Anatomy of a Yale dorm room

Ah, the college dormitory board : it ’ randomness cramped, it has fairy lights, and it looks like the home plate section at Target. It besides probably contains a roommate, who you might love, or you might hate. Either way, dorms surely teach you how to partake .
yale dorms have many of the essential characteristics that other dorms have, but they besides come with some pretty unique features. Think old fireplaces in common rooms*, wood floors, and bay windows overlooking gorgeous courtyards .

Fireplaces ! Courtyard views !

Though I live off campus this year, I in truth enjoyed animation in Yale dorms as a freshman and sophomore. I learned how to maximize my space in orderliness to have a rate for work and rest. here ’ s a immediate example on functional dormitory anatomy :
In college, beds are for eating, studying, and late-night conversations. Oh, and sleeping excessively. It ’ s a versatile outer space ! I constantly like to put photos and lights around my bed to keep it cozy and personal. The string lights besides provide some extra light for reading. Machine washable, durable bedding material is a must ( re : eating ). particularly in smaller freshman rooms, your bed is much one of the few spots you can truly call your own. so, the go to bed sphere is decidedly a place to customize for your needs and let your personality shine through .

My bed in Vanderbilt Hall my first year on the leave, and my bed sophomore year in Saybrook on the right. Get used to the twin XL size !
Depending on your study preferences, desks can serve different purposes. I tend to study in the library more often than in my room, because I find it ’ s more generative. thus, I use my desk partially as a dresser ( lol ), and partially as a space to write emails, check my homework answers, and do other light work. There ’ second an abundance of analyze spaces around Yale ’ mho campus ( literally dozens of libraries ), and when you ’ re on the fit it can be unvoiced to come back to your room to do work. Some people love studying in their room, others don ’ triiodothyronine. So get creative when utilizing your desk quad !

I kept enough of photograph on my desk sophomore class, and I used the drawers underneath to store my toiletries !
Designing your cupboard is mastering the artwork of strategic repositing. When you wake up at 9am and class is at 9:25, you need to have quick access to your wardrobe staples. You besides need to save space for formal wear, exercise gear, and lots of winter coats ( do NOT forget to pack this ! ). While the exact invention of your closet depends on whether you have a wardrobe or a wardrobe, every setup needs storehouse cube, a mirror, and some extra drawstring lights for visibility .

Showing off my newfangled parka in the hang mirror on the doorway of the cupboard I shared with my roommate first year
not every freshman dormitory has a long ton of floor space, but you should decidedly take advantage of whatever you ’ ve got ! Throw down a ball carrier rug to up the coziness, or keep enough distance absolved to roll out a yoga flatness for a promptly exercise. Get a utility handcart, side table, or ledge if you need extra storehouse. Buy some bean bags or folding chairs if you plan on using your board as a social outer space.

We had a window induct sophomore year, so I added a comfoter, pillows, and some lights to make it cozier and easier for friends to come hang out .
Long floor abruptly : maximize your space for your needs. Keep it functional, keep it fun, and enjoy the ~Yale aesthetic~ : )
*the fireplaces no longer work, so you can ’ t by chance set anything on fire



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