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2022 Best Online Information Technology Programs

Learn more about bachelor ‘s in information engineering programs, including entree requirements, coursework, and likely careers. is an advertising-supported web site. Featured or trusted spouse programs and all school search, finder, or peer results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this locate. A knight bachelor ‘s in information technology prepares students for a diverseness of technical school careers, as graduates can manage networks and develop new fluid apps. These programs by and large require at least 120 credits and four years to complete, but some in-person and top on-line schools may offer accelerated options.

This degree can lead to many different careers, but a democratic option is software developer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ), software developers earn a median engage of $ 110,140 per class as of May 2020, with 22 % projected caper growth between 2020 and 2030 .
Read on to learn more about on-line knight bachelor ‘s in information technology programs .

What Can I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Program?

In general, students with a bent for STEM ( skill, technology, mastermind, and mathematics ) do good in this program. The academic degree typically requires 120 credits, including both general education and major courses, equally well as electives .
Coursework blends advanced mathematics and skill with fundamental information technology cognition, including program languages and net security. Students besides learn web design, plan management, and engineering ethics. Some courses feature a lab part, and many programs require an internship or capstone path .
Some on-line programs in data technology offer the scholar ‘s option of in full on-line or hybrid courses. many schools allow information technology students to choose one or more concentrations. popular concentrations include system government, network administration, and mobile application development .

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Popular Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Programs

Learn about beginning dates, transferring credits, handiness of fiscal aid, and more by contacting the universities below .

What Courses Will I Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Program?

Human Computer Interaction

This course focuses on human perception, interface design, and the interactions between the two. Students learn to design, evaluate, and follow through synergistic computer systems with an eye toward their psychological effects on users .

Information Technology Project Management

In this course, students learn the lifecycle of IT projects and how to plan and manage all parts of that lifecycle. They besides learn to align IT strategies with overall business goals to gain competitive advantages .

Networking Essentials

This course introduces students to the speech and basic concepts of computer network presidency. Students learn what to expect on a casual footing as a network administrator or support team member .

Web Design and Development

In this course, students explore the principles and practices of web development. They learn basic cryptography and other technologies such as web frameworks, along with authoritative complaisance and approachability standards .


This run introduces the basics of cybersecurity, including common cybersecurity programming languages and technologies. Students learn common weaknesses across a kind of frameworks, along with information security policies and threat management techniques .

What Are Admission Requirements for an Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Program?

Although they sometimes vary by school, online bachelor ‘s platform admission requirements broadly reflect those of on-campus programs. In addition to the requirements listed below, some schools require or offer in-house placement exams that could lead to exemptions from specific general education classes .


All students must fill out an application. More competitive colleges typically require more information on the application, while less competitive schools may offer shorter applications. however, applicants for all schools should prepare to list at least their fully legal diagnose and cover, birthdate, date of high school graduation and grade point average, and extracurricular activities .

Test Scores

For many schools, college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT remain standard. however, some schools have made test scores optional. prospective students should be aware that choosing the test-optional way may require a hard academic record to remain competitive .
Another option at some schools is a school-based entrance examination. If students are uncertain about the competitiveness of their application box, a hard examination sexual conquest could strengthen their chances .

Letters of Recommendation

many colleges require applicants to submit at least one letter of recommendation. late graduates should request letters from former professors or guidance counselors, while applicants with no holocene school attendance may submit a letter from a supervisor, volunteer coordinator, or mentor. Though letters of recommendation rarely spark advance directly to admission, they can help admissions departments decide between applicants with alike credentials .


Application essays serve two main purposes. They help admissions departments learn more about applicants and they demonstrate the intensity of prospective students ‘ writing skills. Topics deviate by school, but frequently focus on changing beliefs, pursuing goals, or overcoming adversity .

Official Transcripts

First-time college applicants must submit official transcripts from their high school. prospective students who have taken flush 1-2 college courses should besides submit those transcripts for transfer credit evaluation. These credits may substitute for otherwise required courses, ultimately shortening the clock to graduation. Some schools offer biennial degree completion programs for students with substantial previous credits .

What Can I Do With an Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Degree?

Career Outlook

The BLS notes that software developers made a median annual engage of $ 110,140 in May 2020. The BLS projects 22 % job growth for these professionals between 2020 and 2030 .
While many other career fields besides employ graduates with a bachelor ‘s in information technology, this exercise shows a firm mentality for this degree. Both pay rates and job growth projections compare highly favorably to those for early undergraduate degrees. Additional career options for bachelor ‘s degree-holders in information engineering include information security analyst, systems analyst, and database administrator .

Career Paths

Software Developer

software developers are responsible for the design, creation, and testing of calculator programs and apps. Although particular duties may vary, these professionals tend to work across the integral project rather than on a single component. Software developers typically report to a lead programmer but often enjoy a big deal of autonomy in their work .
Median Annual Salary: $ 110,140

Information Security Analyst

Information security system analysts take responsibility for protecting the networks and systems used by an organization. Duties include simulating cyberattacks to find and address security weaknesses, developing organizational security standards, implementing security measures, and document and addressing security breaches. Information security analysts besides contribute heavy to organizational calamity convalescence plans .
Median Annual Salary: $ 103,590

Systems Analyst

A systems analyst bridges the gap between occupation and IT by working closely with corporate managers to design calculator systems and processes that better support operations. research forms a cardinal separate of systems analysis, as analysts must constantly evaluate emerging technologies to determine their appropriateness for the organization. Systems analysts install new systems and seek ways to improve those that already exist .
Median Annual Salary: $ 97,330

Database Administrator

database administrators are creditworthy for designing, follow through, and update databases and digital storehouse systems for organizational data. Depending on the organization, this datum could include fiscal data, embark records, or proprietorship statistics. Database administrators besides take responsibility for security and datum protective covering .
Median Annual Salary: $ 98,860

Web Developer

Web developers create websites, including plan, writing code, and designing interactional elements like clickable buttons. They work close with graphic designers and other team members to determine layouts and much take province for choice control testing and troubleshooting .
Median Annual Salary: $ 77,200

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Continuing Education

many degree-holders go on to earn a overlord ‘s in information systems and engineering. Although a bachelor ‘s degree remains criterion for most jobs in this field, rival can prove cadaver. A headmaster ‘s degree gives students a competitive advantage and opens up the hypothesis of supervisory or executive roles .
In addition, an advanced degree gives students the opportunity to delve deep into a specific area of interest. This can be specially helpful for a student with make have in one area, such as web invention, who wants to switch to a different sphere, such as cybersecurity .

How Do I Choose an Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Program?


The cost of a knight bachelor ‘s in information engineering depends on the educate. In-state tutelage typically costs less than out-of-state tutelage. overall, on-line programs may be less dearly-won than those offered on campus, but not necessarily .
Some schools charge out-of-state tuition rates along with extra technology fees for those attending classes online. prospective students should add up the total costs of both programs before choosing a school or deciding whether to attend on-line or on campus .

Program Format

When deciding on an on-line bachelor ‘s in information engineering, prospective students should think about the course of study format .
A synchronous course of study requires all students in a specific course to log in at the same meter and participate in populate lectures and discussions. In an asynchronous program, students may log in to watch lecture videos and review course materials at any time before a sealed deadline. many programs offer a desegregate of synchronous and asynchronous courses, allowing the professor to choose which format to use .
In addition, some programs offer only full-time registration, while others allow students to attend part time. Some on-line programs provide an accelerate format that allows students to graduate in under four years .


Most on-line bachelor ‘s in information engineering programs offer fully on-line cogitation, with no on-campus requirements. Students who attend one of these programs may live anywhere. still, some students prefer to live nearby in order to take advantage of campus facilities such as the cafeteria and library. Others prefer to enroll in both on-campus and on-line courses, creating a more traditional college experience .


Accreditation provides third-party standards for all institutions of higher determine. There are many different types and sizes of colleges and universities, and each has its own traditions and policies. Yet those with accreditation all meet the same basic educational standards .
Unaccredited schools may lack in educational timbre, and accredited schools typically reject transfer credits from an unaccredited institution. In addition, to qualify for union fiscal aid, students must attend an accredit school .

Student Support

many students find college-based support programs essential to their success. different schools offer unlike student services, but normally offered programs include alumni network, academician rede, and mentorship opportunities. other likely services include tutoring, career services, and internship placements .
on-line students should consider which student corroborate services they can use. Some schools offer distance learners access to regular student patronize, while others provide extra services for those attending courses on-line .

2022 Best Accredited Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Programs

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How We Rank Schools

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you can make. We want to help you navigate the college excerpt process by offering guileless, inclusive, and relevant school rankings .
Our rankings are grounded in a few guide principles and use the latest statistical data available from trust sources. Read our ranking methodology. We hope our border on helps you find the school that is best for you .

Frequently Asked Questions About Bachelor’s in Information Technology Programs

Is a bachelor ‘s in information engineering worth it ?
Like so much in liveliness, whether an on-line degree is worth it depends on the student. Learners with a solid bent for STEM typically do the best with this degree. Highly flexible and in necessitate, a bachelor ‘s in data technology prepares students for a variety show of technical school positions .
What can I do with a bachelor ‘s in information engineering ?
A bachelor ‘s in information engineering offers students many unlike career opportunities .
Software developers create the latest up-to-date games, commercial enterprise applications, and other programs. Information security analysts fight hackers by developing and implementing potent security protocols and performing penetration tests to identify and address weaknesses. Database administrators develop databases and other digital storehouse solutions to help companies organize and protect their data .
Thanks to senior high school demand, bachelor ‘s in information technology degree-holders can frequently land a job in their area of matter to .
Are information technology majors in high gear demand ?
Yes. Information engineering majors remain in gamey demand across all areas of stress. In detail, the BLS projects that jobs for software developers will grow 22 % between 2020 and 2030, far higher than most careers ‘ projected increase .
How much money can I make with a bachelor ‘s in information engineering ?
wage depends on a variety show of factors, including the area of specialization, the company, and even geographic location. however, many information technology degree-holders make upwards of $ 100,000 per year.

What are the highest-paying jobs with a bachelor ‘s in information technology ?
software developers and information security analysts typically make the most money. According to the BLS, as of May 2020, software developers earned a medial annual engage of $ 110,140, while data security analysts made a median annual wage of $ 103,590 .

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