7 Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Services (+ How to Choose One)

Whether you ’ re thinking about starting an ecommerce business or you ’ ve been selling products for a while, you ’ ve credibly thought about repositing, shipping, and fulfillment .
sure, making sales is the stimulate separate. But what happens after the order is placed ? somehow your product needs to end up in customers ’ hands .
There are three ways this can happen :

  1. You sell a product from a dropshipper who will fulfill orders for you.
  2. You fulfill your own orders, either independently or with a team.
  3. You work with a logistics company that will handle your warehousing and fulfillment.

There are acquit benefits to packing and shipping your own orders : it ’ south flexible and it ’ s cheap. For these reasons, businesses that are precisely starting out and businesses that have unique ecommerce promotion needs much handle their own logistics .
And careless of long time or industry, any business struggling with cash hang will be better off handling things in-house. sometimes you have more meter to spend than money .
But if your business is growing cursorily and you have the cash on hand to outsource, you may be concern in exploring third-party warehouse and fulfillment .
There are many logistics companies that will store your product and take care of packing and shipping your orders .
Working with logistics companies can be intimidating if you ’ ve never done it before. In this piece, we ’ ll take you through every dance step of the process .
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What are ecommerce fulfillment services?

A fulfillment overhaul is a third-party warehouse that prepares and ships your orders for you. It does this from its fulfillment plaza. Ecommerce fulfillment services are arrant for businesses that don ’ t want to deal with embark or have outgrown existing warehousing capabilities to a point where they ’ rhenium no longer able to ship orders themselves .
There are many larger third-party fulfillment providers, like the Shopify Fulfillment Network, vitamin a well as smaller regional options, like Colorado Fulfillment Co. and Go Sunship. If you ’ ra scaling fast and looking to optimize your fulfillment scheme, working with a supplier that offers a central view of your data and smart inventory allotment across multiple warehouses will give you the most flexibility .

What does a fulfillment center do?

While each fulfillment focus on operates slightly differently, they all accomplish the like thing : they act as a control center for all your ordain prepping and ship needs. fulfillment centers besides double as warehouse spaces for inventory repositing, allowing you to hold onto product .
Some fulfillment avail providers have multiple fulfillment centers, allowing them to serve different geographic locations more quickly than if they were to have precisely one. This creates a scalable way for ecommerce companies to deliver firm and low-cost transport to a divers customer establish .

What do fulfillment services cost?

Fulfillment services typically charge by the hour or per unit per palette. Providers add up costs for receiving, storehouse, blame and pack, ship, kitting or bundling, returns, customs packaging, endowment services, and frame-up. They then apply erstwhile ( for example, receiving, shipping ) and recurring ( for example, storehouse ) fees .

7 best ecommerce fulfillment services

If you ’ re looking to work with a fulfillment company, it can be daunting figuring out where to start. To help, we ’ ve put together a tilt of the top seven ecommerce fulfillment services and what their best features are indeed you can find one that will work for you and your on-line memory .

1. Shopify Fulfillment Network

Shopify Fulfillment Network Shopify ’ s own fulfillment net is a bang-up option for small businesses that already have a Shopify store. This makes it easy to keep all of your product offerings under the like roof .
With Shopify, it ’ second easy for your customers to see precisely when to expect their purchases. Brands that offer shopping and manner of speaking through the lapp platform create a seamless experience—plus, Shopify boasts its two-day delivery time, making certain your customers get their purchases vitamin a cursorily as possible .
Shopify besides doesn ’ thyroxine accusation any upfront fees for the first six months. pitch fees are only taken when products are purchased, and products are able to be stored for the foremost six months with no storehouse fee .
And with their order backpack and rescue process, you don ’ t have to worry about anything other than promoting your products. Make your subcontract easier by outsourcing all ship and handling directly to Shopify. They even handle your returns for you .
Features include:

  • Affordable two-day shipping (we can’t stress this enough)
  • Delivery date displays right on your product pages
  • Custom packing slips to improve brand strength even through delivery
  • Seamless inventory management based on your customer data

Price: With Shopify ’ s fulfillment network, you lone pay when your inventory is sold, so there are no overhead costs. When products are sold, the cost is based on the product ’ mho weight, but orders with multiple items will see discounted rates. Shopify users besides get free memory for the first six months. Products that don ’ t sell within six months will get a $ 2.25 per cubic foot storehouse fee .

2. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten super logistics
Rakuten Super Logistics has more than 10 fulfillment centers across the US, making this a great option for brands located there and that by and large ship within the state. Their web site boasts a 100 % next-day ship rate, meaning they always make indisputable products ordered ship out the very adjacent day, helping ensure a delivery within two days .
Rakuten besides integrates with a issue of ecommerce merchants, making it slowly for closely any on-line mark to choose them as their fulfillment center .
Features include :

  • 100% order accuracy guaranteed, ensuring your customers get exactly what they purchased
  • Subscription box fulfilling to make subscription boxes easier to sell and distribute
  • Return management services for helping customers return unwanted products

Price: Interested brands can request a quotation to learn more about Rakuten Super Logistics ’ pricing .

3. Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon
Brands that do the most of their sell on Amazon might decide the easiest action would be to have Amazon handle their fulfillment needs a well, good to keep it all under one roof. With Fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA ), new sellers are able to access promotions like free shipping to fulfillment centers, absolve memory, barren liquidations, and loose retort process, so they can get slowly access to Amazon ’ s fulfillment .
By sending your products to Amazon ’ s fulfillment centers, you ’ ll mechanically have access to free Amazon Prime two-day ship, helping customers feel even better about purchasing your products .
Features include :

  • 24/7 customer support from the Amazon FBA team, so your customers can get in touch with questions
  • An inventory performance dashboard to monitor your inventory and understand purchase behavior
  • Return management so you don’t have to worry about returned products

Price: Amazon ’ randomness fulfillment costs are based on the intersection ’ randomness size and slant .

4. ShipBob

ShipBob is another bang-up fulfillment servicing, and it ’ sulfur besides available right in the Shopify App Store. ShipBob works with both DTC and B2B companies, ensuring its products are shipped to customers accurately and promptly .
The onboarding action is easy. Simply connect your store to ShipBob ’ sulfur software, import your product catalog, then send ShipBob your inventory to get started .
Features include :

  • Omnifulfillment, meaning it can fulfill sales even if your customers are purchasing across different marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, eBay, your Shopify store)
  • Customizable shipping materials to improve brand strength
  • Wholesale order fulfillment as well as retail dropshipping

Price: Interested brands can request a quote to get specific price, but their price page besides includes a calculator to help you get an mind of what it might cost each calendar month .

5. Red Stag Fulfillment

red stag fulfillment
If you ’ re sword fresh to fulfillment services, Red Stag might be a good option for you. It offers a 30-day free test. Red Stag besides boasts a 100 % customer order accuracy, and tied has same-day fulfillment, ensuring your products are on their way to your customers vitamin a cursorily as possible .
Features include :

  • Integrations with online shopping carts tools like Shopify
  • Warehouse and inventory monitoring so you know how much product you have available
  • 93.6% to 100% reduction in monthly inventory loss or damage compared to other fulfillment centers

Price: Red Stag FulFillment offers a 30-day risk-free trial to give the overhaul a test hunt. To get more information about price, fill out the form on its pricing page .

6. ShipHero Fulfillment

shiphero fulfillment
ShipHero is another option with an easy-to-use Shopify app consolidation. It offers seven different warehouses across the US and Canada, and will distribute your merchandise throughout all warehouses, depending on the most common locations of your customers .
Orders are shipped from the warehouse near to each customer. This ensures a firm, smoother pitch, improving overall customer atonement .
Features include :

  • Inventory and warehouse management to keep an eye on inventory levels so you can replenish stock or promote products that aren’t selling
  • In-package snapshots to get a transparent view of what your orders look like when shipping
  • PostHero integration that allows brands to track packages from the warehouse to their destination

Price: Costs are dependant on box size and ship method acting ( i.e., shipping rates will increase with expedite ship ). They range anywhere from $ 5.60 to $ 87.78 per product. storehouse price starts at 65¢ per cubic foundation .

7. ShipMonk

ShipMonk is the only fulfillment solution on our list with warehouses in Europe. It has one in the UK and another coming soon in another part of Europe. There are besides warehouses in Canada and Mexico. This means it ’ s a big solution for European-based ecommerce brands equally well as brands looking for international embark .
ShipMonk besides has a Shopify app integration, making this a great choice for Shopify stores, particularly those based in Europe and other areas .
Features include :

  • Over 100 integrations to ensure ShipMonk fits perfectly into your existing business processes
  • Transparent billing and reports so you have an accurate idea of costs and product inventory
  • Fulfillment services for ecommerce brands, retail, subscription boxes, crowdfunding, and more

Price: Interested brands can fill out a shape to get a personalize quote, but ShipMonk ’ s price page besides includes a calculator to estimate your own fees .

Free Guide: Shipping and Fulfillment 101

From deciding what to charge your customers, to figuring out indemnity and track, this comprehensive guide will walk you step-by-step through the stallion process

How to choose a fulfillment services provider

If you want to hire an ecommerce fulfillment services company, the beginning thing you ’ ll probably do is head to Google. If you ’ ra lucky, possibly you have a supporter or colleague who can make a few recommendations. immediately, how do you choose the right one ?

Similar industry experience

More than anything, you want to find the right meet. Just like every ecommerce organization functions a little moment differently, so does every fulfillment company. many providers package their services to serve a recess of businesses in certain industries or types of business. There are a wealth of fulfillment companies out there—and each party has a alone focus.

Similar existing clients

Try to find a logistics caller that already works with businesses alike to yours. This is a particularly good theme for ecommerce merchants who have their own sets of needs. You need a company that has experience fulfilling ecommerce orders .
experience in this sphere means not entirely that the caller will be able to fulfill your orders accurately and in a timely manner, but that it will besides provide strategic guidance and advice as you continue your partnership. It will be better equipped to assist you with clientele challenges because it understands the nuances of ecommerce in general .
Your best count ? Hop on the earphone or send an e-mail. Chat with person one-on-one about your business. Don ’ t be afraid to ask a lot of questions or to request references. Most importantly, be upfront and clear about your needs so there are no surprises down the road .

Look beyond price

One of the most common shipping problems is cost. And while it ’ s easy to look at the price tag and choose a fulfillment services company based on budget, you ’ ll want to consider more than merely that. many companies choose a provider based entirely on price, lone to find out that quality is absent from the equation .
price is important, but finding a ship’s company that ’ s a good fit is fair equally crucial. unhappy customers could end up costing more in the farseeing operate .
While you ’ ll want to consider multiple options and compare rates, it should only be one of many factors in your decisiveness .

Technology and integrations

many ecommerce companies use a wide technical school stack, and you ’ ll want to find fulfillment services that can smoothly fit into that existing framework. When you sell on multiple ecommerce platforms, for model, those integrations are imperative for legato logistics across all channels. This includes B2B sweeping channels and seller management systems .
Some fulfillment services offer even more advance technical school features. The Shopify Fulfillment Network uses machine learning to provide recommendations for keeping your inventory near to customers in order to save time and transport costs. And bright refilling tells you which SKUs to restock at which fulfillment center based on sales, days on hand, and seasonal trends .

Data and analytics

Data is a knock-down instrument in ecommerce, and your fulfillment services are another data point that can tell you more about your clientele. Look for an choice with real-time analytics tracking so you can make inform decisions about inventory allocation, buying, and more. A service like the Shopify Fulfillment Network besides provides customer data and end-to-end software traverse .

Take your time

Do your due diligence when searching for a logistics company. You don ’ thymine want to have to switch companies three months late .
Take the clock to check them out, talk with them, make certain they ’ re competent, and be certain you ’ re a thoroughly equip for each early. Check out the claims the company touts and talk with customer and trade references to make certain they ’ ra legalize .
This is particularly important if you ’ ra not sure about whether you ’ re fix to make the throw to third-party repositing and fulfillment. As a potential customer, you can and should ask a lot of questions before choosing a company to work with. If it doesn ’ thyroxine feel like a good fit, don ’ thymine be afraid to walk off .

The benefits of using third-party logistics

The obvious benefit to using a third-party logistics ( 3PL ) company to outsource fulfillment is that it saves you from having to do the work yourself. But the benefits go deeper than that. Outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment can have a meaningful shock on your clientele ’ second increase .

Avoid long-term leases

many logistic companies offer flexible price. This means that as you grow—or go through dense periods—they ’ ll be able to adapt to your needs and adjust costs consequently. Renting your own warehouse space normally requires more of a commitment with long-run contracts .

Bring on the experts

There are many supply chain issues you can run into as an ecommerce business. When you hire an outsource fulfillment services supplier, not only do you get warehouse space, you besides get people responsible for running the fulfillment center. When you fulfill and ship your own orders, you ’ ll probable indigence to hire staff as you scale. Managing staff takes clock time .
If your business is however in flux, you may be leery of promising person a problem. rather, you can outsource the exercise to a logistics party and let them be responsible for finding and hiring good people .
Each 3PL has a wholly team of logistics experts and support staff who are there to help you along the way. They manage all of the british labour party needed for get, armory management, and order march and shipping—giving you a new level of agility you might not achieve indeed easily on your own .

Use your time to optimize

Chances are you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate start a business because you ’ re actually good at packing boxes. Your time is better spent on wield and optimizing across the company—not bogged down in the logistics of order fulfillment. When you let person else take worry of logistic details, you can focus on the things that have a greater impact on your bottom cable .
When Noah Chaimberg, the brain behind Heatonist, outsourced order fulfillment to the Shopify Fulfillment Network, he was able to focus on business goals and growth. This allowed him to concentrate on marketing and becoming one of the most fecund purveyors of hot sauce in the universe .

Be more agile

Although doing it yourself is by and large free, it can actually cost you in the long run. As consumers expect faster shipping times, doing it in family can cause you to fall short circuit of these expectations and deliver a badly customer experience. By partnering with a 3PL for outsourced fulfillment services you can benefit from its efficiencies and leverage its buying might on box and ship costs .Some even partake real-time livestock levels and status updates so you can be proactive .
This then frees you and your team to test new strategies, inventory management techniques, and other initiatives to achieve rapid growth—without worrying about back-end logistics or hiring backlogs .

Free Guide: Shipping and Fulfillment 101

From deciding what to charge your customers, to figuring out policy and chase, this comprehensive guide will walk you step-by-step through the entire process

When is the right time to switch to outsourced fulfillment?

Most companies start out fulfilling their own orders, and some finally add a third-party solution as they scale. The problem is, it ’ s unmanageable to know when to make the switch—especially if you ’ re bootstrapping your business .
It turns out, businesses of many sizes can benefit from warehousing and fulfillment services. There are a diverseness of companies to choose from, some of which specialize in smaller or larger-scale operations .
however, there are clear signs that it ’ south time to start outsource .

Cyclical or uneven sales

If the number of orders you process fluctuates throughout the year, it probably doesn ’ t make common sense for you to commit to running and staffing your own warehouse. An order fulfillment company will be able to adapt to your needs .
besides, unexpected spikes in sales—while great for your bottom line—can compromise your delivery predict. An expert can handle times when your daily order volume peaks so you can deliver a consistent and efficient experience every time .
That ’ s what happened to Elizabeth Grojean, collapse of Baloo Living, a shop that sells burden blankets. After unplanned crusade coverage left her beat to fulfill orders, she used the Shopify Fulfillment Network to find a more dependable and adaptable solution .

You’re too busy

If you ’ re then busy dealing with holy order fulfillment that you don ’ t have time to focus on growth, it ’ s credibly prison term to start outsourcing it. As a commercial enterprise owner, you need to be able to devote time to sales and commercialize, expanding to other ecommerce platforms and sales channels, sourcing new products and ideas, and otherwise improving your business if you want to be around for the long term .

Lack of infrastructure

If you ’ rhenium growing geographically, you may outgrow your current infrastructure before you can adapt. Shipping to locations across the country or even the world poses logistic challenges that increase expenses and shipping times, among other things. This can hamper large-scale growth .
When you outsource to a ball-shaped fulfillment partner, it will be better equipped to serve a high-volume customer base, leveraging multiple locations and optimizing fulfillment consequently .
Third-party warehouse and fulfillment international relations and security network ’ thyroxine right for everyone, but if you find yourself in one of these situations, it might be time to start calling about and chatting with logistics companies .

Who should not work with a third-party logistics company

The fact is, no unmarried solution is perfect for every business. There are times when using an ecommerce fulfillment services provider doesn ’ thymine make feel, no matter what size your clientele is .

Businesses with limited cash flow

Whether you ’ re a inauguration or not, if you don ’ t have the funds available, you may need to do it yourself. sometimes your biggest resource is meter, and you need to work with what you have .
In these cases, you might have to bootstrap commercial enterprise growth and use your own prison term as an investment, alternatively of paying employees or contractors .

Highly specialized businesses

You may be surprised at the amount of customization many logistics companies offer—I surely was. still, not everyone will be able to find a company that can do what they want. If your business has highly specialized needs, it might make more sense to handle your fulfillment internally .
For example, a company that manufactures custom-make orders using specialized equipment might need to take the reins on its fulfillment processes. But for most other companies, third-party fulfillment services can be a huge time rescuer that besides offers cost savings .

Businesses with limited daily order volume

If you ’ re lone doing a handful of orders a day, it ’ s likely besides soon to consider outsourcing order fulfillment. At this stage, it ’ south hush manageable in house, either by yourself or an employee of your own. Once you hit five to 10 shipments a day, that ’ s when it ’ s prison term to begin your search for a 3PL .

What does the fulfillment process look like?

Most occupation owners who manage orderliness fulfillment in-house spend a meaning measure of time managing staff, providing customer accompaniment, and generally overseeing the entire summons .
But with outsource fulfillment, the procedure looks reasonably simple. In fact, all you actually need to do is make certain your ecommerce fulfillment services supplier has adequate inventory. In many cases, your orders can be sent directly to your logistics company, and it will take care of packing and shipping the regulate .
If you run a Shopify storehouse, the Shopify Fulfillment Network offers a dedicate network of fulfillment centers that ensure timely deliveries, lower ship costs, and a positive customer know. There are besides several apps available to streamline your consolidation of third-party logistics .

What about returns?

many logistics companies can besides solve order fulfillment problems on your behalf. This includes action returns and issuing refunds .
typically, customers will send a hark back directly to the fulfillment center, where the company inspects it for damage and validates any customer feedback. They ’ ll then replace the intersection or issue a refund—you never even have to get involved. If the refund product is in marketable condition, they ’ ll besides restock and ship it in a future holy order .

Can you still use custom packaging?

A great unbox experience can be a solid point of differentiation. Customers feel more quenched with their purchase and are more probably to buy again or recommend you to their friends .
unfortunately, finding a big logistics company that will work with you on this can be challenging. many logistics companies, particularly the larger ones, force clients to use their rigid standards when it comes to packaging and other custom needs .
But many companies will work with you. even better, since repositing and fulfillment companies have therefore much experience in this area, they may be able to make recommendations and help you save money on box .
With the Shopify Fulfillment Network, for exemplar, you can integrate your customize promotion, add brand, blueprint packing slips, and include custom packaging inserts, like stickers or samples, to surprise and delight your customers .
If custom packaging is important to you, make sure you ask likely companies about their options and willingness in this sphere .

Moving forward with your fulfillment services partner

Outsourced ecommerce orderliness fulfillment services make sense for businesses with big goals, fluctuating sales, and not adequate time to take worry of things in-house. It ’ s a bang-up way to free up your own meter while enlisting a recess adept who can help you optimize order fulfillment and overcome logistics challenges in your business .

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Ecommerce fulfillment FAQ

What is an order fulfillment process?

An order fulfillment process refers to the steps a business takes to receive and send customer orders. It involves receiving products, storing them in warehouses, picking and promotion, and transport and logistics .

What is the best fulfillment service?

The best fulfillment service is the Shopify Fulfillment Network. It has distribution centers around the United States so you can promise two-day embark to customers. You besides get predictable price that covers inventory management, delivery, and free storage for every unit sold within six months, with no upfront costs .

How do I fulfill an online order?

  1. Receive a customer order and process it.
  2. Package the order.
  3. Label and ship the order.
  4. Track the package to its destination.
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