Must-have accessories for your Quinceanera

When choosing your Quinceanera accessories, take into consideration the color and style of your dress. Once you select accessories to your liking, try them on with your dress to see if the pieces complement one another.

Remember that some accessories for your Quinceanera, like the ring and the watchband, hold a special mean therefore should not be forgotten .

  • Quinceanera Tiara or Crown: this can be made out of flowers, gemstones, crystal or metal. When choosing a tiara or crown, take into consideration your hairstyle and your specific comfort needs.
  • Quince Bouquet: choose flowers that are the same color as your dress. The type of flowers you choose will depend on the flowers in season and on your budget.
  • Slippers and flats: the color of your shoes should match your dress and are mostly used in white. The flats represent the end of your childhood and the slippers represent the beginning of your womanhood. During the quinceañera reception, the father is usually the person who changes the quinceañera’s flats to slippers.
  • Jewelry: you can wear rings, earrings, bracelets and a necklace as part of your attire. But if you want to have a more elegant look, don’t make the common mistake of wearing both gold and silver jewelry or diamonds and pearls all at once.
  • Quinceanera Last Doll: the doll is usually dressed similar to the quinceañera. Just like the changing of your shoes from flats to slippers, the doll symbolizes the end of your childhood.
  • Bible: you must have a bible if you plan on having a religious ceremony. It can be covered with satin, velvet or any other type of fabric that will match your attire.

Finally, keep in mind that elegance lies in simplicity. So don’t overdress with unnecessary accessories.

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