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Hyundai Financial Services is the fiscal branch of Hyundai, providing millions of customers throughout North America with car loans and leases. They besides now provide an on-line history center which makes it easy for Hyundai Financial customers to manage their accounts and pay their bills online .


If you have a Hyundai Financial lend or lease but you ’ ve never paid your bills online before you ’ ll probably have to register for their on-line services. You can register for Hyundai Financial ’ south on-line report center by going to the HMFUSA.COM home page and following the instructions below :

hyundai motor finance payment

  • Click on the gray “Create an Account” link under the login box on the left side of the page
    * hyundai motor finance login
  • On the next page, scroll down and enter your HFS account number or your Vehicle Insurance Number
  • Add your date of birth
  • Type in the last 4 digits of your Social Insurance Number and click on the “Verify” button
  • Create your username & password
  • Choose which email notifications to receive and set up other communications settings
  • Follow any further instructions provided by the website


once you ’ ve set up your HFS account you can pay your bills online well by going back to the HMFUSA.COM home page and completing the steps listed below :

  • Sign in using the login box on the left side of the page near the top
  • Hover your mouse over the “Payments” tab
  • Choose “Make a Payment” from the menu that appears or “Setup Autopay” if you want to make recurring payments
  • On the next page, enter your banking information
  • Choose how much to pay—this amount cannot be lower than the monthly minimum payment
  • Review your payment information & submit if everything is correct


  • Make sure you have your most recent invoice and your banking information on hand
  • Call  866-498-44-55
  • Choose to speak to a customer service agent or to use the automated system
  • Follow any further instructions provided by the customer service agent or automated system


  • Write a check or money order for the amount you want to pay
  • Shove your payment in an envelope with the payment remittance slip from your most recent bill
  • If you don’t have a payment remittance slip write your account number directly on the payment
  • For loan payments mail your payment to the following address: Hyundai Motor Finance
    P.O. Box 650805
    Dallas, TEXAS 75265-0805
  • Mail lease payments to the following address: Hyundai Motor Finance
    P, O. Box 660891
    Dallas, TEXAS 75266-0891


  • Find either a Western Union or MoneyGram location near you
  • Use the following codes to make a payment at Western Union: City Code: Hyundai
    State Code: CA
  • Use the following code to make a payment at MoneyGram: 3814
  • Follow any further instructions provided by staff on location


Does Hyundai Motor Finance have a set fee for one-time payments such as maximum or minimum fees?

on-line requital or automated telephone payment : The minimum fee you can pay is $ 1. On the early hired hand, the maximum fee that the arrangement can process at once is $ 25,000 .

earphone payment through the help of a hot representative : The minimal tip you can pay is $ 1, while the maximal, which is processable at once, is $ 2,999.99 .

Is it possible to postpone a Payment?

You can not make post-dated payments with Hyundai Motor Finance in the mail. rather, You can schedule your payments in advance if you intend to pay via a spread-eagle number and deposit account, whether on-line or through the earphone. however, please note that you can not Schedule in overture or post-date your payments through ATM/debit poster .

Can someone else make payments on my Hyundai Motor Finance account?

Anyone who is an authorized signer on the bank account can make payments on your Hyundai Motor Finance account. however, the individual has to provide the follow information ;

  1. The Hyundai Finance account number .
  2. Payment information.
  3. collectible come .

Is there a possibility of refinancing my account through Hyundai Motor Finance?

unfortunately, Hyundai Motor Finance does not give refinance services at the moment .

What if I encounter financial difficulties?

Customers who meet the criteria can apply for a one-month payment postponement on the Hyundai Motor Finance web site. Would you like to forward your request ? hera is some extra information .


Customer Support: 1-800-523-40-30

Payment Number: 866-498-44-55

Automated Account Access: ( 800 ) 523-4030

Lease-End Servicing Team: ( 855 ) 463-5378

Website: hmfusa.com

Hyundai Motor Finance Online Paymente

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