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These are the most common Object Classes used in SCP articles, and make up the bulge of the objects.
KETER: The designation “ Keter ” is assigned to subjects that both ( a ) display vigorous, active hostility to human life, culture, and/or spacetime, and ( boron ) are adequate to of causing meaning destruction in the consequence of a containment rupture. such subjects must be cataloged, contained according to special containment procedures, and destroyed, if possible. merely being unfriendly to human life is not in itself cause for classification as a Keter-level aim. A Keter classification indicates that not lone is this subject capable of inflicting devastating damage to human life and culture, but that containment protocols must be across-the-board, involved, and precisely followed in club to prevent it from doing so. Research into the neutralization of Keter-class SCPs is always a top precedence for the Foundation.

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Cases where Keter-class objects that can be neutralized by Foundation personnel persist in Foundation hands are rare, and are grouped into three independent categories. In addition to cases where end of the object continues to be impracticable ascribable to apparent invulnerability or similar context, there are some Keter-class objects with significant tactical prize for the Foundation, adenine well as Keter-class objects that threaten more damage to world from their neutralization than from their proceed universe. The Foundation has harnessed some Keter-class SCPs, but such situations are rare exceptions : for case, SCP-076-2 merely agreed to work with the Foundation due to its unusual kinship with Agent [ REDACTED ] and its ability to communicate with us, and tied that did n’t last. The majority of Keter-class SCPs are insentient, and most are inanimate objects. This status may change as research and discovery continues. “ Keter ” means “ crown ” in Hebrew and is the uppermost flush of the Sephirot in Jewish Kabbalah.
SAFE¬†: The appellation “ safe ” is assigned to subjects or objects that may be effectively and faithfully contained. safe designates may have individual containment procedures, but these procedures are not expected to fail frequently, or be subject to late revision as more information is obtained about a subject. Some Safe designates are human, android, and/or sentient. To prevent wound and/or end to personnel and SCPs, interaction with such designates should be professional and courteous, taking into account limited containment procedures. It should be noted that Safe does not indicate that the containment procedures are unnecessary. many Safe-designated objects can be quite dangerous in the veracious context. The significant differentiation that defines a safe object is that it can be handled safely with allow containment procedures. An case of a dependable object would be a gunman, a nuclear weapon, or polonium.
An SCP object is classified as Euclid when its behavior can not be unerringly predicted, either because the detail is sentient, it behaves outside of current scientific cognition, or its nature is just ill understand at present. Euclid-class objects do not pose the same existential terror to humanity due to containment rupture that Keter-class objects do, but they distillery broadly require more diligence to keep contained than Safe-class objects. Although many Euclid-class objects could be used for the benefit of the Foundation or of humanness, they may have unanticipated ramifications after their use ascribable to their unpredictable nature. Some Euclid-class SCPs are finally understand well enough to be reclassified as Safe, but most remain cryptic evening to the most rigorous of experiment.
The follow is a list of the twenty-five highest rated euclid articles SCP-173 | SCP-049 | SCP-087 | SCP-096 | SCP-093 | SCP-3008 | SCP-426 | SCP-3001 | SCP-294 | SCP-895 | Click hera to see a broad list of SCP ‘s
Anomalous: Any object that has been appraised by the Foundation as not meriting further learn or particular containment. Some of these objects may be catalogued in the Log of Anomalous Items. notice : No object with an SCP designation is categorized as Anomalous, but some SCP objects were once categorized as anomalous before being assigned an SCP appellation.

Neutralized: Any object that has since been destroyed, or in some room has no leftover, extra-dimensional, or adverse effects. Objects classified under this class should have a notice stating what class it was while it was an active SCP.

Non-Standard Object Classes



The postdate object Classes are sub-classes that supplement the object ‘s primary ( or former ) categorization.
Explained: Explained SCPs are normally articles about anomalies that are wholly and fully understand to the point where their effects are immediately explainable by mainstream science or phenomenon that have been debunked or falsely mistaken as an anomaly.
Esoteric/Narrative Classes: Esoteric Object Classes, besides occasionally referred to as narrative classes, are object classes that do not fall into any of the above sections. They are by and large only used once and are created to further the narrative in a detail SCP. It is highly recommend that SCPs use one of the standard Object Classes listed hera. While some authors choose to introduce exceptions to these rules, they are only very rarely done and need to justify their universe and placement. many site members will downvote for non-standard Object Classes if used without deservingness.
Decommissioned: Decommissioned SCPs are an object class that was used by senior staff in the past to not only delete unwanted articles but place them in a sort of “ Wall of Shame ” to serve as examples of what not to do. This aim class is not used anymore. Decommissioning articles is not done anymore, partially because such heavy-handed edits by SCP staff are no long allowed and partially because decommissioning ended up backfire. See the History of the Universe Hub for more historical data about Decommissioned SCPs and their use in the past.

object Class FAQ



What is the Locked Box Test? The Locked Box Test is an informal road map used to determine an object ‘s most allow Object Class. It goes like this :

  • If you lock it in a box, leave it alone, and nothing bad will happen, then it’s probably Safe.
  • If you lock it in a box, leave it alone, and you’re not entirely sure what will happen, then it’s probably Euclid.
  • If you lock it in a box, leave it alone, and it easily escapes, then it’s probably Keter.
  • If it is the box, then it’s probably Thaumiel.

note that as a special retainer, something that is autonomous, active, and/or perspicacious is about always at least Euclid-class. That is, if you lock a living thing in a box and forget about it, it will finally suffocate or starve to end, and that ‘s not a good consequence. Something that is healthy could besides end up being chic enough to outwit its containment procedures and/or stop cooperating with the Foundation ‘s attempts to contain it, making it more dangerous than it otherwise might be.
What if I find an SCP that is the wrong Object Class?

The Object Classes are intentionally left dim as to not limit the author ‘s creative exemption ; a inflexible, specify system of classes might hinder an author ‘s ability to write the way they would want to, and as such multiple proposals to create better-defined systems in the past have been turned down by SCP Wiki staff.
If an SCP is very dangerous should its Object Class be higher? No, risk does not truly affect an SCP ‘s Object Class. As has been reiterated several times above this, an item ‘s Object Class is more based on the trouble of containment preferably than the danger it differently poses. For example, a release that can destroy the integral population when it ‘s pressed would be safe, whereas a cat who randomly switches places with another caterpillar anywhere on earth would be considered Keter .



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