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LAST UPDATED : May 14th, 2021, or Dollar Loan Center, is a community short-run loanword company that offers installment payday loans and car title loans. They advertise lower rates than their competitors and refund terms of up to 65 weeks. They have respective authentic methods for contacting one of their customer servicing departments, including a live on-line new world chat .
One of their focuses is on being involved with and supporting the communities where their stores are located. They are a aim lender with over 80 branch locations in California, Nevada, Utah, and South Dakota. Dollar Loan Center began operating in 1998 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada .
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The Good

  • Extended Repayment Terms
  • No Early Payment Penalties
  • Customer Support & Education
  • Local Community Support

Extended Repayment Terms

dollar Loan Center offers installation payday loans of amounts that extend up to $ 2,500. The actual loanword limits will vary depending on the applicant ‘s state of mansion. The matter to rates given for each state range from 196.96 % to 388.93 % APR, but the actual rates will vary based on the character of loanword, loanword sum, and the state. Interest accrue day by day but borrowers pay the interest only for the days that the loan is still out. repayment terms may extend up to 65 weeks and payments are due according to the frequency of the borrower ‘s paydays .

No Early Payment Penalties

Loans can be paid off in full at any clock time without any penalties. They besides do not charge application or origin fees. In addition to the application information, applicants will need to provide the succeed verifications :

  • Proof of income
  • State-issued ID
  • 5 references
  • Current proof of residence
  • 30-day bank statement (if using direct deposit)

Applications can be submitted on-line, over the phone, or in person at one of Dollar Loan Center ‘s locations. Loan processing for pre-approval takes 30 minutes. In-store applicants can receive same-day fund, while on-line applicants will have the money deposited in their check accounts by the adjacent business day .

Customer Support & Education

dollar Loan Center provides customers with a variety of authentic ways to contact one of their customer service departments, including :

  • General phone number and email
  • Phone number and email for the support team in each of the four states where Dollar Loan Center is located
  • Live chat

Emails are responded to within an hour or less, and the populate old world chat is about constantly immediately available. dollar Loan Center provides information to customers about electric potential scams and deceitful loanword offers and what to look for and what to do. They besides offer some fiscal education to their customers, specifically regarding :

  • Understanding credit scores
  • Making budgeting easier
  • Cash management
  • Free credit reports

Local Community Support

separate of Dollar Loan Center ‘s focus is on supporting the local communities in which each outgrowth operates through their dollar Loan Center Community Involvement program. They sponsor and participate in community charity events, and they support several non-profit organizations. The besides hold periodic contests, chiefly through their social media accounts. dollar Loan Center besides guarantees that their rates will beat any payday loan or payday advance rate from another company in an applicant ‘s sphere. They promise that if their rates are not lower, the applicant ‘s loan with Dollar Loan Center will be interest-free .


The Bad

  • High Interest Rates
  • Sharing Customer Information
  • Limited Availability

High Insterest Rates

As with any payday lend company, Dollar Loan Center ‘s interest rates are much higher than the concern rates that accompany other types of fund. That being said, Dollar Loan Center ‘s rates are on the lower end and are even a lot lower than some of their rival ‘s rates. A typical lend will have an interest rate of between 196.96 % and 388.93 % APR depending on the state, but the actual concern may be higher or lower depending on the borrowed measure and the payment schedule. It should be noted, however, that because Dollar Loan Center allows for a longer repayment menstruation, if customers make payments for the broad term duration, they will end up paying quite a bit of money in interest .

Sharing Customer Information

dollar Loan Center provides a clear privacy policy to their customers that outlines what data they collect from borrowers, how they will share it, and with whom. They besides provide contact information so customers can opt out of some types of sharing. While the foil is appreciated, customers do need to be mindful that their data will be given to early companies, particularly affiliated market businesses, and they can expect to receive unasked contact from those companies.

Limited Availability

dollar Loan Center operates in only four states in the United States : California, Nevada, Utah, and South Dakota. There are over 80 ramify locations scattered across those states, plus residents of those states can always apply on-line or over the earphone. however, residents of early states are not eligible to apply at all, even online. There are besides negative reviews specifically regarding three concerns :

  • Poor customer service in specific branch locations,
  • Fairly aggressive collection policies
  • High overall cost of taking out a payday loan

Although respective people complained of having negative customer serve experiences, they seemed limit to in-person encounters in the stores and not directed to the general customer service department. Aggressive solicitation policies and high overall costs are two of the pitfalls of taking out a payday loan, no matter which company the loan is issued from. Want to know which payday loan company is top rated? Click Here


The Bottom Line

dollar Loan Center, or, is a provider of short-run fund in the human body of installment payday loans and car title loans. Their payday loans extend improving to $ 2,500 and are repaid over a utmost of 65 weeks. The interest rates vary by state but range from 196.96 % to 388.93 % APR, which, while very high compared to other types of loans, are on the lower end of distinctive payday loan rates. They provide customers with a guarantee to beat the matter to rates issued by any early payday loanword business, and their customer service department is authentic and easy to reach .
dollar Loan Center provides residential district digest in the areas their branches are located in through non-profit organizations, charitable giving, and sponsored events. As share of their business operations, they do give out customer information to affiliate companies, which is clearly stated in their privacy policy .
dollar Loan Center is operating in merely four states, making their services unavailable to the majority of consumers in the United States. The party was established in 1998, giving them some credibility, but even with their advertised humble interest rates, borrowers will still end up paying back a boastfully amount in interest fees .
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