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Who would have ever thought we ‘d be excited about pass phones again, but hera we are. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has come a long way from the humble flip telephone of decades past. It ‘s satiny, portable ( yes, you can finally put it in your movement jeans pocket ), and makes a meet “ snap ” phone when you fold it. however, it ‘s best to put a protective case on it. Although Samsung claims the latest passing of the Flip is 80 % more durable than earlier foldable versions, flip or folding phones do n’t have the best track record when it comes to lastingness. Samsung offers a one class guarantee — but it wo n’t help if a deft photograph goes wrong and your earphone goes flying out of your hands. If you ‘re not sold on a cover even, think about the price of replacing a smash screen. Samsung offers one discounted screen successor for $ 119 if you bought yours on or before December 31, 2020. differently, expect to pay $ 499 to replace the inner screen through Samsung. There are n’t arsenic many encase options for the Z Flip 3 as you ‘d find for the Galaxy Z Fold as of so far, although that could change in the near future. fortunately, the cases available give you enough of options based on how you use your device. The follow Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases and accessories are designed to protect your investment, reducing the chances you ‘ll have to pay about half the call ‘s cost to replace the sieve .

VRS Design QuickStand case

Give your hands a break and let the kickstand hold up your Z Flip 3

VRS Design QuickStand case


The rugged font by VRS is available at Amazon for about $ 30 and will prop your earphone astir without having to hold it up yourself or fold it in half. It could come in handy when you need to attend a video old world chat, or plainly want to watch a movie or presentation on the function. VRS even took the mechanical hinge into account, integrating protection into the case at the depart of the earphone that could be most vulnerable to damage. The case is available in three industrial-looking colors of felt black, green, or dark silver. The biggest drawback is the clunkiness of the case, which detracts from the Z Flip ‘s streamlined design. however, it ‘s still compatible with most wireless chargers, even if the armor around the call is hefty. Pros:

  • Full protection including hinge and corners
  • Three rich colors available
  • Kickstand for multiple viewing angles


  • Case can be large and clunky
  • Phone ports are considerably recessed

Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G silicone cover with strap

Strap your hand in and keep your Galaxy Z Flip 3 safe

Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G silicone cover with strap
This silicone cover straps your hand into the earphone shell for utmost security. Strapping in may sound curious, but some phone users may appreciate having call support around their hired hand, thanks to a bang-up and stylish wide strap. Samsung designed a bluff logo that reads “ Flip ” across the strap in bright colors. People who love labels will appreciate this fashionable touch. It ‘s presently available at the Samsung Store for $ 39.99 in bootleg or white. The silicone lawsuit will grip the earphone nicely and act as a decent shock absorber. however, I ‘ve found silicone cases to be “ sticky, ” collecting lint or evening getting stuck in a scoop due to the material ‘s fascinate. Regardless, you might get used to the strap design and never want to go back to a basic call cover again. Pros:

  • Silicone material provides protection
  • Wide strap wraps around your hand to secure the phone
  • Cool “Flip” logo on strap


  • Case may affect wireless charging
  • Metal hardware at the end of the strap may catch on items

Spigen Air Skin clear case

A thin, clear case that’s nearly invisible but will protect your phone

Spigen Air Skin clear case
The Z Flip comes in some sandbag colors, making it a crime to hide it behind a bulky case. You about forget you have a case on your Z Flip when you choose Spigen ‘s Air Skin for $ 24.99. It ‘s made of a light, crystal clear polycarbonate material that fits cubby to prevent your earphone from getting scratched, while providing some shock absorption should you drop it. One of the issues with a clear case is how it discolors over prison term. Spigen claims the polycarbonate ‘s clarity remains vitamin a clear as the master over fourth dimension. Between the case clearness and the low-profile fit, you wo n’t have to worry about the case detracting from Samsung ‘s bright earphone invention. Pros:

  • Clear, low-profile case with raised edges for protection
  • Compatible with all charging methods including wireless and plug-in
  • Slides in and out of pockets easily


  • No hinge protection
  • Fingerprints and oils may show more readily than other matte designs

Nakedcellphone case with clip for Galaxy Z Flip

Keep your Z Flip close to the hip for quick draws, cowboy style

Nakedcellphone case with clip for Galaxy Z Flip
Although the Galaxy Z Flip is small adequate to fit in your pocket when it ‘s folded, Nakedcellphone ‘s character can double as a knock holster so you can wear your device. A pouch-style holder may not be the first type of case you think about when looking into Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases. But if you prefer to handle the telephone without a chunky cover charge on it, the pouch-style cover is available to protect it when it ‘s not in use. Made of “ vegetarian leather, ” the event is $ 16.95 on Amazon. The case comes with an integrated trot that can attach to a bag or belt. There ‘s besides an integrated loop topology that you can run your belt through then your call is plug and close to your body. A magnetic closure on the lap keeps the case close — flush if you forget to close it yourself. Pros:

  • Made with durable faux leather and nylon
  • Includes a belt loop and clip
  • Can fit a phone already in a case


  • The pouch doesn’t protect while you’re handling the phone
  • Not a sleek case design

Spigen Tough Armor case

Protective case keeps your Flip phone — and even the hinge — intact

Spigen Tough Armor case
Spigen is long-familiar for creating quality cases for Samsung ‘s Galaxy course and the Tough Armor case may provide the most protective covering. You ‘ll find that most of the cases for this style of call come in two pieces, with no blanket or protective covering for the in-between hinge. Spigen ‘s Tough Armor Case has n’t forgotten about the overlook department. You can find the Tough Armor case on Amazon for $ 39.99. The subject is constructed with foam technical school that adds cushioning/shock resistance without excessively much bulk. Besides dangle auspices, the polycarbonate and TPU corporeal protect the Z Flip 3 from scratches. Pros:

  • Durable, shock-absorbing foam construction
  • Hinge protection
  • Integrated kickstand


  • only available in black

Samsung Silicone protective cover with ring

Lower the chances of dropping your phone

Samsung Silicone protective cover with ring
Some telephone users love having a resound or pop-up book socket at the back of their phones for easier grip while texting. The problem is, a silicone cover makes it future to impossible to peel and stick a call or socket to the back of a telephone — the nature of the silicone prevents the adhesive material from sticking. Samsung ‘s protective cover comes with a built-in gang. It serves double over duty — slip it through a finger or clip/hang your earphone from the gang. The Samsung cover retails for $ 32 and comes in three vintage colors of olive k, coral, and lavender, angstrom well as classic black or diaphanous to show off your telephone ‘s tone. It ‘s a good option if you ‘re a baron texter. Pros:

  • Silicone provides scratch protection and shock absorption
  • Clear and black are available, although the vintage-inspired colors are bold
  • The integrated ring for your finger keeps the phone secure while texting


  • Samsung ‘s original cases tend to be more expensive

Orzero Edge to Edge screen protector

Protect your Samsung’s glass surface with a full screen protector

Orzero Edge to Edge screen protector
A earphone shell does the job of protecting your earphone from outside scratches or the shock of getting dropped. however, the field glass screen can get a bunch of wear and tear from constantly tapping, swiping, and texting. Debris can cause small scratches on the glass, which could affect filmdom clarity over time. Orzero ‘s screen protectors are designed to fit edge to edge for wide coverage. You ‘ll get three ultra-thin sets to swap out over time for $ 15.99, although Orzero backs their four-layer, bubble-free protectors with a life substitute guarantee. The protectors look like glass, but they ‘re actually made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The feel is silky to the touch, delivering a glassy, high-definition look that keeps your Flip ‘s screen door looking post newfangled. Pros:

  • Edge-to-edge screen protection
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed to be bubble-free when you follow the installation instructions 


  • Bubbles may take 24 hours to disappear
  • Requires installation of three separate pieces for full coverage

How did we choose these Z Flip 3 cases and accessories?

As mentioned, there are n’t many cases or accessories for the new Z Flip 3 as of so far. however, there are even enough options to potentially make survival overpowering. To choose the products that made this roundup, we compared dozens of cases from Samsung and Amazon ‘s sites. To narrow down the selections, the finalists had to have customer reviews of four stars or greater and be available for Prime same- or next-day manner of speaking. Besides handiness and positivist customer reviews, features are cardinal. Rugged, durable materials such as silicone or polyfoams improve shock absorbency, reducing the chances that your call will shatter on shock after a fall. Designs with raised edges besides add bumper-like protection. Most importantly, a case with well-fitting interface openings that do n’t interfere with wireless charging are necessity — having to remove the case to charge the earphone or plug in a peripheral is a hassle .

Which Z Flip 3 case or accessory is right for you?

When deciding what type of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 case is best for you, there are a few things to consider. If you ‘re a purist, cases that add besides much bulk or excessively conceal the assume plan of the Flip 3 are a no-go. Try a reduce, guileless case such as the Spigen Air Skin clear case. When choosing a low-profile, minimalist lawsuit, check for adequate corner and hinge security to reduce the chances of serious damage to your Flip 3. If you have a history of shatter phones, a more rugged shell may be necessary. Spigen ‘s sum Armor or VRS Design ‘s QuickStand cases enclose the device with a hard shell. last, exponent texters or those who frequently stream videos or attend zoom meetings should look for a ring, strap, or kickstand to add function. The kickstand allows for hands-free use of the earphone without having to fold it. The ring or strap keeps your telephone securely attached to your hired hand or finger to reduce the chances of dropping it incidentally.

Case or accessory Price Material Color
VRS Design QuickStand $ 29.99 formative Matte black
Galaxy Z Flip 3 silicone covering $ 39.99 silicone White/green
Spigen Air Skin $ 24.99 formative clear
Nakedcellphone Galaxy Z Flip 3 pouch $ 14.95 Vegan leather black
Spigen Tough Armor $ 39.99 fictile total darkness
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cover with ring $ 31.92 Silicone/metal Coral, Green, Lavender, Olive green, clear
Orzero edge-to-edge filmdom defender $ 15.99 thermoplastic absolved

Can I use a Galaxy Z Flip case from an earlier model?

A shell is meant to snap on or match snuggly to absorb impingement and keep your phone protected. Using a lawsuit designed for an earlier model may not fit properly, causing issues. Debris can get into the improperly-fitting case, causing scratches on the phone ‘s blast. Stick with a shell entirely made for the Flip 3. While there are n’t many options available even, that should change over the future few months as more manufacturers roll out models that are made entirely for the Flip 3 .

Do I need a glass screen protector if I have a phone case?

As mentioned earlier, Samsung has made big improvements to its folding telephone models. The company claims the latest Galaxy Z Flip 3 is 80 % more durable than earlier models. however, the shield is the most significant separate of the phone. Installing a relatively cheap full screen defender, even if you have a case, could safeguard your investment, specially if you drop the telephone. In addition, crap and debris can make their room in — even when the phone is folded — causing scratches. It ‘s much easier and cheaper to swap out the defender than to replace a rub sieve.

Can I charge my Z Flip wirelessly if it has a case?

A quality Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 case should not interfere with wireless charging. however, hard, bulky cases that encapsulate the device could increase how long it could take to amply charge the telephone. When in doubt, ask the manufacturer before ordering a rugged, hard-shell casing. Monitor charging performance once you receive it. If you see a deviation in charging quality, you may have to weigh your options. You could remove the case each prison term you need to wirelessly charge, use a charge cable, or plainly choose a different case .

Are there alternative cases or accessories worth considering?

When it comes to exploring alternatives to a earphone font, there are n’t many options. The latest release of the Samsung Flip retails for about $ 2,000. Why take a find on an expensive screen substitute or internal hardware wrong to forego something that costs less than fifty bucks ? fortunately, there are cases that are clear, lightweight, and hardly obtrusive. They provide some protection/shock absorption without detracting from the earphone ‘s design .

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