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MANNY ROJAS ( ON PHONE ) : effective afternoon. Thank you for calling ADT .
ZINA HENRY ( ON PHONE ) : I ’ meter calling about a carbon monoxide alarm clock. I ’ m not certain if it ’ s the system or if it ’ sulfur actually detecting carbon paper monoxide .
MANNY ROJAS ( ON PHONE ) : That ’ s actually pretty dangerous. I would suggest you get everyone out the family.

ZINA HENRY : maine and my conserve have been living in our home for about 20 years. We have had ADT for a long time. Since we moved into this house. And we barely decided that it was time for an upgrade. And so we called ADT to have them come out and upgrade the arrangement .
CHUCK NOVAK : I told Ms. Henry that I was going to go ahead and switch out her regular smoke detector for a smoke, hotness, and carbon detector .
ZINA HENRY : We were like yea surely, let ’ s do it. We merely didn ’ t have any sense of how important that was going to be in saving our lives after he left .
ZINA HENRY : deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as Chuck leaves, about 30 minutes after that, the carbon monoxide detector is going off and it ’ mho telling me I need to get to fresh air. My clamant think is that something ’ mho wrong with the detector. And then ADT calls .
MANNY ROJAS ( ON PHONE ) : Can you get everyone out the family for the time being to verify what it is precisely ? Just campaign that is very toxic .
ZINA HENRY ( ON PHONE ) : OK. No problem.

ZINA HENRY : I call Chuck on threeway .
CHUCK NOVAK : I ’ m looking at it on my iPad and told her I said it ’ s better to be safe than regretful .
ZINA HENRY : so ADT says that they ’ re going to send the fire department. When the open fire department gets here, they come in the doorway. They get a reading that ’ sulfur double what the sum should be for carbon paper monoxide. And so they turn the boast off to the family, and they call MLGW. When MLGW gets here and tells us that the furnace is not burning properly. And because of that, it ’ second emitting carbon paper monoxide
ZINA HENRY : I ’ thousand very proud of the ADT dispatcher. He was diligent in calling the fire department even though I was quite diamond about it not being carbon monoxide .
HARRIET HARTY : I ’ megabyte Harriet Harty with ADT. I ’ thousand delighted to be here today with the Henry kin to honor our beginning responders and reunite them with Manny Rojas, from our Wichita contact center, and Chuck Novak, our installer from our Memphis office, who helped save their lives. And they will be reunited nowadays for the first time .
ZINA HENRY : I ’ m then good. Nice to meet you excessively.

CHUCK NOVAK : When I was younger, I was woken up to the fire department carrying me outside of my house, but I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see a fuel. They said we have carbon monoxide leak. I carry that have with me. And immediately the feel here at the Henry house, it ’ s reasonably satisfying to know that the job matters. I didn ’ t very help save a life. We helped save a life .
MANNY ROJAS : I ’ ve alone been with the ship’s company for a little moment over two months. I ’ thousand honored, I ’ thousand inspired. Look what played out from a simple call. And to meet them in person, it ’ s a little emotional. I ’ megabyte trying not to get aroused here. But it ’ mho very, identical touching. We just helped save people ’ s lives, and it ’ s honestly a pleasure to be part of this amazing company .
ZINA HENRY : I ’ m so grateful to ADT for making sure that they did precisely what they were supposed to do. And the fire department as well and MLGW, I think they all worked together to make certain that our lives were saved that day. And for our family being able to wake up every morning and be together .

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