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With Boyds classic stock shapes, becoming “one” with your gun comes as naturally as it should, without sacrificing the appeal of traditional firearms.

You are one in a million…your gun should be, besides. Like the glove of a baseball pitcher or the raceway cable car of a NASCAR driver, the grease-gun of a sport works better when it serves as an extension of the self. In other words, it should feel comfortable, worn-in and like it was made precisely for you. But becoming “ one ” with your gun is easier said than done. Though the grocery store is flooded with options for different firearms, the options to customize those firearms and gunstocks to fit you “ like a baseball glove ” are distillery lacking .
many of us spend years pining for the ultimate gun. Imagine, or possibly you ’ ve experienced it yourself, saving and searching until the day you ultimately mount it to your cheek, entirely to realize what you thought was the perfect firearm doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel or fit quite right. In this scenario, one can place that treasured gunman back on the ledge and begin the search summons all over again…or turn to Boyds .
Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks is a custom stock manufacturer that makes it its deputation to make your firearm feel one of a kind. Because Boyds merely uses high-grade hardwoods and seals with chemical-resistant finishes, you can feel at facilitate knowing the comfortable, natural feel of your custom stock will maintain its integrity through years of consumption.

But “ customizing ” your stock doesn ’ t necessarily mean adding flowery gadgets, bells and whistles. Boyds understands the sport ’ s want to have a grease-gun that does what it needs to do – nothing more, nothing less – while besides contouring to the unique and specific needs of the shot. The standard, classical shapes of Boyds ’ Heritage, Platinum, Pro Varmint, Rimfire Hunter and Classic custom gunstocks are up to the undertaking .


The Heritage design features a Monte Carlo comb. The comb is slightly raised to parallel the bore, which aids with proper impudence conjunction to ensure optimum habit of the setting. Flutes in front of the comb are blended to conceal the thumb and prevent thumb-to-nose touch during backfire. A cheek slice gracefully provides extra hold. Because it is blended into the stock and grip, the cheek while discourages the shooter from climbing up onto the scope. It besides helps to keep the standard aligned with the shoulder for maximum kick back assimilation. The open egg-shaped pistol grip is slender and slenderly includes a little palm swell to give you a fast grip, allowing for flying mount to the shoulder and aiding with proper eye-to-scope position. last, the round of golf forend is in cross-section to allow for the addition of a check blueprint that wraps around the forend and to care in the fascinate of the shooter ’ s forward handwriting .


The lissome, reasonably open handle of the Platinum is well defined, but does not extend far below the toe telephone line. Like the Heritage, the comb is parallel to the yield. Because of its straight-line invention, this minimizes buttock slap under recoil. The forend of the Platinum is round in cross-section to allow for the addition of a checker pattern that wraps around the forend and aids in the clasp of the gunman ’ s forward handwriting .

Pro Varmint

Boyds designed the Pro Varmint to meet the needs of its customers who were looking for an low-cost, tactical design for their rimfire rifles. The beavertail forend allows for greater stabilization off bags but is still clean-cut enough for general-purpose inject. The dual-purpose butt hook allows for greater control of the store and firearm with your non-trigger hand and allows for a better grip on the buttocks cup of tea when shooting from the bench. The Monte Carlo comb brings the taw ’ sulfur boldness up for consumption with larger scopes and comes with an ambidextrous grip that allows either hand to assume a more natural side. The slender decoration bang-up on either slope provides for a more comfortable grip .

Rimfire Hunter

The Rimfire Hunter is a synthesis of invention elements requested by hunters and shooters, which have been incorporated by Boyds ’ highly skilled design team into this non-thumbhole, ambidextrous, general-purpose design. A lissome, slenderly closed bobby pin with flimsy palm swell on both the correctly and left sides enables any gunman a firm but relaxed bag. An egg-shaped beavertail-designed forend allows superior palm-to-forend weld to improve off-hand fritter, yet it is wide-eyed enough to ride the bags for a school term at the range. The forend is proportioned to complement barrels 18-22 inches in length and can be opened up by the customer to accept customer barrels up to a diameter of 1 edge if desired .


finally, the Classic is a compilation of design elements Boyds has found to be the most elegant and user-friendly examples of the classical vogue. The lissome, reasonably open fascinate is good defined, but does not extend excessively army for the liberation of rwanda below the toe cable. While the comb and facial patronize of the Classic is alike to that of the aforesaid stocks, the forend is flat/oval in cross-section and is proportioned to complement barrels of 22-26 inches. however, some minor match may be required even on amply finished drop-in parts to achieve that arrant equip to your action.

These standard gunstocks are the perfect starting point when delving into the world of customs stocks in that they have the ability to make your pipe dream gun fit like it was made for you without sacrificing the tried-and-true technology, aesthetic and appeal of classical firearms. With Boyds Hardwood gunstocks, becoming one with your artillery comes deoxyadenosine monophosphate naturally as it should .



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