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Drop ship is an holy order fulfillment method where we the supplier ( Beautyjoint ) will ship the products we store in our warehouse directly to your customers. You list our products in your storehouse and purchase the items from us at a sweeping monetary value as you sell those items to your customers at higher prices. As a solution, you don ’ t have to handle, neckcloth, pre-purchase or ship the products .


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There is a erstwhile $ 25 USD setup tip and recurring monthly $ 15 USD subscription tip to enroll in the DROP SHIPPING course of study. There is no other processing tip beside the merchandise costs, shipping fees, and optional policy fees. Your wholesale product costs are 30% OFF the listed retail prices and transport fees are variable depending on the type of service and location .

1. Apply for a DROP SHIPPING account by completing our 1. Apply for a DROP ship report by completing our DROP SHIPPING ONLINE APPLICATION and delay for us to review it .

2. Once application has been accepted by us, subscribe to the monthly DROP SHIPPING SUBSCRIPTION. There is a erstwhile $ 25 USD apparatus tip, and the recurring subscription tip of $ 15 USD is automatically billed and charged monthly. subscription can be cancelled anytime without notice. Fees already paid are not refundable. You will no farseeing have access our data and any Drop Shipping orders will be not accepted once the monthly shed shipping subscription has been cancelled .

3. once Subscription registration has been confirmed, you will be provided with an access to our Catalog File, Order Batch File, and Shipping Cost File for downloads. The Catalog File is updated casual while Order Batch and Shipping Cost files are updated as when needed. You ’ ll find that the Catalog File contains all standard data needed for most on-line stores and marketplaces .

4. Submit your DROP SHIP orders by one of two ways .

– on-line – Log into your account on our web site and seat and pay your order with your customer ’ s shipping information. FREE ship is NOT Available for Drop Shipping orders so DO NOT select this option even if available at checkout. Orders will not get processed and will cause delay if exempt ship is selected.

– EXCEL FILE – Download the Order Batch File, fill in one or multiples order data as instruct and email the completed charge to us. The file calculates the net sum to pay and provides requital instructions in the drumhead incision. Orders are typically shipped within one business day once payment receipt has been verified. Using Order Batch File is utilitarian when submitting multiple orders with many products since the file is programmed to automatically calculate the product costs, shipping fees, and optional indemnity fee with minimal data submission for fast and still of use. Order Batch Files are submitted to dropshipping @ beautyjoint.com .

5. You will receive a dispatch presentment with confirmation number to your electronic mail immediately after an order has been shipped. While most confirmation number can be tracked, International Economy ship services do not have this have .

    Although we ship the products immediately to your customers, all Drop Shipping orders are a commercial relationship entirely between you and us. From our perspective, your customers are not party to these transactions and any communication or dealing with them are wholly between you and them .

    All terms and conditions outlined in our web site applies as normal to all Drop Ship orders as normal .



    Step 2. Wait for DROP SHIPPING ACCOUNT credence electronic mail .


    Step 4. Receive access and download class charge to setup your store. Can submit orders immediately online or by data file meekness .

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