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A bet on sneak diggings, like one for your office, can much feel like an reconsideration when putting together your dream conflict place. But the proper mouse pad can make all the difference in solo or on-line act. Gaming mouse pads that have soft, woven-fabric surfaces are democratic because they ‘re low-cost, comfortable to use, and easy to take with you for mobile bet on. Hard-surface mousepads are preferred by FPS players for their speed, though they are best for desktop-only gaming since they are n’t equally flexible as their fabric counterparts. Extended mousepads are great for keeping your keyboard in locate while providing more room for mouse movements, while mini versions are good suited for mobile bet on or smaller desks. You can tied get RGB-enabled mousepads to sync with your other peripherals and components to show off your personal vogue or match your favored game ‘s aesthetics. I ‘ve gathered a tilt of the best gambling mouse pads available and broke down their features to help you find the one that best fits your budget and toy dash. Also: Best gaming mouse: Click, click, BOOM

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

Best gaming mouse pad

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris


Size: 14 ten 10 inches | Surface material: Woven fabric or micro-texture plastic | Thickness: 5mm | Base: Non-slip rubber eraser | RGB: Yes The Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is an about perfect mouse pad that is tailor-made for gamers. You can get it with either a woven-fabric or micro-textured hard surface for accelerate, preciseness, and control, and the non-slip establish keeps everything right where it should be. The mouse embroider measures about 14 x 10 inches, giving you plenty of distance to move your shiner, so you wo n’t have to worry about messing up critical shots in on-line matches or missing slippery jumps in platformers. It features customizable RGB unhorse and effects that work with Corsair ‘s iCUE software so you can show off your personal dash or synchronize effects and colors to the rest of your Corsair RGB components and peripherals. It even has a USB passthrough for connecting your sneak or other wire components to free up ports on your tugboat. Pros:

  • Great surface area
  • Fabric or plastic surface
  • USB passthrough


  • May be too big for some desks
  • 5mm thickness may be uncomfortable for some users

OMEN by HP Outpost

Best for wireless mice

OMEN by HP Outpost

Size: 13.5 ten 13.5 inches | Surface material: Reversible fabric/plastic | Thickness: 10mm | Base: N/A | RGB: Yes If you have a Qi-enabled radio mouse, you need the OMEN by HP Outpost sneak pad. It features a radio receiver charging pad that delivers up to 5W of power to keep your mouse powered up between raids and even to charge your telephone or other Qi-enabled wireless peripherals in equally small as 2.5 hours. The sneak pad itself features a reversible blueprint so you can choose between soft-woven fabric and textured credit card to suit your playstyle. It besides features customizable RGB lighting to sync with your early RGB components or show off your personal stylus. It even has a USB passthrough for connecting cable peripherals like headsets, keyboards, or microphones without needing to take up a interface on your personal computer tower. Pros:

  • Reversible pad
  • Qi charging
  • USB passthrough


  • OMEN Command Center app can be clunky
  • No anti-slip feet

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Razer Acari

Best hard surface mouse pad

Razer Acari

Size: 16.5 ten 12.5 inches | Surface material: Textured fictile | Thickness: 2mm | Base: Non-slip rubber | RGB: No For gamers who play flying and frantic shooters or action platformers, the Razer Acari is an excellent choice for a mouse pad. The textured plastic open provides enhance tracking accuracy for both ocular and laser sneak sensors than other Razer mousepads, and it is treated with an oleophobic coating so that oils from your hands do n’t slow down your mouse. Its larger size besides gives you enough of actual estate to make agile or broad swipes with your mouse when you need to quickly take bearing or change focus while chasing down opponents. The mouse pad measures just shy of 2mm reduce, allowing your desk to feel about completely flat for improved comfort. Pros:

  • Perfect for shooters and action platformers
  • Oil and water-resistant
  • Good size


  • Thinness may not be to everyone’s liking
  • Not great for gaming on-the-go

ASUS ROG Scabbard II

Best extended mouse pad

ASUS ROG Scabbard II

Size: 35.4 adam 15.7 inches | Surface material: Woven fabric | Thickness: 3mm | Base: Non-slip rubberize | RGB: No

An drawn-out mouse pad is great not lone for using a mouse but besides for keeping your keyboard and other peripherals in position. And the Asus ROG Scabbard II is a ace extended sneak diggings. Asus teamed up with the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists to create a specialize, woven-fabric surface for the Scabbard II which resists water, vegetable oil, and dust american samoa well as providing a military-grade nano-coating for consistent tracking answer. The Scabbard II measures about 34 x 16 inches, making it big enough for your sneak, keyboard, arcade stick, and any other peripherals you need to play your favorite games. The edge feature specialized stitching to prevent fray and layer separation so your mouse pad can stand up to years of use. It ‘s besides only about 3mm thin, so you wo n’t have to worry about a bulky mouse pad hurting your wrist during longer play sessions. Pros:

  • Oil, water, and dust-resistant
  • Military-grade coating
  • Anti-fray stitching


  • Only one design scheme
  • Can be damaged by hot liquids like coffee and tea

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SteelSeries QCK Mini

Best small mouse pad

SteelSeries QCK Mini

Size: 9.8 ten 8.2 inches | Surface material: Woven fabric | Thickness: 2mm | Base: Non-slip rubber | RGB: No not everyone has the lavishness of a bombastic desk for gambling, and if you prefer to play your favorite games on a laptop, you do n’t need a huge sneak pad. enter : the SteelSeries QCK Mini. It measures about 10 x 8 inches, making it perfect for smaller desks and travel ; and the soft-woven framework paired with the flexible non-slip arctic free-base make it easy to roll up and place in a backpack or laptop bag for gaming on-the-go. It ‘s besides an exceptionally low-cost mouse pad, retailing for merely $ 7 then even the tight of budgets have room for a quality shiner diggings. Pros:

  • Good for small desks and travel
  • Great price
  • Basic, but still good quality


  • No anti-fray stitching
  • Not water-resistant

What is the best gaming mouse pad?

The Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is the best bet on mouse because of its high quality materials, and tailor-made design for elect gambling .

How did we choose these gaming mouse pads?

away from price, I chose a variety of sizes and come on types to curate a list of gaming mouse pads to suit a wide scope of bet on genres and play styles. I besides chose a few RGB-enabled models for gamers who like customizable light and syncing components for a personalized setup .

Which gaming mouse pad is right for you?

once you ‘ve narrowed down a budget for a new sneak pad, you should measure your desk to ensure that the kind of launching pad you want is going to fit and work with your current frame-up. Extended mouse pads are capital for keeping multiple peripherals in place, but are n’t suited for smaller desks or mobile gambling. Hard-surface sneak pads are well suited for shooters and rhythm games that require fast, twitchy movements, while woven-fabric pads are better for lower DPI settings and slower-moving games like action RPGs .

Do I need a mouse pad for PC gaming?

No, you do n’t necessarily have to buy a mouse embroider to get the most out of your mouse when you play games, but they do offer some benefits. A mouse pad provides a consistent surface for your ocular or laser detector to track american samoa well as protects your mouse and desk from casual wear and tear .

How often do you clean your mouse pad?

You should clean up spills immediately. not entirely will this prevent staining, it besides prevents muggy build-up that can damage your shiner and make bet on uncomfortable. You should besides invest in a lint roller to promptly clean up crumbs, scatter, and favored hair that can gum up your mouse. Hard-surface sneak pads should be wiped down with a soft, dampen fabric or disinfecting rub once a week to prevent oil and soil build-up, where fabric-topped mouse pads should be hand-washed in warm, buttery water lone if they are very dirty. Just make certain you let it air dry and do n’t throw it in your dry to prevent falsify and rub.

What makes a good gaming mouse pad?

A “ good ” sneak pad is a very subjective thing, but the best one for you is one that fits on your desk and gives you batch of room to move your mouse. It besides will have a surface that works best with your mouse detector, favored DPI settings, and provides comfort for your wrist and forearm. Woven-top mouse pads are better for lower DPI settings and games that require more control over your shiner, where hard-topped mats are well for travel rapidly .

Are there alternative gaming mouse pads worth considering?

With so many options out there for gaming sneak pads, there ‘s one extinct there to suit barely about every fun expressive style and personal preference. hera ‘s a short number of alternative gambling mouse pads I thought were good choices :

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