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How can I apply for life insurance?

It’s easy to complete a life insurance application without setting foot in an office.

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    Buying a life insurance policy on-line may seem extraneous to some .
    But assuming you ’ re provided with the mighty tools, it can actually be quite easy to apply for a life insurance policy wholly on-line without setting foot in the position of an policy agency or a checkup examiner.

    By researching and applying for a term animation policy on-line, you can promptly and easily learn how a lot coverage you need, get an mind of how much the policy will cost, and start coverage that same day—all from the comfort of your own home. For those who prefer digital services, buying life sentence policy on-line can be a diaphanous, bare way to get fiscal auspices for your love ones .
    here ’ s what you can expect should you choose to enjoy the paperless, hassle-free march of a life indemnity on-line application .

    A simple way to calculate your life insurance needs

    If you ’ re in the life insurance exploration phase and figuring out your coverage needs, a life insurance calculator provides a simple, straightforward way to estimate how much coverage you should buy. An on-line indemnity calculator will take into retainer your old age, debts, income and family structure to provide a condition length and face sum recommendation that ’ s allow for you. The calculator will even tell you if you don ’ t need coverage at this time .
    Our life indemnity calculator at Haven Life takes into consideration :

    • Replacing your after-tax income
    • Childcare for kids until they are 18
    • The cost of your children’s college education
    • Health care costs for a non-working spouse
    • Debts that need to be paid off, such as a mortgage or other cosigned loans
    • Social Security income, if eligible
    • The cost of a funeral and final expenses

    The total of coverage you purchase ( called a face come ) is the sum of money your family would receive as a death profit if you passed off. The beneficiary ( or beneficiaries ) you choose can use the policy payout for a number of fiscal needs – to help cover funeral expenses, meet daily support expenses, design for the future, or cover the costs of caring for your children, to name a few .
    An on-line animation indemnity calculator does the mathematics for you to figure out what amount of coverage is needed to help financially protect your family .

    Life insurance needs aren’t one-size-fits-all.

    Calculate your needs

    An honest look at how much life insurance will cost you

    For much of the industry, it ’ sulfur standard to lead with initial biography insurance quotes that are based on a childlike, self-reported statement of health. While a quote gives you an idea of how much a liveliness indemnity policy will cost, it doesn ’ t take into consideration any health data or medical conditions that a life policy ship’s company might consider in underwrite .
    now that there are elementary solutions for buying life indemnity digitally, you can easily apply on-line to receive a personalized-to-you estimate for your indemnity premiums — or even a final rate– within 10 or 15 minutes. And if approved for coverage, you can have your policy in place immediately .
    Starting with a life sentence insurance quote made sense when the manual underwrite summons took a couple months to determine your eligibility and final examination price. But now, real-time underwrite provides more transparency into the cost of life sentence policy than ever ahead. so if you want to know the real number price for term life indemnity, fill out a childlike on-line application .

    An easy, online term life insurance application

    Haven Life, which is backed and wholly owned by leading biography insurance company MassMutual, has created a dynamic, on-line know for buying term animation policy. The application will ask you only the questions that are truly necessity to determine your eligibility and premium price for a term life indemnity policy .
    During the on-line life indemnity application process, you will be asked about your life style, personal medical history and family health history. Haven Life then fact checks it with third-party vendors like the Medical Information Bureau, DMV, and Social Security Administration to ensure all is accurate. This international relations and security network ’ thyroxine any more information than is required by early insurers ; it ’ south good analyzed in real-time alternatively of over the course of several weeks .
    This fast-and-convenient application serve is how haven Life can provide an contiguous decision on coverage eligibility. It ’ s a genuine anywhere/any device animation policy action .

    We have your back (and MassMutual has ours)

    The Haven Term policy is issued by MassMutual, an diligence leader with over 160 years of know .Why Haven Life

    Sometimes, you’ll need a life insurance medical exam

    The alone part of the life policy buy action that may not be on-line is the medical examination. For medically cover term life insurance coverage, which is normally the most low-cost type of policy, a medical examination is much needed .
    Some qualified, goodly Haven Term applicants up to the age of 59 may be able to skip the checkup examination wholly through the InstantTerm march. Keep in mind : it ’ second very crucial to be honest when completing the application. The issue of the policy policy or payment of benefits depends on the truthfulness of answers in the application .
    once an on-line life insurance application is submitted, you will be notified whether a medical examination is needed to verify that your health is a reported in the answers provided. If a checkup examination is needed, you ’ ll have up to 90 days take it and are normally covered during that time. Once we get the medical examination results back, you ’ ll receive a concluding offer .
    If a medical examination international relations and security network ’ metric ton needed, you ’ ll receive a final examination offer upon submission of your application, and once you e-sign, you ’ re done. No phone interviews. No faxes. No nothing. You ’ re done. Give yourself a pat on the back for helping to protect your sleep together ones financially .

    Coverage backed by a leading life insurer

    thus what sacrifices do you have to make for all of these conveniences of digital life indemnity ? Well, none. Term biography policy coverage is hush cost-efficient and the indemnity policies are backed by leading life insurers .
    When shopping for life sentence indemnity, it ’ south always significant to inquiry the third-party ratings and customer reviews of the life policy ship’s company that issues your policy a well as the means selling it. You want to ensure you are purchasing from a dependable policy company. Life insurance company ratings provide you with a valuable insight into fiscal lastingness and claims-paying ability. As for customer reviews : that ’ ll indicate if the buy experience and customer support will live up to your expectations .
    The Haven Term policy sold by Haven Life is issued by MassMutual, an A++ rated insurance company by A.M. Best. As of April 2020, Haven Life besides has a 4.8 out of 5-star rate from its customers via Trustpilot. Because Haven Life is backed and wholly owned by MassMutual, it is able to offer high-quality liveliness policy coverage, low-cost pricing, and a streamline buy feel .

    Life insurance that’s actually simple

    As with many of the on-line goods and services we purchase, with the right amount of friendly customer support, buying life indemnity on-line is something that can be done confidently and handily .
    When you ’ re ready for peace of mind, you can get started here .
    No time like the present …

    Life insurance is more affordable than you think

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    Our editorial policy

    Haven Life is a customer-centric life insurance representation that ’ second backed and wholly owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company ( MassMutual ). We believe navigating decisions about life sentence policy, your personal finances and overall health can be refreshingly bare .

    Our editorial policy

    Haven Life is a customer centric life insurance agency that ’ mho backed and wholly owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company ( MassMutual ). We believe navigating decisions about life policy, your personal finances and overall health can be refreshingly simpleton .
    Our content is created for educational purposes only. Haven Life does not endorse the companies, products, services or strategies discussed here, but we hope they can make your life a little less unvoiced if they are a fit for your site .
    Haven Life is not authorized to give tax, legal or investment advice. This substantial is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for tax, legal, or investment advice. Individuals are encouraged to seed advice from their own tax or legal advocate .

    Our disclosures

    seaport Term is a Term Life Insurance Policy ( DTC and ICC17DTC in certain states, including NC ) issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company ( MassMutual ), Springfield, MA 01111-0001 and offered entirely through Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC. In NY, Haven Term is DTC-NY 1017. In CA, Haven Term is DTC-CA 042017. seaport Term Simplified is a simplified Issue Term Life Insurance Policy ( ICC19PCM-SI 0819 in certain states, including NC ) issued by the C.M. Life Insurance Company, Enfield, CT 06082. policy and rider form numbers and features may vary by department of state and may not be available in all states. Our Agency license count in California is OK71922 and in Arkansas 100139527 .
    MassMutual is rated by A.M. Best Company as A++ ( Superior ; Top class of 15 ). The rate is as of Aril 1, 2020 and is subject to change. MassMutual has received different ratings from other rate agencies .
    Haven Life Plus ( Plus ) is the marketing list for the Plus passenger, which is included as part of the Haven Term policy and offers access to extra services and benefits at no cost or at a discount rate. The rider is not available in every state and is subjugate to change at any time. Neither Haven Life nor MassMutual are responsible for the provision of the benefits and services made accessible under the Plus Rider, which are provided by third party vendors ( partners ). For more information about Haven Life Plus, please visit : hypertext transfer protocol : //

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    What our customers are saying

    • The process was quick and easy

      The procedure was agile and easy

      Trustpilot logo

    • The process is very simple

      The process is very bare, quick and easy to follow. My experience with Have Life is identical quenched ! Thank you Haven Life !


    • Great company

      great company. Easy to navigate yourself to a excellent policy. Thanks Haven Life !
      –Derek R .


    • Best experience EVER

      Best experience ever ! Quick, easily, and very low-cost ! If you haven ’ triiodothyronine done it already—DO IT ! You will not regret it
      –DaMarcus Sullivan


    • Simple, Quick and Delightful

      I good loved how childlike and quick the solid action was. I got approved for the maximal I could have being a not citizen. I filled a form with my details and the next day I had the policy. I was fretting over sitting on dateless call calls and getting aesculapian tests done before I could have a policy, but I had the policy in less than 24 hours. The Haven Life web site is amazing angstrom well. To the point, inviting and works without a flaw. besides, the policy comes with the perks like TrustWill for free and a few other very utilitarian services at no price. I have only bang-up things to say about Haven Life then far .


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