Branded Content on Facebook: Our Updated Policy and a New Tool

Update as of March 30th, 2017:

We’re rolling out updates to make branded content more widely available to more creators, improving the post tag to be clear, and updating the policy to give creators/publishers more flexibility for featuring business partners.The following is a summary of the three changes. Visit our Help Center to learn more. First, we’re enabling more creators to share branded content on Facebook by making the tool available to unverified Pages. We will add a ‘Paid’ label in the metadata to the branded content ‘with’ tag that will allow people on our platform to understand that branded content posts represent an exchange of value between the creator/publisher and a business partner. Finally, we’ve updated our Branded Content policy to refine the definition of branded content and allow certain promotional elements including the use of graphical overlays, watermarks, and logos in the creator’s post. Branded capacity was one of the first forms of television market when soap operas were created and sponsored by brands in the 1930s. It evolved to product placement and sponsorships across television receiver and radio, and now includes digital editorial capacity that highlights a seller ’ second product or service. On Facebook, we define branded contentedness as any post—including text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos and Live videos—from media companies, celebrities or other influencers that features a one-third party product, stigmatize or patron.

nowadays we ’ re updating our policies so publishers and influencers with control Pages can collaborate with marketers to share branded contentedness on Facebook through ads or organic posts. We ’ re besides launching a new tool that makes collaboration on post capacity comfortable and gives marketers more visibility into and control over all their efforts on Facebook. Updated branded contentedness guidelines Our Pages terms and Ads Policy now allow certain types of branded contented on Facebook and require publishers and influencers to tag the seller in the post to make it clear that the station is branded content. For example, a juice brand may work with a rear blogger to have their mark or merchandise mentioned in a post on Facebook, or a car manufacturer and a sports network may create a collaborative station aimed at sports fans about the car. Publishers and influencers remain responsible for understanding their legal obligations to indicate the commercial nature of message they post . In the example above, Intel is collaborating with Lady Gaga on this branded content post. In the model above, Intel is collaborating with Lady Gaga on this branded content post.

This update is something that marketers, media companies, public figures and influencers have asked for, as branded contented is a growing and evolving function of the media landscape. People will now be connected to more of the content they care most about on Facebook as publishers and influencers gain an incentive to plowshare more choice content—of all kinds—with their fans. The branded message joyride Starting today, we will roll out a newly tool that will enable publishers and influencers to tag a seller in a stigmatize capacity post. The seller will be notified of the station and can access high-level post insights, including engagement and reach metrics, along with total spend and CPM on the labeled post. Marketers besides have the option of sharing and boosting the post to drive extra value. For brands and marketers, the new instrument will introduce more transparency and allow them to better understand how their marketing initiatives are performing across Facebook. additionally, marketers can immediately leverage branded message creative for ads and actively engage in sponsorships to ensure their campaigns are useful, interest and entertaining to their target audiences.

contribution branded capacity on Facebook If you ’ ra interested in sharing branded content on Facebook, connect with a publisher or public design to develop your military post. To build larger, custom contentedness campaigns on Facebook, consider connecting with our Anthology team. Learn more about getting started with brand capacity on Facebook in our help center article. Or read more about this update for publishers and influencers on our media blog

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