How many dental implants am I eligible for?

If someone suffers from tooth loss for a long period or loses more and more teeth over time, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Lahore, they will finally look into the possibilities of dental implant treatment in Budapest to improve their quality of life and because the prices in France or Switzerland are excessively pricey.

Along with improved teeth Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Lahore and dentures, the quality of our appearance, speaking, chewing, eating, and digestion increases substantially, resulting in a considerable improvement in life quality.

Dentures can be insured both with and without dental implant treatments. In our Budapest clinic, we deliver numerous forms of dental care to our patients, whether with or without dental implants.

How many dental implants does the dentist place?

The dental implant is the most recent type of dental prosthesis accessible today. In construction and function, it is remarkably identical to our own teeth. The implant-based prosthesis is made up of three components. The artificial root, i.e. the implant, is put into the jawbone, followed by the abutment (pillar), which is actually the vase of the tooth, and finally by the crown.

Many people who are interested believe that they will require as many implants as there are missing teeth. When planning dental treatments, the doctor chooses the best solution and places as many implants as are required in the jaw. In the most extreme circumstances, more than 12 implants are inserted, regardless of the patient’s limitations.

There are some tests that must be performed before your doctor decides how many implants to place in your jawbone. The first stage is to establish whether you have a condition that precludes the probability of an implantation. Examples include intoxication, untreated diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and so forth. If no exclusion criteria exists, he utilises a 3D scan to analyse the bone mass and density of the jaw and decide on the quantity and position of implants, as well as the necessity for bone replacement. Alternatively, a sinus lift.

Budapest dental implant therapy

The table below displays which prosthesis on implants our dentists execute in our Budapest clinic.

Simple implantations

If you are missing a single tooth, the Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Lahore will be implanted in its place. There will be as many implants as there are missing teeth. Wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced because they are not involved in chewing.

Furthermore, even if you are missing two adjacent teeth, two single implants will be put. The teeth near to the missing teeth are not filed down with this procedure, as is required with bridges.

implant for a bridge:

If you have at least three missing teeth next to each other, your dentist will use this technique. In this case, the screw will be inserted on the borders of the missing teeth, and after healing, these screws will serve as the abutments for the bridge, which will provide support for the bridge. The advantage of this procedure is that the bridge is held in place by the implant rather than the natural tooth, which is a significant advantage. As a result, good teeth, as well as teeth that have fallen out, are left untreated.

Even if implant bridges are required to replace 4 to 8 missing teeth, the dentist will opt for this method of tooth replacement. In this scenario, the dentist places one or more implants, as necessary, not only on the margins of the missing teeth, but also in the centre of the missing teeth, which act as a supporting pillar in the same way that the implants placed on the margins of the missing teeth work as a supporting pillar.

The All-on-6 or All-on-4 dental implant procedure is the most popular dental implant procedure in Budapest:

If you are missing all of your teeth, your dentist will perform this dental implant procedure in Budapest. Depending on the amount of bone mass in the jaw arch, the doctor will place 4 to 6 implants per arch. In the case of All-on-4, a doctor will attach a prosthesis to these screws. You and your dentist can remove All-on-4 for routine maintenance or cleaning because it is a removably attached solution.

In the case of the All-on-6, the implants are connected by a fixed bridge that is completely fixed. These are the most popular options in Lahore, and the majority of dental tourists travel to Budapest just for this type of implant dental treatment.

Dental treatment in Budapest that does not necessitate the use of dental implants:

When a patient is unable to receive an implant due to medical reasons or a lack of sufficient bone stock, denture options are available to them. The following list reveals which implants are used by dentists at our Budapest clinic that do not require the use of implants.

Dental bridges are used to connect two teeth together:

In this case, there are no more than three adjacent tooth gaps, and the surgery is appropriate. In this case, the dentist polishes the teeth adjacent to the margins of the missing teeth before placing the bridge on top of those teeth. A permanent and non-removable solution has been implemented here.

Prosthesis that can be taken out and cleaned:

Patients who have lost more than three teeth will be fitted with a detachable partial denture, which will be removable and will not be permanent.

If the patient’s entire dental arch is missing teeth, he or she will be fitted with a detachable prosthesis that is removable but can be temporarily linked to the gums using a variety of adhesives in order to move as little as possible during speaking and chewing in order to maintain stability.

Treatment periods in Lahore are as follows:

Treatment time for dental implants in Budapest is around one year.

In order to receive dental implant therapy in Budapest, two visits are required. Implantation of the screws takes place during the first session, and after the healing period has passed, the patient is fitted with a crown or bridge that is placed over the screws.

In Lahore, depending on the number of implants and crowns needed, the first appointment will take 2-3 working days, and the second visit will take 5-10 working days, depending on the number of crowns needed. There is a possibility that an extraction will be required prior to implant placement; for example, if the extracted tooth was inflamed; in this instance, both the extraction and the implantation will take done on separate appointments, needing three trips to Lahore for the entire procedure.

interior design styles

Treatment time for prostheses that do not include dental implants:

Developing implant-free solutions in Lahore can be accomplished in a single office visit. This condition necessitates a stay in Budapest for 5 to 8 working days, depending on the length of the writ.

If there was an extraction, the gums swelled as a result of the extraction, making it impossible for the bridge to conform adequately to the gums, necessitating two trips to Budapest. Following the extraction, the patient is provided with a temporary bridge to replace the lost tooth while it heals, and then, when the healing period has passed, he is provided with a final bridge that can be constructed in an artistic manner once the teeth and gums have recovered. This is especially important when it comes to front-tooth bridges.

How long do dentures last in the mouth?

Implant-based therapies have proven to be significantly more durable and resistant over time. Due to the fact that implants have a life expectancy of at least 50 years, they are a one-time investment. Crowns and bridges placed over implants should be replaced every ten to fifteen years, depending on their condition.

Bridges without implants are usually changed every 8 to 15 years, depending on their age. Because these bridges are connected to natural teeth, they are subjected to higher loads and may fail, necessitating the use of an implant treatment sooner rather than later.

In contrast to implants without implants, implant-based solutions have higher one-time costs and can only be completed in a few visits, but they are significantly more durable and less expensive in the long run than implants without implants.

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