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Have you heard of B friends so far ? The girls both absolutely love playing with their dolls, and now Neve is 3, her and her sister actually play in truth well together, acting out small scenes and using their imagination to bring their stories to life. It normally ends up with Erin playing the role of teacher, but its very cunning to watch them interacting together .
The girls love playing with larger size dolls, and B friends from Addo Play have recently launched at The Entertainer with a divers choice of dolls, costumes, accessories and furniture .
We were sent some items from the B friends range for the girls to test out, and as expected, they were a very hit.

B fun, B fab, B friends!
The B friends Dolls are a lovely new supporter for your child. Each beautiful doll, has their very own singular personality and style and are made with hair that looks and feel natural .
The B friends range aims to encourage creativity, confidence and character and highlights the importance of friendship and the fun of haircloth meet !
There is besides a stove of accessories and cunning outfits to try out, with each outfit being specially selected and designed to match latest trends .
You will notice that Kate, one of the newest doll additions to the B friends range, has a real Frozen feel about it, in a beautiful shimmery gown .

B friends Mia

B friends Mia doll
We were sent B friends Mia who I the girls about immediately fell in love with. Mia comes dressed in a free-and-easy pair of trousers and cunning dame design deoxythymidine monophosphate shirt, adenine well as a practical couple of flats, all of which can be removed and changed for other B friends outfits ( sold individually ). They are very easy to put on and off ( tied for modest hands ) and fasten with a basic velcro strap at the back .
Mia is truly pretty, with a black skintone, amazing curly iniquity hair, and beautiful brown eyes. I have to admit I had a act of hair envy, as it looks then real and is cover girl to brush, braid and comb .
The box concisely describes Mia ’ s personality explain that she loves to play outdoors, whether she is cycling in the park or going to concerts with her besties ! I like this little bit of penetration into each of the characters, as it actually helps the girls learn more about the unlike personalities of the dolls they are playing with .
Mia stands at 46cm tall and can stand single-handed. She comes with one dress of stylish clothes, which are exchangeable with the other collectible 45cm B friends Dolls — Emily, Megan, Amber, Amelia and Kate .
Mia has been a big reach with Neve in particular, who constantly picks Mia up first base out of all of our dolls in Erin ’ randomness bedroom. The only flimsy negative is that some of her hair’s-breadth does shed a fiddling, but she surely has plenty to go around !

B friends Mia doll
We were besides sent the B friends Wooden Vanity Station which is a bang-up furniture accessory to help the girls bring their stories to life. The product comes part assembled, making it very easy to unpack, and simply screw the back empanel with mirror in at the buttocks. I am please to advise that EVEN I managed to do this completely unassisted, and if this directly pack technophobe can do it, then trust me anyone can !
The Wooden Vanity Station is a great accessory to help create a bedroom fit, with other items such as cabin beds and wardbrobes available besides .
B friends wooden vanity station
The dressing table station is finished to a gamey quality, with a humble draw at the front which is a capital place to stash away the shoes or accessories when not being used so they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get lost. Erin has besides been putting hair clips and bobbles in there, so that they are easily accessible and to hand when she is practising her different hair’s-breadth styles. The back of the vanity whole and the front of the draftsman are painted in a bright cerise pinko, with leading design throughout .
Neve very enjoyed making Mia stand in front of the mirror and look bet on at her reflection, and liked being able to see her own boldness looking back at her excessively !
B friends vanity unit
Overall the doll and the conceit station have been a very hit with both girls, and they have both been played with fairly well since we received them ! The dolls retail at £30 each, which whilst not bum I think is a average monetary value given their substantial size. Their haircloth is besides very adorable choice, thus for those that love style and accessorising it will keep them busy and occupied for many hours to come .
You can see the full stove of Addo Play B friends toys and accessories at The Entertainer here .
*We were sent the Mia doll and dressing table post for the purpose of this review however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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