forms to Subscriber Links, precisely like the form you see below. You can use Subscriber links on your web site or social media accounts to turn your dealings into real number opt-in contacts for your SMS marketing campaigns .
Raange | Mobile Registration Page for SirensRaange | Mobile Registration Page for Text to Join

Promote Registrations

How to advertise your promotions for tilt growth is quite easily. The only restrict divisor is your imagination. You can exponent any call-to-action with Text-to-Join promotions, using :

  • In-Store Signage
  • Radio / Audio Ads
  • Youtube Video
  • Flyers
  • Menus
  • Takeout & Delivery parcels
  • Table tents
  • Receipts
  • Window signs
  • Cash register
  • Website
  • Social media

Any arrangement with a brick-and-mortar placement, we highly recommend using signage. Your consultation knows and trusts your post already, and want to build a relationship with you. We recommend placing signage throughout your physical placement, but particularly at the Point-of-Sale, and Front Display Window. You can always ask your customers for more data in the future !

4. Send Your First Text Campaign

now that everything is set up and in home, you can send your first textbook message promotion, event admonisher, newsletter – whatever you want. You can schedule the message to go out at a late time and date, and then start scheduling your sms campaigns to go out with your e-mail campaigns .
If you need helping squeezing your message into 160 characters, we put together this post on the 3 tips to writing the perfect market text message .

6 Way Businesses Use SMS Marketing in Canada

  1. Reminders to Upcoming Events – a great way to increase attendance for VIP events by sharing a link to register for an upcoming event.
  2. Timely Promotions – increase sales online or in store with timely promotions like 10% off your next purchase in the next 24 hours!
  3. Urgent Notices – SMS is an easy way to let your customers or audience know of any urgent events like short-term closure or a change in venue. More than 90% of text are open and read within a few minutes, so it’s the best way to send urgent, timely notices.
  4. Augment Email Marketing – SMS is a great tool to use alongside your email marketing strategy. You can use Text-to-Join to collect more emails for your marketing list. Send messages alongside email via text message to stay connected with your customers on their channel of choice.
  5. Send Mobile Flyers – share your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Flyers or eFlyers using SMS. You can easily add a link to your eFlyer in your text campaign and schedule it to go out on a later date.
  6. Grow a VIP list – contacts that join your text marketing program are people that know and like your brand. These are essentially your VIPs, who will come back to make purchases and engage with your brand on an ongoing basis. Create a fun VIP program with special alerts, promotions, offers etc. for those that join your Text Alerts.

Raange | Pizza Text Alert

How to Get Started with Raange

ready to give Canada ’ s Most low-cost SMS Marketing solution a try ? SMS commercialize in Canada is simple and easy with Raange SMS. here ’ s how you can start sending SMS text messages with Raange :

  1. Set up a 1 on 1 call with one of our Team Members who will get you all set up and take you through a platform demo. Then we’ll hand over the keys.
  2. Upload your contact list.
  3. Set up your SMS keywords, subscriber links and QR codes (list growth tools).
  4. Promote your list growth tools.
  5. Send text messaging campaigns.
  6. Stay connected with your audience.

If you have any questions, you can besides request a show. alternatively, you can call us at ( 844 ) 472-2643 .

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