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Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is a diploma- and degree-granting college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the oldest publicly funded college in Ontario. [ 1 ] Its campuses are situated on the east side of the city, particularly in Scarborough, [ 1 ] with an aerospace kernel at Downsview Park in North York. [ 2 ] Centennial College has been recognized as a culturally diverse post-secondary mental hospital, about 100 ethno-cultural groups are represented and 80 languages are spoken on campus. [ 1 ] In 2016, it was ranked as one of Canada ‘s top 10 Research Colleges. [ 3 ] Its main research facilities are its clothing, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Healthcare ( WIMTACH ] ), established in 2015 through a $ 1.75 million union grant [ 4 ] and its aerospace invention hub, under construction at the former de Havilland plant in west-end Toronto. [ 5 ]

Programs [edit ]

centennial offers more than 260 programs, including bachelor ‘s degrees, diploma, certificates, post-graduate certificates and apprenticeship programs, across many fields of study. [ 6 ] Founded in 1966, the college offers programs in business, communication arts, community and consumer services, applied calculate, technology engineering, health sciences, animation, music, theater, film and design. [ 1 ] Centennial College supports enrolments of 22,000 full-time students and 19,000 half-time students. [ 7 ]

history [edit ]

New Library and Academic Facility at Progress Campus, Centennial College Centennial College was the first to be opened in Ontario during the formation of the state ‘s populace college system in the 1960s. Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology was established on May 21, 1965, under the steering of the Hon. William Davis, Minister of Education. The system has grown to encompass 24 public colleges serving 200 communities in the province. As Centennial College ‘s first base web site, Warden Woods Campus opened on October 17, 1966, with 514 students enrolled in 16 career-oriented programs, including journalism, secretarial science, and early childhood department of education. The campus used a decommission federal build that had been renovated to serve as a education institution. It evolved over the years to include the health/nutrition, cordial reception, child studies, and community services programs. In 1973, the Ontario government transferred duty for nursing department of education from the state ‘s hospitals to its colleges. locally, the Scarborough Regional and the Toronto East General schools of nursing joined Centennial College to form the School of Health Sciences, based at Warden Woods Campus. In 1992 the Scarborough Board of Education and the college established an adult education center, the Scarborough Career Planning Centre, at the Centennial College. [ 8 ] In 1994 the entities agreed to establish the center there beginning in the capitulation of that year. [ 9 ] Centennial College grew quickly, necessitating the establishment of extra campuses in the east conclusion of Toronto to accommodate newly programs and students. Warden Woods Campus closed in fall of 2004 and was demolished to make way for a caparison development. [ 10 ] Most programs were relocated to the Centennial Science and Technology Centre ( now Morningside Campus ), which began operations the lapp year .

Campuses [edit ]

Existing campuses are located at :

Morningside Campus [edit ]

Centennial College Morningside Campus Located in Scarborough, Morningside Campus ( previously Centennial College Science Technology Centre ) opened in the summer of 2004 to firm joint programs with the nearby University of Toronto Scarborough. The campus operates health skill and environmental science programs, architectural engineering, biotechnology, personal accompaniment worker, paramedics, pharmacy technology, environmental technology, massage therapy and others. [ 11 ]

Progress Campus [edit ]

Centennial College Progress Campus. Progress Campus in Scarborough is Centennial ‘s largest campus. The programs offered there ( located at 941 Progress Avenue, near Markham Road and Highway 401 ), are in computer skill and engineering, clientele, and cordial reception and culinary arts. Students in the latter frequently work as cordial reception staff/chefs in the scholar restaurant, The Local, [ 12 ] or in the Student Centre kitchen run by the CCSAI. Progress Campus is the site of a Library and Academic Facility, american samoa well as an expanded Athletic and Wellness Centre, both of which opened in September 2011. [ 13 ] It ‘s besides home to the Centennial Event Centre, [ 14 ] a multi-use venue for particular events, corporate meetings and social functions. It is located on the crown floor of the new Centennial student mansion, which opened in August 2016, and replaced an older facility. [ 15 ] The “ A Block ” ( located on 939 Progress Avenue ) of the campus was built in 1994 by the Scarborough Board of Education to sign of the zodiac the students from Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies adult secondary school .

Ashtonbee Campus [edit ]

Ashtonbee Campus Library build Located at 75 Ashtonbee Road in Scarborough, this campus houses the automotive services technician, career and college transition, motivative power technician, car soundbox haunt technician, general arts and science, and other programs. [ 11 ] Ashtonbee Campus is regarded as one of the largest transportation system engineering train centres in North America. In 2017, Ashtonbee Campus ‘ library renovation project was one of 10 winners in the 2017 Ontario Association of Architects Awards Design Excellence division. [ 16 ]

fib Arts Centre [edit ]

Located near the Danforth at 951 Carlaw Avenue in East York, this campus opened in 1996 to house Centennial ‘s award-winning School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design, [ 17 ] [ 18 ] a “ premier media and ocular arts learning concentrate ” in the region according to the East York Foundation. [ 19 ] Taught hera are most of the creative communication programs such as ad and populace relations, ampere well as professionally oriented programs in the arts, such as digital animation and game design. The School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design besides offers four programs in performance, which include Theatre Arts and Performance, Music Industry Arts and Performance, Dance Performance and Performing Arts Fundamentals. The performance programs are housed in chartered space at the Daniels Spectrum in business district Toronto. [ 20 ]

The construction caparison the Story Arts Centre was built to house the Toronto Teachers ‘ College in 1955 and television buffs may know it as the localization of the Canadian TV adolescent drama Degrassi High in the early 1990s. [ 21 ] Since the closure of Toronto ‘s francophone Collège des Grands-Lacs in 2002, Collège Boréal, a francophone college based primarily in Sudbury, besides offered some French-language college programs at this facility until moving to its own new campus at One Yonge Street in 2012 .

Downsview Aerospace Hub [edit ]

In November 2016, ferment on the $ 72 million Downsview Park Aerospace Campus officially got afoot with a innovative ceremony attended by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and federal Hon. Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan. [ 22 ] With joint fund from the peasant and the federal government, the aerospace campus is being built on the site of the former de Havilland Aircraft Company Ltd. assembly implant in Downsview Park, Toronto. Centennial College is a collaborator in the Downsview aerospace consortium, DAIR, [ 23 ] along with the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, and eight companies including Pratt and Whitney Canada, FlightSafety, Canadensys, UTC Aerospace, MDA, Safran Landing Systems, Honeywell and Bombardier Aerospace. [ 23 ] [ 24 ] In May 2017, Centennial College received $ 2.3 million in fund from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ( NSERC ) to inquiry electric land gear for energy-efficient aircraft. [ 25 ]

Suzhou Centennial College [edit ]

In 2016, Suzhou Centennial College ( SCC ) formally launched. [ 26 ] It is the first gear canadian college approved by the taiwanese politics to deliver canadian education in China. Suzhou Centennial College offers 18 programs, including four centennial programs providing canadian credentials in report, finance, software engineering and business foundations. [ 27 ]

Warden Woods [edit ]

erstwhile campus ( einsteinium ) include : Warden Woods Campus located at 651 Warden Avenue was once canadian Arsenals Limited plant acquired in 1964. [ 28 ] It closed in 2004 with site by and large demolished in 2005 and immediately a residential exploitation. The historic Bell Estate c. 1830 has been preserved .

residence, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, and Event Centre [edit ]

Responding to a critical deficit of low-cost rental accommodations in Toronto at the fourth dimension, Centennial College purchased the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Toronto East in June 2001 across the street from the Progress Campus and converted the hotel construction into a college residency in time for the fall semester. The amenities and level of ending in the hotel construct were well higher than that of many purpose-built college residences. Amenities included an indoor pool, glass elevator, four-storey atrium and warmly decorated rooms. The Centennial College Residence and Conference Centre was primitively configured to accommodate 380 student residents, based on two students sharing a room, though former configurations allowed the universe of some single-occupancy rooms. rapid registration growth, fuelled by international students, compelled the college to examine building a newfangled residency [ 29 ] on the Progress Campus property. The resulting eight-storey quad build was designed to house 740 students in two- and four-bed suites, complete with a bathroom and kitchen in every cortege, with all residents having their own individual bedroom. The raw build up is a hybrid : the grind floor is dedicated to Centennial ‘s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, arrant with seven kitchen labs, eight classrooms and a restaurant and cafe ( The Local ) open to the populace. The conference and events centre located on the exceed floor can accommodate up to 450 guests. Construction broke grind in October 2014 and the residence began occupation in August 2016. Knightstone Capital Management provided the design, finance and management of the visualize ; other key partners include Diamond Schmitt Architects, [ 30 ] canadian Campus Communities and FRAM Building Group .

Academics [edit ]

Centennial College offers full-time programs in more than 100 fields of analyze. [ 6 ] These programs emphasize experiential memorize with testing ground direction, paid co-operative education opportunities, and diligence and agency field placements. All centennial programs are developed and kept current with the aid of program advisory committees ( PACs ), made up of academic advisors and employer representatives. Their participation ensures the education and skills students receive at Centennial are up-to-date and relevant to the industry they are preparing to enter. centennial offers a assortment of advanced degree programs. Five joint-degree programs in paramedicine, journalism, new media studies, environmental skill & technology and give microbiology are taught in concurrence with the University of Toronto Scarborough, and the Bachelor of Science Nursing program is delivered jointly with Ryerson University. Centennial was among the first colleges in Ontario to receive approval for applied-degree programs in computer and communication network, and software systems : design, development and management .

Centennial College Schools [edit ]

  • School of Advancement
  • The Business School
  • School of Communications, Media Arts and Design
  • School of Community and Health Studies
  • School of Engineering, Technology and Applied Science
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts
  • School of Transportation[31]

Community and particular events [edit ]

In July 2010, the students in the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture participated and partnered for the very first base time with North America ‘s Largest Cultural Festival – Scotiabank Caribana ( immediately formally called Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto ( SBCCT ) – festival Management Committee and Tribal Knights with Dexter Senshuai created a queen costume worn by Salome Odney a cordial reception student under the subject “ tropical Amazon ” which was presented at the Annual King and Queen Competition and then at the Annual Parade. This marked the 1st meter an Ontario College took partially in the festival which was a huge achiever in made local anesthetic headlines and several pictures have surfaced. The scholar wearing the costume was interviewed by CP24 and diverse other television receiver stations and media affiliates. [ 32 ] In July 2011, the students made a return to the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Festival and participated in highly King and Queen show under a new theme “ legend ” Our section that was chosen between the committee and Tribal Knights would fit the multicultural diverseness of international Students from china and japanese “ Legends of Orient ” This class would be a little unlike where it was opened up to the rest of the college staff, staff, administration to participate with the Centennial College Student Association CCSAI. This year costume was worn by Annakay McCalla who wore the costume for the first time the Centennial College – School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture to enter the competition at the Grand Parade and it will be judged with the milliampere band Tribal nights and made history that our costume was judged and received fourth place with Tribal Knights. The costume was interviewed by Rogers Cable, Global television receiver, Sway Magazine, CTV, WOW TV and others. There was large media coverage of the college participation this year by CTV/ CP24 on Parade Day on July 30 there were respective pictures taken which are on Facebook, YouTube, Flicker, [ 33 ] In May 2012 – As a share of the partnership with Festival Management Committee management of Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto ( SCCT ) involved for the very first time took Centennial College students as separate of their Internship/Co-OP from the cordial reception, tourism and Culture program – Post Grad Festival Management Program students such as Fabia Morgan ( Assistant Gala Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant ), plus the Business Administration program Shemmie Bayne (Administrative Assistant to Festival Administrator) and from Festival and Events Management Class/Hotel and Resort Management Program, Steven McKinnon ( Office Assistant & Marketplace Coordinator ) In April 2017, Centennial College ‘s “ Paint the Town Green ” celebration won the “ Best event Produced for a corporation by an In-house team ” award at the canadian Event Industry Awards Gala, held in Vaughan, Ontario. Thousands of volunteers went to 11 major cities of Toronto and planted trees, spread mulch, and removed rubbish from waterways and nature trails. [ 34 ]

celebrated alumni and faculty [edit ]

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