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Koh Universal Surface clean does an adequate job for fall to medium cleans, but don ’ t expect it to be a miracle solution for heavier cleans on older stains and surfaces. We besides found Koh failed to outperform water system and a microfibre fabric for cleaning a stove exceed and shower blind .
Price: $ 44.90
Contact: koh.com
Aussie eco-cleaning party Koh ( once EcoWorx ) says its mission is to eliminate toxic chemicals and simplify the work of cleaning your home by using equitable one product : Koh ‘s Universal Surface Cleaner .
Koh ‘s social media is flooded with images of its mysterious and charming clean powers, including layers of oven grease disappearing with just the spray of their universal clean.

fix to be converted by this cult cleaner, I spent a week with Koh ‘s Home Starter Bundle .
Although it did an o job, it decidedly did n’t live up to the hype .
television : Koh Universal Surface Cleaner

koh universal cleaner Amira before starting trial

Amira with her Koh family starter pile .

What is Koh cleaner?

Koh was created by two dads with the drive of eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in home clean products .
Their home Starter Bundle arrived at my door in a covenant box containing what I needed to begin my toxic-chemical free cleaning journey : the Universal Surface Cleaner, a spray bottle, four microfibre cloths and four baseball diamond sponges .
The universal clean solution, as its name would suggest, claims to clean merely about anything from glass to fabric. It comes in a container resembling a wine cask, with a nozzle to pour the solution into your reclaimable spray bottle .

Koh’s colour coding

A distinctive feature of Koh is that it comes with colour-coded microfibre cloths and sponges for general cleans, bathroom cleans, and window/glass cleans. The blacken diamond mooch is basically an harsh sponge with a sandpaper-like texture that targets bully stains and marks .
If you own a spray pout you can besides use Koh as a floor clean. Or you can buy Koh ‘s Spray Mop Bundle ( $ 98.80 ), which includes a swab and five reclaimable pads .
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What’s in Koh?

Koh Universal Surface Cleaner is made up of a mix of pure water and potassium mineral salts .

Is it antibacterial?

No. Koh Universal Cleaner does n’t work as a disinfectant or sanitiser. But in late 2020, Koh launched a new atomizer product – Protect Surface sanitiser – which they claim is “ clinically proven to kill 99.9 % of bacteria and keep family surfaces bacteria release for 7 days, even with regular clean ” .
however, neither intersection has been proven to kill viruses such as COVID-19 .

How easy is Koh to use?

overall, it ‘s easy to use. The combination of the colour-coded wipes, easy-to-follow education booklet and the cosmopolitan clean made for a bare clean procedure .
The reclaimable spray bottle turns the universal cleaner solution into a fine mist, which made it easy to get an tied diffuse of solution on dirty surfaces. For tougher stains, Koh suggests leaving the solution on for two to three minutes before wipe .

Cleaning the cleaners

I love anything I can just throw into the moisten and not worry about, and fortunately you can do equitable that with Koh ‘s microfibre cloths .
Their web site says you can wash the cloths on a 60–80°C motorbike with normal detergent. I unintentionally washed the cloths on a cold cycle and they however came out nice and clean .

Does Koh work?

For ‘light’ cleans…

The combination of the universal clean and blue toilet microfibre fabric did an excellent subcontract of cleaning my bathroom slump and cabinet .
The white windowpane and glass microfibre fabric did an oklahoma job at cleaning my bathroom mirror. But the solution left streaks on my mirror, which I could merely remove after some vigorous wipe .
koh univseral cleaner before and after basin

Bathroom dip before and after use of Koh .

For ‘heavy’ cleans

For heavy cleans such as ovens, cookers and shower screens, Koh suggests applying a “ fully spray ” on dry surfaces, leaving it for two to three minutes – before wiping with a dry fabric or using a dampen rhombus sponge for tougher jobs .
I tried three heavy cleans with Koh ‘s universal blank, park microfibre fabric and baseball diamond sponge .
I started with my least darling scavenge job… the grotty rim of my shower sieve door .

After five minutes of scrubbing I gave in to the grotto and put away the diamond sponge

Although there ‘s a sealed come of elbow grease expected when it comes to heavier cleans, after five minutes of scrubbing with the diamond sponge I gave in to the grotto and put away the sponge .
It surely was n’t the satisfy clean experience I ‘d expected from watching Koh ‘s video .
koh universal cleaner before and after shower

Shower sieve door before and after habit of Koh.

future I ventured to the greasy inside of the oven door .
I let the solution sit for three minutes then again got to work with the rhombus sponge. Although it did get rid of the top layer of grease, the door still did n’t look or feel wholly clean – and the dirt surely did n’t melt away with equitable a spray as it does in this television on Koh ‘s Facebook page .
koh universal cleaner before and after oven cleaning

Oven door before and after consumption of Koh .
My final heavy clean with Koh was my balcony doors .
Having not been cleaned for respective months, they were in regretful human body. I cleaned one side of the doors with the universal clean solution and a green microfibre fabric. Koh lifted the layer of crap from the door, but did n’t lift any of the stains .
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Can you use Koh on fabric?

I was doubting about using Koh on fabric, and so I should have been .
I used a unmarried spray of the Universal Surface Cleaner on a minor stain on my sofa. A week belated the stain was still there – along with a raw dirt where I sprayed the solution !
Koh warns that you should always test the solution on an inconspicuous place first. indeed if you ‘re experimenting with Koh on fabrics, do n’t do what I did – alternatively, follow the directions and proceed with circumspection !

What about leather?

Yes, you can use Koh on leather, although you should spot examination first. If there ‘s no reaction, go ahead with your clean. Give it a light spray, leave for a few seconds, then wipe it off with your microfibre fabric .
koh universal cleaner before and after couch spot

couch stain before and after use of Koh .

Koh Universal Surface Cleaner vs water

Koh ‘s Universal Surface Cleaner is made up of arrant water and potassium hydroxide – an inorganic intensify used to make soap and clean solutions ( you may have heard it called caustic potash or lye ) .
Potassium hydroxide is besides used as an electrolyte in alkaline batteries, as a food stabilizer, and can be found in some liquid drain cleaners at levels up to 36 %. ( Fun fact : KOH is the chemical formula for potassium hydroxide. )
But with potassium hydroxide making up less than 0.5 % of the clean ‘s active ingredients, I wondered if the microfibre cloths were actually doing most of the work .

again, Koh failed to outperform water

I put this to the test by spraying one half of my cruddy stove top with Koh and the other half with water, then cleaning each side with the microfibre cloths .
The results were about identical .

Earning a crust?

Although neither Koh nor water could amply remove the crust around my stave lights ( gross ! ), they both partially removed the crust, and in full removed any other spills or grease stains on the metallic element stove lead .
future, Koh ‘s universal cleaning solution battled it out against water on my shower screen .
again, Koh failed to outperform water .
Although both halves of my lavish screen were left dislodge of shampoo and soap marks, there were still some light streaks on the glass, flush after vigorous wiping with Koh ‘s white window/glass microfibre fabric .
It looks as if I ‘ll be going back to my trustworthy ball of newspaper to get rid of streaks on field glass .
koh universal cleaniner before cleaning stovetop

koh universal cleaner after cleaning stovetop

With Koh ( left ), with water ( right ) .

Eco-friendly claims

One of Koh ‘s biggest deal points is that it ‘s an eco-friendly clean system, with its reclaimable spray bottle and cloths .
The early big plus is that it ‘s exempt from toxic-chemicals, which makes it a good choice for people with asthma and allergies. It ‘s even been approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia ‘s sensitive Choice Program .
Koh is besides certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia ( GECA ). GECA-certified products can have a lower impact on the environment and be safer to use than harsh cleaning products .

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