30+ Best Master’s in Business Analytics [2022 Rankings]

bill : Factors comparing master ’ mho in analytics programs were created by 2U .
A victor ’ mho in clientele analytics degree can help prepare you for newfangled career opportunities working with data-focused businesses. There are many programs to choose from, and to help get you started, we ’ ve listed several considerations we think can help you choose the right field plan. We view the three below factors as key to evaluating a business analytics platform .

  • Flexible GRE requirement
  • Curriculum that incorporates real world projects
  • Dedicated career support

additionally, we ’ ve organized programs by delivery format so you can well identify options that best become you .
We besides interviewed 10 staff members who manage or teach in business analytics programs at top universities to see how their have aligns with our factors.

Master’s in Business Analytics Program Factors

Flexible GRE Requirement

Universities that don’t require the GRE look at applicants holistically and tend to place more focus on real-world experience, which is often beneficial, particularly so for adult learners. Over the end few years, many universities nationally have determined that the GRE is not in isolation a authentic predictor of success and that historical overreliance on the GRE may have excluded qualify students. In summation, preparing for the examination requires considerable meter and cost. We’ve placed precedence on MS in business analytics programs that do not require standardized test scores for admission or offer a waiver.

Curriculum that incorporates real-world projects

Real-world projects are important because they allow students to give back to the community while gaining valuable learning experience. With project-based memorize, students are placed in a moral force, fast-paced eruditeness environment where they are trained to adapt to change. Students may complete finishing touch projects and/or complete project-based course of study where they collaborate with a university partner or business of their choice and manipulation real data to help solve a business problem. We’ve placed precedence on MS in business analytics programs that offer projects based on real-world data and cases because they help students apply their learned skills in the workplace.
Eight out of 10 staff respondents noted that project-based memorize helps students bridge the gap between classroom lessons and the real world and improves students ’ overall marketability in their chosen fields .

Dedicated career services support

Program-specific career support helps students take practical steps to attain their career goals. Career services is one of the most important resources of a master ’ randomness business analytics program. A program-specific career support team can more efficaciously help students develop the mentality, skill, network and toolkit to adapt to the changing market and land an analytics character promptly after commencement. A program with consecrated career support will typically focus on cultivating a network of employers, alumni and mentorship opportunities in data skill and analytics. In addition, students can utilize resources such as resume writing, communication workshops and entree to a career adviser. We’ve placed precedence on business analytics programs that offer program-specific career support.
The majority of respondents cited career services as a component students should consider when comparing degree programs .
Sponsored Online Business Analytics Programs

MS in Business Analytics Programs List

We found 75 maestro ’ south in occupation analytics programs that meet three factors, which we sorted by broadcast delivery .
Sort by program delivery:

Online Programs

American University

Master of Science in Analytics

  • School: Kogod School of Business
  • Delivery: Online
  • Length: 12 months
  • Focus areas: Cybersecurity, business foundations, consulting, and financial analytics

Analytics @ American is the on-line Master of Science in Analytics ( MSAn ) from american University ’ s Kogod School of Business. Through a combination of collaborative on-line classes, self-paced coursework, and hands-on determine experiences, Analytics @ american students become experts in evidence-based data gain, data model, and quantitative analysis. They will besides learn how to implement these tools to make strong business decisions and provide organizations with competitive advantages. Analytics @ American does not require GMAT or GRE scores to apply .
Learn more from American University .

Pepperdine University

Master’s in Business Analytics

  • School: Graziadio Business School
  • Delivery: Online
  • Length: 12 months

The on-line MS in Business Analytics program from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School is for individuals who would like to pursue a career as data translators. Students are prepare to provide comprehensive insight to administration leadership. GMAT waivers are available for stipulate applicants. Bachelor ’ s academic degree required .
Learn more from Pepperdine University .

Syracuse University

The online Master’s in Business Analytics from Syracuse University

  • School: Whitman School of Management
  • Delivery: Online
  • Length: 18 months

Syracuse University ’ s Martin J. Whitman School of Business offers a chief of Science in Business Analytics delivered 100 % on-line. Students can complete the program in arsenic little as 18 months, gaining expertness in areas such as information systems, data model, and predictive analytics. The course of study includes core courses in topics such as data psychoanalysis and decision make, business analytics, accounting analytics, selling analytics, fiscal analytics and management science. Students can use electives to tailor the program to match their personal and career goals. Applicants to the program must have a bachelor ’ s academic degree and at least a year of full-time professional know. have professionals may qualify for a GMAT release .
Learn more from Syracuse University .

University of Dayton

Master of Business Analytics

  • School: School of Business Administration
  • Delivery: Online
  • Length: 12 months

The University of Dayton School of Business Administration offers an on-line overlord of Business Analytics welcomes students from all undergraduate majors who have an aptitude for mathematics, logic and clientele technology. The course of study provides an end-to-end understanding of the role of an analytics professional, from gathering and cleaning data, to analyzing results, to presenting findings efficaciously. As an on-line student, you will be integrated into our service-oriented community and prepared to use your cognition to benefit those around you. To apply, you must have a knight bachelor ’ s degree .
Learn more from the University of Dayton .

Hybrid Programs

  • California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo, CA

    Master of Science in Business Analytics

    Concentrations: none
    Credit Hours: 45
    Enrollment Options: Full-Time
    The MS in Business Analytics program at California Polytechnic is an accelerate, interdisciplinary, industry-based program. It focuses on the analytic mentality and technical skills so individuals may apply them to the data analytics market .
    This program focuses on statistics, machine learning, market analytics, and data management. Students are offered opportunities to work collaboratively and experience real-world projects. The program besides emphasizes advanced statistical model, data visual image and communication .

  • Providence College – Providence, RI

    Master of Science in Business Analytics

    Concentrations: none
    Credit Hours: 30
    Enrollment Options: full-time or part-time
    The master of Science in Business Analytics course of study at Providence College is geared to individuals interest in gaining insights from building complex data. Students can gain skills in gain, interpreting and leveraging data .
    Delivered by experience staff, this MSBA is a rigorous, quantitative program that blends practices from mathematics, computer skill, finance and operations management. The program besides offers hands-on feel with an array of analytic tools and software, including R, Python, SQL and Tableau .

  • San Francisco State University – San Francisco, CA

    Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

    Concentrations: none
    Credit Hours: 30
    Enrollment Options: full-time or part-time
    The overlord of Science in Business Analytics ( MSBA ) at San Francisco State University is a STEM-designated program. Students experience assorted techniques, technologies, systems, practices, methodologies and applications in business analytics. They may use these skills to analyze business data and make business decisions .
    The course of study includes Programming Languages for Analytics, Data Management for Analytics, Machine Learning for Business Analytics, and a hands-on culminate plan .

  • University of South Carolina – Columbia, SC

    Master of Science in Business Analytics

    Concentrations: none
    Credit Hours: 30
    Enrollment Options: Full-Time
    The master of Science in Business Analytics program at the University of South Carolina aims to provide students with cognition and skills in data skill and analysis with large data sets. Individuals may apply these skills toward developing statistical and mathematical models and interpreting the results to make decisions .
    Through the STEM-designated platform, students learn how to use data to understand business, policy or economic questions, and to facilitate informed decision-making .

  • University of Washington, Tacoma – Tacoma, WA

    Master of Science in Business Analytics

    Concentrations: none
    Credit Hours: 40
    Enrollment Options: Full-Time
    The MSBA course of study at University of Washington, Tacoma features hands-on business analytics through the Center for Business Analytics Innovation Lab. Students join a team and tackle real-world analytics projects with companies. Students can besides meet with diligence advisers and mentors throughout the program .
    The concepts, principles and methods associated with the business analytics course of study may be applied to solving complex problems in versatile fields. Students may want to apply what they ’ ve learned to marketing analytics, HR analytics, sports analytics, supply-chain logistics analytics, sales analytics, and more

Campus Programs

Related Degrees

What Is a Master’s in Business Analytics Degree?

In a master ’ sulfur in business analytics program, students learn to analyze data to help businesses understand their past, current and project operation. They besides learn to make critical, experimental decisions, from determining how to marketplace a new product to the best manner to military position an organization for faster growth .
Wondering how business analytics is unlike from fields like data analytics, applied analytics or accounting analytics ? While they all encompass exchangeable topics including predictive analytics, data visual image and statistics, a master ’ s in business analytics specifically situates these topic areas in the context of the business global, helping students understand how to apply their new skills in the diligence after graduating .

Master’s in Business Analytics vs. MBA

Thanks to the growing number of interactions, activities and purchases that take invest on-line, businesses have access to more data than ever. Using this datum, companies can unlock valuable insights into customer habits and preferences, opportunities for growth and much more—but they need train professionals to help them gather and make smell of it. That ’ s where business analytics comes in .
Trying to decide between a master ’ second in commercial enterprise analytics versus an MBA ? Both degrees provide valuable readiness for a career in business. That said, MBA programs teach leadership and management skills, typically for mid-career professionals, while master ’ randomness in commercial enterprise analytics programs tend to focus on technical data skills .
It ’ mho significant to note that occupation analytics programs are generally geared toward people with a background in information systems, computer skill or technology. Students without this technical foundation might find themselves better suited for a traditional MBA program with a concentration in data skill or clientele analytics .

Is a Master’s in Business Analytics Worth It?

Enrolling in a graduate program involves a considerable investing of time and money. You may be wondering, “ Is a master ’ randomness in business analytics worth it ? ” The following steps may help you decide .
Step 1 – Before enrolling in a graduate broadcast, consider your long-run career goals. Do as much inquiry as possible about your prefer job ’ south requirements, expectation, average wage and whether a master ’ s degree can help make you more competitive .
A clientele analytics degree may qualify you for a numeral of roles in the sphere, like occupation analyst, fiscal analyst and business intelligence analyst positions, which can come with above-average salaries and electric potential for growth. According to O*NET OnLine data, business intelligence analysts earned a median wage of $ 98,230 per year in 2020, and the count of jobs is expected to increase 15 % or more from 2020-2030.

Step 2 – Compare as many MS in business analytics programs as potential to find a plan that fits your circumstances. Some programs require GMAT or GRE test scores for admission, while others don ’ thymine .
Step 3 – Assess the number of courses required. If you ’ ll be working full moon time while completing your victor ’ south degree, you may want to consider a half-time or on-line victor ’ sulfur in occupation analytics platform. Programs can last one to five years, depending on how cursorily you complete your courses .
Step 4 – Compare the costs of the programs you ’ rhenium interest in and be realistic about what you can afford. While you might be tempted to entirely look at the best clientele analytics programs, you might discover more low-cost tuition or scholarship opportunities when exploring a range of options—even if they didn ’ t make your tilt of top choices .

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