American Actor, Comedian & Writer Billy Crystal Net Worth, Know About His Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Billy Crystal Net Worth

With a luck of $ 60 million, Billy Crystal is one of the wealthiest actors, writers, producers, comedians, and film directors in the universe .
In the 1970s, Crystal made his repute as a television asterisk, but it wasn ’ t until the 1980s and 1990s that he sincerely became a family figure.

Crystal is besides well-known as a articulation actor outside of the film industry. He ’ second been honored with a headliner on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1991 and a swerve of other honors during his celebrated career .


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On March 14, 1948, Billy Crystal ( William Edwards Crystal ) was born in Manhattan ’ s Upper East Side. The Bronx was where he was born and raised, but when he was merely a few years old, his class moved to Long Island .
A jazz producer ’ mho son, he was raised by two older brothers in a jewish home with a beget who died of a center assail in 1963 after losing his business .
truncheon left Long Beach, California, to attend Marshall University in West Virginia on a baseball scholarship after graduating from high school .
The baseball season had been suspended, he discovered upon his arrival. After his second year, he chose to leave college and return to New York City. His relationship with Janice and his acting educate at the HB Studio deepened while he was there .
Before moving to New York University, he took acting lessons at Nassau Community College .
Crystal earned a BFA from the School of Fine Arts at New York University where she studied film and television direct ( which would belated be renamed the Tisch School of Fine Arts ) .
Over the course of those years, Crystal worked closely with such luminaries as Oliver Stone and Christopher Guest, angstrom well as Martin Scorsese .
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Billy Crystal movies: 12 greatest films ranked from worst to best - GoldDerby
On stagecoach in New York City, Billy Crystal began his career as a comedy act. Once his reputation scatter throughout the city ’ s drollery clubs, he was invited to participate on shows like “ Saturday Night Live ” and “ The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. ”
He besides appeared on a number of television game shows during this early period. When he was cast as Jodie Dallas on the democratic drollery “ Soap, ” it was his first major acting function .
In 1981, he remained a regular cast member until the show ’ second death. He besides appeared in the film “ Rabbit Test, ” which dealt with a homo who became meaning at the like prison term .
In the early on 1980s, he was given his own variety show program, but it was immediately discontinued. His career as a television receiver master of ceremonies, on serial like “ Saturday Night Live, ” continued to flourish, though .
With “ Running Scared ” in 1986, he returned to the flatware filmdom for the first time in over a decade. In summation, he had a significant function in 1987 ’ sulfur “ The Princess Bride ” as a supporting actor. Billy Crystal became a family name thanks to the popularity of the film.

With Meg Ryan in 1989 ’ south “ When Harry Met Sally… ”, Crystal soared to greater fame. Since then, the movie has been called a “ fad classical ” because of his portrayal .
Billy ’ s approaching movie, “ City Slickers, ” will be no exception. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for a second time for his ferment in the picture .
Dick Clark's Live Wednesday Billy Crystal Performance - YouTube
Crystal was able to take on more challenge assignments after she had a solid foot in the playing field. In the early 1990s, he co-wrote, directed, and performed in two films .
Both “ Mr. Saturday Night ” and “ Forget Paris ” showcased Crystal ’ south rate as an actor who could portray serious roles angstrom good as comedic ones .
He worked with Robert De Niro in “ Analyze This ” and joined Woody Allen ’ s “ Deconstructing Harry ” cast in the late 1990s .
early in the new millennium, Crystal starred in movies including “ Analyze That ” and “ 61* ” The function of Mike Wazowski in 2001 ’ mho “ Monsters, Inc. ” was Crystal ’ s first since he turned down the role of Buzz Lightyear in 1995 ’ sulfur “ Toy Story ” ( which he by and by regretted ) .
“ Howl ’ s Moving Castle ” was the following project for him to continue his voice acting career. When “ Monsters University ” came out in 2013, he reprised his function as Mike. After equitable one season on FX ’ s “ The Comedians, ” he landed a star function .
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With Billy Crystal hosting, have the Oscars given up on youth? | 24 Frames | Los Angeles Times
From 1990 until 2012, Billy Crystal presented the Academy Awards nine times. In terms of host, he ’ s the only one who has done so more than Bob Hope. Crystal has received two Primetime Emmy Awards for his efforts as the host of the Academy Awards ceremony .

Career as an Author

As of this spell, Billy has written five novels, including “ 700 Sundays ” in 2005, which was titled after the visualize number of Sundays he spent with his father while he was still living .

Career in Broadway

Billy Crystal back on Broadway as "Mr. Saturday Night" - CBS News
Billy Crystal besides has theater experience, having received a Tony Award for his one-act playing period “ 700 Sundays, ” based on the book of the same name, which he performed on Broadway in 2005 .
late, he took his performance on the road and turned the play into a book, which he published and toured in 2006 and 2007. For HBO, he resurrected the express in 2013 for a television receiver special, which aired in 2014 .
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His Love For Sports

Billy Crystal has a lifelong idolatry to the New York Yankees, and he is a huge sports fan. At an auction, he paid $ 239,000 for a baseball glove worn by Mickey Mantle .
After witnessing Mantle play as a child, Crystal was able to secure a key signature from him .
The New York Yankees signed him to a one-day condense and permitted him to play in a pre-season discipline game when he was approaching 60 .

Life at Home

Billy Crystal's Wife: Meet Janice, His Spouse Of Over 50 Years – Hollywood Life

billy married Janice Goldfinger in 1970, and they have two children together. Jennifer Crystal Foley, an actress, is one of their two daughters .

Investments in Real Estate

As honorary mayors of the city of Los Angeles, Billy and Janice have called Pacific Palisades home since 1979 .
Located on one of the most prestigious streets in the city, their property was completed in 1936 and is now worth somewhere between $ 8 and $ 10 million .

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