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What is transfer credit?

Students who study at other post-secondary institutions may receive credit for their studies when they are admitted to York University. Students are assessed for transfer credit upon admission and receive a transplant credit affirmation outlining how their studies may be used to satisfy degree requirements at York. Transfer credit can besides be received for studies done via letters of permission to take courses at other universities while at York .

Why are the degree requirements satisfied by my transfer credit appearing as “not yet satisfied” on my degree progress report?

Although York University is working towards a university-wide plan on how to incorporate transfer credit into your on-line degree progress report, presently there are different approaches across faculties and programs. Some faculties and programs may enter the requirements waived or satisfied by transfer credit onto our degree audit system and they will appear as “ credits granted ” or rules which are “ forfeit ”. however, many faculties and departments do not presently follow this exercise and consequently the requirements appear as “ not yet satisfied ” .

How can I view the transfer credit for which I was assessed?

If you received transfer credit, the first section of your degree progress report will display the come of “ unspecified transplant credits ” received upon entree equally well as any credits granted as a leave of courses completed under a letter of permission. A connect to the transfer citation instruction will appear in the first section of the reputation. Click on the argument link to view and/or print your affirmation.

What about transfer credit received after my admission to York?

If you received credit as a leave of a letter of license, your transcript from the early mental hospital and the approved letter of permission is your phonograph record of the specific course taken. If you besides received transfer citation for specific courses such as “ course credit exclusions ” or substitutions approved by your staff or department, information is available to you through the personal correspondence you received from the department. Always retain copies of your personal commensurateness to facilitate any queries upon graduation.

Why is not all the transfer credit I received reflected on my degree progress report?

In some cases, transfer citation may have been applied to the degree requirements satisfied. In those cases, you will see results on your report indicated as “ credits granted ” or an entire necessity will appear as “ forfeit ”. You may find that not all your transplant accredit has been entered, particularly if you transferred faculties and programs. see you keep careful records of any credit satisfied through letters of license, course credit exclusions or approved substitutions and visit your staff advising office if you have questions or concerns .

How can I use my degree progress report if all transfer credit has not been applied?

If confirmed transfer recognition has not however been applied to any or all of the requirements satisfied on your degree progress report, you should :

  • View or print your degree progress report;
  • View or print your transfer credit statement;
  • Collect any correspondence you received regarding course credit exclusions, substitutions and other waivers granted by your faculty or department;
  • Collect your approved letters of permission and transcripts from other institutions;
  • Use your additional documentation to “check off” the areas satisfied on your printed degree progress report;
  • If you have any questions or concerns, book an appointment with your faculty advising office and take all documentation with you to that appointment.


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