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My home liveliness was a shipwreck. I never knew a fourth dimension in my childhood that I didn ’ thymine see my mother drink or having different men at my home after my parents divorced. I was so youthful that I felt that I may have been the campaign of the split. late, I was thrown out of my beget ’ s house when I was in the 6th grade. I felt atrocious about leaving my new sister behind, but I was precisely a child myself and went to live with my dad.

My father had to drop out of college to support me. Overtime, anger issues began to plague my life. I would become torment which often times led to getting in perturb both at school and in the community. I was a refractory scholar and did not have a true sense of purpose. After only a calendar month of being a freshman, I dropped out of school for a year. Somehow I found San Antonio Can High School. Later I would come to realize it must have been my destiny to land at San Antonio Can, specially being that I can ’ thymine remember how I heard about it in the first target. My inaugural days at San Antonio Can were filled with anger and resentment towards life itself. I did not understand why we did Marquez Reading or FIE let alone why school was therefore significant. On my 18th birthday my birthday present to myself was to leave senior high school school for good. So I did. I spent the following year at home, playing television games, smoking marijuana, and not being fat. I wasn ’ thymine going to school and I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate working. however, that being said, something good did come from this bad if you will.

During this time I started to become self-conscious. I started to realize that I was fighting a battle with my alter ego. See, character of me didn ’ t concern if I finished school and didn ’ triiodothyronine see the charge in graduating. Yet another share of me wanted to BE person, wanted to DO something with my life. I wanted to accomplish things and have purpose in animation. After about one year of this, I decided the only way I was going to get there was by finishing high school. That was going to be the first measure in my journey to achiever and living a biography with veridical value and true purpose. This class, I returned to San Antonio Can with hope, but couldn ’ t get past my bad behavior. Until Mr. Tribett, the principal, and Ms. Franklin, my adviser gave me an intervention. I was able to not merely hear their side, but besides take it into full consideration. I was able to reflect on this and better understand my own stead in life and where I wanted to go. Mr. Tribett was the alone person that believed I could change. I thank him for giving me that chance. The adjacent school day the renaissance began, this metempsychosis was enlightening. To this day I am constantly grateful. It didn ’ t take besides long before the staff and staff of San Antonio Can High School started to witness the change in me.

Since my revert I ’ ve feel things I never would have imagined. For exemplar attending the Broadway Musical Jersey Boys, participating in Learning from Leaders, Job Shadow San Antonio, and becoming actively engaged in scholar activities. Along with all the support the school provides, such as eye glasses, immunizations, mental health services, and a great college set program at no-cost to me, I know I will be ready for what ’ s adjacent. I ’ ll be able to walk through the doors that lead to the adjacent sic of challenges and accomplishments in my life through education. After graduating from San Antonio Can High School I plan on obtaining a Bachelor ’ s Degree in Biology and returning to Texas Can Academies to teach. I believe that the deputation and imagination of our CEO, Richard Marquez and Chief of Schools, Dr. James Ponce, can reach even more students across our big state, and I ’ megabyte gallant to be a share of this movement .

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