Going to Azure or Office 365? You’re going to need a backup for that.

At a time when many industries are struggling, cloud vendors like Microsoft are reporting exceeding increase. Why ? simple. Businesses are expediting their journeys to Azure and Office 365 in holy order to adapt to a new world of working from base, and an pressing need for IT to cut costs and find efficiencies. Any move to the cloud requires the right datum management approach and tools to help make your transition to Azure and Microsoft O365 simple, more cost effective and faster. But doesn’t Microsoft take care of all this already? Microsoft ’ randomness shared province model makes it your occupation to protect, optimize and establish effective stand-in and convalescence solutions for your data. From maintaining complaisance to getting back on-line cursorily in the event of a catastrophe, this is something you can ’ thymine ignore before you migrate.

No alt text provided for this image hera is a freezeframe from a recent webinar we hosted. Watch it here. With that in mind, here ’ s a summary of the top five ways we can help you on your travel to Azure or Office 365. 1. Unlimited, cost-effective storage on Azure Blob Veeam ’ south Azure Blob storage consolidation eliminates magnetic tape, stretching hardware spend and provides a long term backup option. Features like Scale Out Backup Repository pool your hardware resources in concert for flexible, software-defined optimization. Veeam besides provides healthy multi-modal storage options so you can keep the most urgently needed datum on premises and avoid duplicating backups and cursorily restore precisely what you need. 2. Cloud workload flexibility Veeam ’ randomness Azure accompaniment solution besides makes port and protecting workloads to and from the cloud and on prem environments easier. Everything from setting up sandboxes for screen and dev, to infrastructure-as-a-service for core commercial enterprise applications. All this is incredibly easily with Veeam ’ s automated tool, step by step configuration ace and a dedicate VPN connection immediately to Azure. 3. Office 365 backup protection According to the shared province model, businesses must ensure they are backing up and protecting data generated from Office 365. This is why more than 55,000 businesses are already leveraging Veeam Backup for Office 365. This tool gives you compromising options for backing up workloads in the cloud or on prem, while besides giving 25 different recovery options to meet your specific requirements.

4. Getting smart with unstructured data As your clientele grows, so does the sum of amorphous data it compiles. Having a knock-down means to intelligently manage, retrieve and protect these documents is all-important. Veeam ’ south Enhanced NAS protection works seamlessly with Azure, giving you a simple and reliable way to manage everything from SMB ( Azure ), NFS, Windows and Linux files. Using “ fingerprinting ” techniques and intelligent track, Veeam ’ s NAS protection besides reduces duplication and creates efficient, resource-friendly backup and retrieval. 5. A cloud backup for your cloud workloads equitable like with Office 365, cloud workloads in Azure need to have a rapid, authentic and effective backup and recovery option. many businesses will opt to use Azure as a cloud-native accompaniment solution, taking advantage of rapid deployment, snapshots, regional security and automation to streamline storehouse costs and management .No alt text provided for this image We’re here to help As businesses are speeding up their migrations plans to unlock savings and stay afloat, Veeam ’ s cortege of software-defined solutions built specifically for Azure and Microsoft 365 can make a major deviation to your organization. See for yourself and book a bouncy show or take it one step further and download our FREE adaptation of Veeam Backup for O365 ! Need more information ? Feel free to watch a holocene webinar we hosted, covering these features in more detail embedded below.

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