Can a Digital Marketer Work From Home?

Digital market is a rewarding career with many singular benefits .
One of the best things about a career in digital market is that there are plenty of opportunities for digital marketers to work from home .
Our agency has served clients in all continents for the last 20 years, entirely through outback consult .
even companies that have traditionally worked in-office are shifting their selling roles to work from home positions.

In this guide, I ’ ll break down the opportunities for working from home as a digital seller and how you can get started .

What Digital Marketing Positions Can Be Done From Home?

Digital market encompasses a wide range of unlike practices. This includes :

  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid advertisements

All these specific focus areas are great for remote control work as most tasks can be completed on-line. This means there are many different career paths a digital market professional who wants to work at dwelling can follow .
Here are some of the most common positions a digital marketer can perform while working from home.

PPC Specialist

The PPC specialist character is an entry-level situation focused on running paid ad campaigns. The specialist is creditworthy for developing the campaign scheme, creating the ads, and monitoring the campaign ’ sulfur success .
PPC specialists require a variety of skills including keyword research, analytic think, and copywriting, among others .

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is an entry-level character that is creditworthy for designing and managing organic search campaigns. The position requires an extensive sympathy of how search engines work and what techniques you can use to boost a web site ’ s research engine rankings .
Some of the daily tasks include researching keywords, optimizing content, reviewing performance, and running an SEO audit .
Resources to Become an SEO Expert

  • Best SEO Certifications to Learn SEO

Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist is an entry-level position with a broader focus. The role involves creating and executing campaigns across assorted digital marketing channels .
Digital selling specialists must have a deep understand of how the different areas of digital marketing work to be able to create effective campaigns .
Some of the day to day responsibilities of a digital selling specialist include :

  • Managing organic search campaigns
  • Creating ads for PPC campaigns
  • Reviewing and analyzing data from email marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring social media platforms for followers and brand engagement
  • Optimizing the brand’s website for conversions

Social Media Specialists and Managers

The social media specialist is an entry-level character responsible for increasing post awareness, engagements, conversions through social media channels .
As social media specialists gain more have, they can become Social Media Managers .
social Media Managers make and oversee all the company ’ s social media campaigns both paid and organic .
The position requires a abstruse reason of how each social chopine works and how their consultation bases are unique .
A good social media director knows how to reach the right target audience and how to create content to engage them .

Content Specialists and Marketers

capacity specialists create capacity that is designed to reach the business ’ prey audience. They have a deep agreement of SEO and know how to make content that is engaging and performs well in search engines .
Content marketing specialists can create content for websites, social media platforms, e-mail, or other digital selling channels .
With more experience, content specialists can advance to contentedness marketers or contentedness managers .
These positions are creditworthy for creating the overall content strategy, monitoring its success, and promoting the subject to the prey hearing .


Copywriting is writing intended to persuade. In digital marketing, there is enough of oeuvre available for copywriters as businesses need to write content that converts visitors into leads and finally customers .
Some of the types of fabric a copywriter creates include blog posts, landing pages, whitepapers, electronic mail newsletters, television scripts, and social media posts .
many copywriting positions are freelancing roles that allow you to work from home .
Resources to Become a Copywriter

  • Best SEO Copywriting Courses

Skills Needed For a Remote Digital Marketer

here are some of the skills needed to work from dwelling successfully as a digital seller :
Writing and communication
Writing is an essential skill for digital marketers as indeed much of today ’ sulfur digital marketing strategies center around creating message .
If you know what makes good contentedness, and how to create it, you can create effective campaigns for search engines and social media .
Digital commercialize is highly collaborative, so being able to write well will help you communicate better with your team members .
SEO is a full of life part of any digital marketing scheme. It allows you to tap into a large relevant audience without having to pay for advertisements .
Digital marketers of all specialties must know how SEO works if they want to be effective in their role .
The important areas of SEO digital marketers need to master are technical, off-page, and on-page SEO. Knowing these will allow you to structure your content and web site for optimum performance .
You ’ ll besides know how to perform keyword research to find the best available opportunities .
Conversion rate optimization
The conclusion finish of any digital marketing scheme is to convert vane traffic into sales. Digital marketers who understand conversion rate optimization can bring significant improvements to their company ’ south campaigns .
conversion rate optimization is the serve of testing different elements of a web site or ad to see which combination converts the best .
This could involve adjusting copy, calls to action, images, or other purpose elements .
Design Skills
firm visuals are a key part of digital market. They are park among social media posts and required for diverse types of advertisements .
As a digital market professional, it ’ s significant to know how to design your own visuals .
If you are able to create the graphic for a social media military post or the streamer ad for a PPC political campaign yourself, you save your party from needing to hire another person .
There are plenty of tools you can use for creating designs and editing images. For model, Canva. It is quick to learn and easy to use .
Technical Skills
Digital marketers need to know how to use a variety of software and tools. This includes :

  • Analytics platforms like Google Analytics
  • Marketing automation software like Klaviyo
  • Social media management tools like Buffer
  • Design tools like Photoshop
  • SEO tools like SEMRush

What are the Benefits of a Digital Marketing Career?

here are some of the many benefits to a career in digital marketing :
Great long-term opportunities
Digital marketing is hera to stay as more companies shift their resources to digital sales channels. Within the world of digital market, there are numerous paths you could follow including :

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • Search engine marketing

many of these positions have overlapping skill requirements, making it possible to move from one discipline to another if you choose .
Earn a solid income
Salary of Online Marketing Professionals
Digital marketing careers pay well on average. The come that you can make working as a digital commercialize professional depends on your have, localization, and specialization .
Entry-level jobs start around $ 40K annual wage. As you gain experience, the modal income increases. market professionals who make it to the managerial level can make between $ 59K to $ 97K+ per year .
Digital marketers make good money as freelancers angstrom well. The average hourly rate for digital marketing freelancers is between $ 50 – $ 200 per hour .
You can use your creativity
Digital selling is a great career for those who like to follow their advanced ideas. You can try out all your ideas in your marketing campaigns and immediately measure their success .
Work independently
Digital selling affords enough of opportunities to work for yourself. You can work as a freelancer and choose your own clients. Or you could start a digital marketing agency. With your digital market skills, it is easy to get start marketing your services on-line .
Work from any location
Digital marketing gives you the ability to work from anywhere. Most digital commercialize tasks are completed on-line. This means there is no restriction on where you must live as you simply need access to the internet .
many digital commercialize agencies and companies embrace outback working as it provides several benefits to the business .

What are the Benefits of Working From Home?

Remote work is more popular than always before. many companies have been forced to adopt the practice with the inability to congregate in physical offices .
With today ’ s on-line tools, teams can collaborate and work efficiently despite not being in the lapp room .
here are some of the benefits workers and businesses can enjoy from working at home :
Lower costs
Businesses can reduce their costs importantly by not having a physical office. With a distant work force, there is no need to have the command processing overhead time of a lease or construction maintenance costs. You besides don ’ t need to pay for employees ’ parking and commuting expenses, which is expected in some cities .
More diverse workforce
Because they ’ re not bound to a sealed placement, outside teams are frequently more diverse. Companies can search anywhere for workers and will frequently uncover new high-quality talent .
With a team from respective locations, each actor offers a unique position, which can be used to improve the group ’ s performance .
Better work-life balance
Working remotely gives digital marketing professionals a better work-life libra. When you work from home it is easier to take little breaks of meter in between tasks to do things you enjoy.

This could be spending time with your family or just taking a here and now to relax .
You besides save prison term by not having to commute to an office day .
More productivity
Working remotely gives individuals the ability to maximize their productivity. When you work from family, you can remove many of the distractions that normally accompany an function environment. Without these distractions, the timbre and end product of work grow .
There are enough of on-line tools available for distant workers to maximize their productiveness .

How to Start a Career In Digital Marketing

Landing a work-from-home marketing job doesn ’ thymine have to be a clamber. here are some steps you can take to start a career in digital selling, even if you have no feel .
Understand the digital marketing landscape
In this video, you ’ ll learn what digital selling is and how it works .
The foremost step is to understand the digital market problem grocery store and what a digital market career would look like .
You need to know which areas of digital market are in demand right now and which ones are gaining popularity. Visit popular job boards and search for digital marketing jobs .
This will besides help you see the requirements for certain types of positions and how much they pay .
Choose a specialization
once you understand the basics of digital marketing and the available opportunities, you need to choose a specific focus area .
If you enjoy writing and creating content, you can pursue contentedness market. If you are more creative, you can go for social media marketing where you can design graphics and avail craft the brand ’ randomness picture .
After you know what area you want to focus on, you can begin building the necessary cognition and skills .
Take a course and learn
You can start a career in digital marketing flush if you do not have a college degree. In this site, the best way to gain the digital marketing skills needed to be successful is to take a digital marketing course .
A quality digital market course will help you get a thorough understand of digital selling promptly. many courses besides provide a marketing certification upon completing the run .
You can use this authentication to add to your resume or LinkedIn profile to validate your skills to potential employers and clients .
Start a website to build your skills
Knowledge will lone get you thus far in digital selling. You need to practice and develop your skills to ensure that you can drive results in actual life .
The best way to do this is to start your own digital marketing blog. This will allow you to develop many of the skills needed throughout different areas of digital selling such as keyword inquiry, content scheme, copywriting, and web design .
A digital marketing blog can help increase your assurance and improve your personal brand. When looking for digital selling positions, you can point recruiters to your web site to show you know how to put cognition into action .
Apply for entry-level and freelance positions
After you have practiced your skills, you can begin looking for entry-level jobs and freelance positions .
There are plenty of places to find loose positions whether it ’ s a traditional job display panel like indeed or a freelance website like Upwork .

Tools to Help You Work Remotely as a Digital Marketer

The across-the-board range of available business software solutions has made it much easier for teams to work in concert remotely .
Let ’ s examine some of the tools that allow you to work from home efficiently as a digital seller .
Slack is a communication lotion for teams. It is particularly utilitarian for distant workers .
You can use Slack through your web browser, desktop app, or mobile app. There is a built-in video conferencing software you can use to conduct virtual meetings .
With Slack, you can create channels for different teams or projects. You can besides start individual chats and group chats .
Slack provides direct integrations for other significant apps including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Zoom, Jira, Salesforce, and more .
Skype is a communications application that allows individuals and groups to make release video and voice calls. The app besides has a chew the fat interface for text-based message .
You can sync Skype on all your different devices to ensure that you are never missing any crucial updates from your distant team .
Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows remote control teams to have virtual meetings and sound recording calls with themselves and customers or clients .
Users can share their blind with other meet participants. You can besides record the television calls on Zoom for when you need to access the data again subsequently. The radio link to the replay can be shared with other participants .
Zoom is spare to use but you can unlock more functionality with a pay plan .
Google Workspace
Google Workspace , once known as G-Suite, is a cortege cloud-based suite of commercial enterprise tools. It provides a centralize hub for accessing unlike Google applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Gmail .
Applications like Docs and Sheets are the Google equivalent to the suite of Microsoft Office programs. With these apps, outback teams can collaborate on-line, inside the same document .
If you work independently either as a digital commercialize mercenary or by running your own agency, you ’ ll need a direction to bill your clients and manage your invoices .
With Paypal, you can easily request money for the services you ’ ve performed. You can send an on-line invoice which your clients can then pay with their circuit board or through their Paypal report .
Paypal integrates seamlessly with other applications such as accounting software like Quickbooks .

Where Can You Find Remote Digital Marketing Jobs

With more people working at dwelling, it has never been easier to find listings for remote control digital market positions .
There are a diverseness of different on-line job boards you can use to find receptive positions. Some are dedicated entirely to remote listings, others are broader and will require you to filter by location .
here are some of the best places to find ferment from home opportunities for digital selling :
AngelList provides a job circuit board curated with afford positions at inauguration companies. The board is popular among technical school companies but you ’ ll besides find businesses from a diverse scope of industries .
There are typically plenty of marketing positions available .
You can well add a location filter to your job search to only show listings for distant positions .
You can apply for open positions immediately on AngelList. You ’ ll have the opportunity to submit a curriculum vitae and individualized message to the startup ’ s fall through with each application . gathers the top outside job opportunities from a diverseness of sources and lists them on their web site .
The job board covers all professions and there are constantly batch of high-quality digital market positions on the list .
You can filter the listings based on a specific matter to such as SEO, PPC, social media, etc .
When you click on a list, you will land on the employer ’ south web site where you can submit an lotion .
We Work Remotely
We Work Remotely is one of the most popular on-line job boards for outside positions. You ’ ll find listings for all major areas of digital market .
When you click to apply for a side, you ’ ll be taken to the party ’ s external locate where you can complete the application .
Indeed is more of a traditional on-line subcontract board. It lists available jobs from all over the world, both in-person and remote control .
To find high-quality oeuvre from home plate digital commercialize jobs, you can perform a search for the specific officiate you are looking to work in ( e.g. SEO ). In the localization field choose Remote .
This will filter the results so that only work from home positions appear .

Key Learnings

Digital market is a rewarding career that offers many benefits. This includes :

  • Great opportunities for career growth
  • Solid pay
  • The ability to build a useful set of skills
  • The ability to work independently
  • Freedom to think both creatively and analytically

arguably the biggest advantage to a career in digital marketing is the ability to work from home. Most digital marketing tasks can be completed online so many companies and agencies choose to let their employees work from home plate .
Some of the more democratic oeuvre from home digital market positions are :

  • SEO specialist
  • PPC specialist
  • Content specialists, marketers, and managers
  • Social media specialists, and managers
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Copywriters

Businesses whose employees work from home can benefit from :

  • Lower overhead costs
  • Improved productivity
  • More diversity
  • A better work-life balance for employees

You can start your work from home digital market career by taking the pursue steps :

  • Understand the digital marketing job landscape
  • Choose your digital marketing specialty
  • Take a digital marketing course
  • Create a digital marketing blog
  • Apply for entry-level and freelance positions

There are plenty of tools that make it easier for digital marketers to work from home. This includes communication software like Slack and collaborative software like Google Drive .
There are besides enough of on-line job boards dedicated entirely to remote listings, making it easy to find a work-from-home position .

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