75 Must-Know Digital Marketing Terms and Definitions

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75 Must Know Digital Marketing Terms and Definitions
hera you have it, your definitive list of must-know market terms. Whether you ’ re new to commercialize or just need to brush up on some terminology, this position will share the most crucial commercialize terms .
If you are newly to the digital market industry you might find that the industry jargon some digital marketers use can be confuse, and at times you might not know what they are talking about. This is why we put this article together. There are hundreds of common digital marketing terms to know, but these are the ones that you should begin to understand .
You ’ ll find this article has been broken down into 4 digital commercialize categories : general, inbound, social media, and electronic mail .
so get ’ s bring started…
14 Essential General Marketing Terms

14 Essential General Marketing Terms

These terms are known as marketing mainstays. No matter your sphere, you ’ ll want to know these marketing terms and know them well. Be it for client presentations or plainly understanding a colleague, these definitions will help you build your repertoire of marketing terminology so you’ll be able to talk shop with the best of them.

A/B Testing (or Split Testing)

A/B examination is used in e-newsletters, e-mail subject lines, social ads, calls-to-action, and landing page transcript. A/B screen, besides known as split testing, is when two versions of a landing page are shown to visitors to see which one performs better. The difference between them can be ampere minor as a button color or arsenic major as a change in copy. The independent reason to conduct A/B testing is to know which version—of a land page, CTA, etc.—has the greater opportunity of giving you the results you ’ ra looking for .


Analytics data is used for websites, angstrom well as in social media and e-mail campaigns. When reviewing or tracking operation of any on-line campaign, analytics provide meaningful data. web site analytics provides you with data such as web site visitors, time on site, pages viewed, demographics, and much more .

B2B (Business-to-Business)

The term B2B is pretty aboveboard and describes a business conducted when selling a product or service between two businesses .

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

A clientele that sells directly to consumers is described as B2C. They control their merchandise from start to finish, from development to the final sale. When you head out for a new pair of khaki at GAP, they ’ re the perfect exemplar of a B2C business .

Churn Rate

Your churn pace is the amount of customers you have lost during a particular fourth dimension period. If you start the calendar month of April with 100 clients and goal with 95, your churn rate would be 5 %. This is a very authoritative calculate for renewal-based ( membership ) businesses .

Closed-Loop Marketing

Closed-loop market takes place when your sales team is reporting to the market team about what happens to the leads they ’ ve received. market is then able to determine which of their leads ’ sources should be focused on based on their ability to be converted by the sales team .

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-through pace is the numeral of people that click on a associate out of the sum number of people who saw the electronic mail, social ad, or call-to-action ( CTA ) on a web site page. For example : Let ’ s say that we have a CTA on a blog stake, and that CTA was seen by 900 unique people but only 45 people clicked on the CTA. This means that the click-through rate is 5 % .

Conversion Path

A conversion path is a series of events that are set up to move web site or social visitors down a path that converts them into a leave. A conversion path on a web site consists of a call-to-action > landing page with a sign-up shape > thank-you page > thank-you e-mail. In a conversion path something is promised to the visitor in return for their contact information. This could be an ebook, consultation, egg white newspaper, etc. The conduct magnet needs to be something that electric potential leads find valuable enough to provide you with their touch information .

Conversion Rate

conversion rate is the share of people who take the coveted carry through on your web site or social media ads. A conversion pace doesn ’ thymine barely mean converting non-customers into customers. It could besides include converting a web site visitor into a run or a marketing-qualified run ( MQL ) into a sales-qualified contribute ( SQL ). For example : You have a Facebook ad running for an approaching webinar and 10,000 people see that ad but alone 1,300 signed up for the webinar. The ad resulted in a conversion rate of 13 % .

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition monetary value is the sum of money it takes to convert one person into a customer. This figure focuses chiefly on market costs. When this numerical rate is determined, companies can predict how much they will need to spend in order to generate a coveted total of customers .

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Customer life value is a prediction of how much gross a customer will bring during their life as your customer. This meter is used to determine how much a company should or could spend in order to acquire a new customer .

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is everything you can do to improve your organic research rankings that does not involve your actual web site. This includes anything you can do to create high-quality backlinks and foster drive your exposure .

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization involves actions you take on your web site to improve your organic search engine rankings and can include improving meta tags or optimizing your web site content .

Organic Traffic

This is the traffic your web site receives from unpaid search results, hence it is considered organic. This is one of the independent goals of SEO and contented commercialize because it provides a brawny platform for long-run growth .

27 Must-Know Inbound Marketing Terms

A large character of digital market these days focuses on inbound market. Inbound marketing strategies involve techniques that bring the consumer to you, rather than sending out a sales team to find them. There are a countless of must-know terms and definitions that relate to this expansive and cursorily growing airfield. not sure what smarketing is ? Don ’ metric ton know where you ’ ll find your BOFU ? Keep understand to get a better estimate of inbound selling buzzwords .


Marketing automation is software, such as Hubspot, used by marketing departments and businesses to automate repetitive tasks. automation is used in conjunction with lead nourish. Depending on drug user behavior they are mechanically transport unlike information based on what they are concerned in .


This is a link that directs users from another web site to your page. Collecting choice backlinks is one of the facets of search engine optimization ( SEO ), as they are one of the determining factors of a foliate ’ mho relevance, popularity, and/or importance .


Blogging is writing or sharing content on a web site on a unconstipated footing. An individual or a business can own a blog. Blogging is comprised of words, videos, images, or a combination of any or all of these media forms. Business blogging is done with the purpose of attracting leads and providing stream clients or customers with valuable content to keep them as clients .


BOFU stands for bottom of the funnel and is the last stage in the buyer ’ second journey, the decisiveness stage. When a lead arrives at the decision stage, they are ready for your sales team. A sales offer such as a show or a strategy session is a great offer for a lead at this time .

Bounce Rate

A bounce pace is when a visitor lands on your web site and immediately clicks the back button or leaves your web site. They are “ bouncing ” off your web site .

Buyer’s Journey

The buyer ’ mho travel is the process a tip goes through in decree to go from awareness to decisiveness. A fresh lead has to pass through three stages—Awareness, Consideration, and Decision—in order to be ready to be sold .

Call-to-Action (CTA)

A call-to-action is an teaching for web site visitors to take action on a message. The action could be to click a liaison, fill out a form, pledge to an e-newsletter, or make a phone call. Calls-to-action can be presented as merely text or an attention-getting trope .


Content is any mannequin of published material on the internet. Inbound marketers often recommend publishing quality content ( engaging, enlightening, relevant ) in arrange to help build mark awareness, establish expertness and authority, and drive traffic to your web site .

Content Offer (or Lead Magnet)

A capacity put up is what you provide in substitution for information from your web site visitors in order to turn them into a precede. A content offer can be an ebook, template, white newspaper, or webinar that is given to a visitor after they provide you with some details, such as identify, electronic mail, and clientele name .


not only do you have to provide excellent content for your audience, you need that content to be contextually relevant. By knowing your target audience, their behavior, preferences, and goals, you can provide content that meets their needs .


HubSpot is an inbound market software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. here at Uhuru Network, we use HubSpot not only for ourselves but besides for our clients .


Keyword is one discussion or several words that people use when searching for a finical subject on-line. Keywords are besides the words targeted when writing on-line message. Blog posts and pages on a web site have a keyword stress so it ’ second SEO optimized .

Landing Page

Any page that gets traffic from anywhere other than the lapp pages on your locate — hence the mention bring. A landing page is typically comprised of imitate, images, and a shape. A down page is used to persuade web site visitors to sign up to receive a content offer or purchase a product. Landing pages can be retentive or short-change, and the contented is dependent on the action you want your visitors to take .

Lead Generation

lead generation is the process for acquiring new leads. Online contribute coevals is done by providing valuable content to website visitors in exchange for their liaison information .

Lead Nurturing

When a visitor turns into a lead on your web site they are most probably not cook to buy. lead foster is providing those initial leads with valuable information about your diligence or product until they are ready to purchase. By caring for your leads you develop the relationship and express that you care .

Link Building

Link build is the act of increasing the number outside sites linking back to yours ( backlinks ). This action typically involves creating high-quality contentedness ( concern, engaging ) that others want to plowshare .

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs)

Marketing qualified leads are typically prospects that have expressed some pastime in your company by engaging with your message and then provided identification details that allow you to convert them into a known lead. For more information on MQLs learn : 6 Keys to Track the ROI of Marketing Qualified Leads .


MOFU stands for middle of the funnel and is the consideration stage of the buyer ’ sulfur journey. A middle-of-the-funnel jumper cable has moved from awareness to consideration and is ready to receive information about your intersection or military service. A brand offer is given to provide the spark advance with more information and cover any pushback .

Page Performance

page performance takes into report on-page SEO, web site traffic, CTA conversion rate, and contacts acquired .

Page Rank

Your page rate is how trustworthy your particular site is a determined by Google ’ s algorithm. Sites are ranked on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 meaning you don ’ thyroxine absolute in their search locomotive ( not commodity ) and 10 being given to fewer than 150 sites ( most of them being Google-, Apple-, or Adobe-owned ) .

Persona (or Ideal Buyer)

In commercialize, a persona is the perfect representation of whom you want to purchase your merchandise or serve. An ideal buyer or buyer character is a arrant breakdown of behaviors, trouble points, goals, wishes, dreams, demographics, and professional careers. To learn more about persona learn : Defining Your ideal Buyers .

Sales Qualified Lead (SQLs)

A sales qualified lead is a selling restricted lead that is accepted by the sales team and warrants a sales team penis reaching out. An SQL is ready to be sold and is the most probably to purchase the company ’ s product or avail.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimizing a web page or web site means adjusting on-page and off-page SEO factors in order to improve the page ’ south ranking in research results .


Smarketing is aligning your sales and marketing teams to work toward a common goal of growing occupation tax income. To find out how to get your sales and marketing teams working together read : How to Turn Your Sales & Marketing Teams into BFF ’ sulfur

Thank-You Page

A thank-you foliate is how you deliver the message offer after person fills out a form on a land page. You are thanking the visitor for filling out the shape and providing them with the content you promised .


TOFU stands for top of the funnel and is the begin of the buyer ’ mho journey. The information your web site provides to new leads are answers to services or merchandise questions, brand placement, and common sales questions .

Workflow (or Drip Campaign)

A work flow is a series of events that slowly or cursorily move a leash through a company ’ second run nurturing procedure. A work flow could be a adjust number of automatic emails that are sent to prospects that take different actions, such as viewing a price page or scheduling a release reference .
15 Super Important Social Media Marketing Terms

15 Super Important Social Media Marketing Terms

social media is one of the best ways to marketplace your business, but do you know what all of these abbreviations stand for : CPI, CPM, CPC, PCP ? The acronym can all get a moment confusing, but not to worry, I’ll break down these and other relevant social media marketing terms for you.


Affinities are the measured interests of an audience. With the help of sociable media monitor tools, they give marketers an insight into the thoughts, feelings, and preferences of their customers .


Clickbait is the type of content that hooks people with a highly promising headline that provides identical little actual information, getting them to click through to their message or web site. Clickbait is more and more frown upon in the digital commercialize populace and sites like Facebook are making changes to their algorithm in arrange to deter this type of post .

Conversion Rate

The share of people who have completed the desired action ( clicked through to a site, filled out a form, etc. ) divided by the total number of people to whom the natural process was marketed .

Cost-Per-Click (CPC or Pay-Per-Click or PPC)

Cost-per-click is an sum an advertiser pays every prison term person clicks on their social ad. It doesn ’ t matter how many people see it, the advertiser will only be charged for actual click throughs .

Cost-Per-Impression (CPI or Cost-Per-Thousand or CPM)

Cost-per-impression is an sum an advertiser pays for 1,000 impressions on their social ad .


Crowdsourcing is the process of getting work, financing, or ideas from a herd of people online. A capital example of crowdsourcing is Wikipedia .
In digital media crowdsourcing is a great way to take the pulse of your followers. For exemplar, you can poll them on Facebook and/or Twitter to learn what type of content they want, which provides ideas for your web site .

Engagement Rate

This is one of the most important social-media-related digital commercialize terms in this tilt. betrothal is the clearest sign of people ’ south interest in your content. Your engagement is likely more well understand as the number of likes, comments, and shares ( interactions ) it receives versus the number of people who saw it ( impressions ) .


Impressions are the phone number of times your contented is displayed. For exercise : in Facebook, impressions are the phone number of times person sees your social update in their newsfeed. Impressions are a identify measured for measuring political campaign success in digital market campaigns .


The digital market condition “ influencer ” is just what it sounds like, a person who has the power of influence over their social media consultation. These are people you want sharing your content and interacting with your brand .

Real-Time Digital Marketing

sociable media allows brands to market in veridical time in answer to breaking news program or a worldly concern event. The ability to publish content as these events unfold ( veridical time ) gives marketers an opportunity never earlier seen in the market global .


Remarketing is a market strategy that targets people who have visited your web site. You can reach out and reconnect to former visitors through ads on Facebook, as they browse the world wide web, or on mobile platforms .

Social Listening

Social listen is a mark monitoring digital market term that helps businesses understand what ’ south being said about its products or services in decree to meet customers ’ issues head on. salesperson can besides use sociable heed to identify the needs of their prospects and provide help in order to establish themselves as a entrust resource ( see Social Selling ) .

Social Selling

Social selling refers to a sword ’ s ability to engage potential customers on social media by answering questions, providing instructive capacity, and resolving other issues, and in turn helping to move them along the sales funnel. Social selling is typically done on a one-on-one, salesperson-to-prospect basis .


Targeting is defining whom you ’ rhenium selling to, typically through a social media platforms built-in target tools. Both Facebook and LinkedIn offer highly detailed target tools that allow you to filter through their users to find the demand type of person you want for marketing purposes. ( You can choose to show your Facebook ad to divorced women over 50 who like skydiving and carry through movies, if that is your ideal buyer ! )


Going viral refers to a piece of content that is shared over and over again because of its sensed informational or entertainment value. If your content ( picture, video, article, etc. ) goes viral it will be seen by far more people and have a far greater shock on stigmatize awareness, conversions, etc .
about done ! nowadays for our last section of digital market terms…
19 Cant Live Without Email Marketing Terms digital marketing terms

19 Can’t-Live-Without Email Marketing Terms

Email market is a tried-and-true digital marketing strategy that many brands use, so it ’ s significant you understand the slang. With all the different rates and the choose in and out, e-mail market has its clean share of technical terms. Read on, I break them all down for you below .


A blacklist is arsenic chilling as it sounds. If a company sends a lot of unasked emails ( spam ), the IP that the company is sending from will be blacklisted. Being blacklisted means that you can nobelium retentive send out across-the-board emails. A sin in digital market you want to avoid .

Clicks Per Delivered (CPD)

When reporting on your e-mail success, this digital market term is important to understnad. It ’ s plainly the number of clicks ( on your link ) divided by the total of emails successfully delivered to their intended address ( inbox ). The result is your CPD or clicks-per-delivered rate .

Clicks Per Open (CPO)

The number of clicks ( on your electronic mail ’ second link ) divided by the numeral of opened emails will give you your CPO or clicks-per-open rate .

Double Opt-in

A doubly opt-in is when a subscriber has to confirm their electronic mail address after entering their information to subscribe to an electronic mail list. typically, once a web site visitor fill outs a mannequin to subscribe to an electronic mail list they immediately receive an electronic mail to confirm their information .

Email Filters

Email trickle is a technique that organizes emails based on a word or phrase in the “ from, ” “ subject, ” and consistency copy sections of an electronic mail. Most e-mail programs employ filters in an feat to keep the user ’ second inbox free of spam .

Email Whitelist

just as an IP/email address that has been blacklisted won ’ thyroxine be allowed through most spam filters, a whitelisted savoir-faire has been given the gold ticket. Whitelisted email/IP addresses are typically accept and allowed into most inboxes .

Hard Bounce

electronic mail marketers will already be well mindful of this marketing condition. A hard bounce is when an e-mail immediately “ bounces ” back because the e-mail doesn ’ t exist, is misspelled, or is blocked. hard bounces are permanent wave and they will never be delivered .

House List (Retention List)

An opt-in list that is self-constructed over time. You typically provide a man of valuable content for a person ’ randomness e-mail address ( and more ). You can then grocery store to, cross sell, upsell, and build a relationship with customers over time. Your list is a very valuable asset !

HTML Email

sometimes digital commercialize terms help us understand what they mean, sometimes they don ’ t. If you know what HTML means, this is helpful, but let ’ s take a deeper front. An HTML e-mail contains customs fonts, graphics, images, links, backdrop colors and, at times, can look like a page on a web site. They are fully designed emails with their own code and style .

List Segmenting

If you had different types of clients and customers in different phases of their buy hertz would you send them the lapp electronic mail ? The answer is no. With list cleavage companies segment their leads and stream clients into lists that match their current buy bicycle or what type of client they are. These different lists receive different information/content that they care about the most .

Open Rate

open rate is the percentage of emails opened from the total that were sent. similar to CTR, open rate takes into account all emails that were sent and divides that total by the numeral of emails that were opened. For example : If we sent an electronic mail to 1,000 e-mail subscribers but only 250 people opened that electronic mail, the loose rate would be 25 % .

Opt-in (or Subscribe)

An opt-in is when a person provides their e-mail address to a company or person because they are choosing to receive emails from that company or individual .

Opt-out (or Unsubscribe)

One of the digital selling terms that electronic mail marketers need to pay care to, an opt-out is when a person subscribed to an electronic mail tilt nobelium longer wants to receive electronic mail communication from a specific party or individual, so they remove their electronic mail address from the list .


When you receive an e-mail from a company that says, “ Hi Rachel, ” that ’ s personalization. Personalization means adding some information to your e-mail that is specific to the person you are sending it to. This personal touch can be added in the subject argumentation or in the body of the e-mail. Personalization is used to get subscribers to notice a party ’ sulfur electronic mail in the hopes that they are more likely to open it and act on it .

Plain-Text Email

Some digital selling terms need little explanation. A plain-text electronic mail is equitable what it sounds like, an electronic mail that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate incorporate any images, rich format, or links. Individuals or companies can use plain text emails when they want to send an e-mail that merely focuses on the copy of the electronic mail. In most e-mail software, plain-text emails are mechanically generated whenever an HTML e-mail campaign is created. This is for the subscribers who have noted that they only want to receive plain-text emails .

Single Opt-In

A individual opt-in is when a subscriber doesn ’ thymine have to confirm their e-mail cover or information doubly. Once they enter their contact data on a shape, they are immediately signed up to the electronic mail tilt as a subscriber .

Soft Bounce

A easy bounce is when an e-mail “ bounces ” back because of a problem with the server or early impermanent topic. A soft bounce has the opportunity to reach its intended recipient if tried again and is not a permanent issue .


One of the least popular but better known digital market terms. cipher likes receiving spam. Spam is e-mail we didn ’ metric ton sign up to get. It ’ mho unasked electronic mail that a ship’s company sends you because, most probable, they purchased an e-mail list and you happen to be on that list.

Subject Line

An electronic mail subject production line is the line of text that is shown in a subscriber ’ sulfur e-mail inbox before they even open the e-mail. subject lines are used to give the subscriber a reason to open your e-mail. They are normally short, descriptive, and can contain personalization tokens such as the subscriber ’ sulfur name or something specific to them .
Digital Marketing Terms & Definitions Done!
Congratulations, you made it through this identical comprehensive examination list of the most valuable marketing terms and their definitions. You ’ ve strengthened your market vocabulary and given yourself the cognition to better understand the digital market landscape .

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