Yakuza 0: The Best Hostesses (How To Get Them & Their Ranks)

Managing Club Sunshine and taking it to the peak is a difficult feat. These fantastic hostesses, though, make the job a little easier. Yakuza 0 is easily one of the most alone and memorable video recording games of the modern age. The game smack of narrative noise across the board, but the fantastic appeal of this bizarre deed manages to wrap everything together in one neat software. It establishes an identity of its own, which is share of what makes the Yakuza serial such an excellent franchise .
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One of the most harbor side activities in the deed is managing Majima ‘s cabaret club. This side quest is imperative mood to unlocking Majima ‘s fight likely and attaining a short ton of money in the process. however, managing the cabaret club will become unmanageable without bang-up hostesses that can pull their weight. On that note, here are the best hostesses in Yakuza 0, and the tasks players must accomplish to obtain them.

Updated on July 26th, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Becoming the Cabaret Club Czar is amazingly addictive in Yakuza 0. Gathering a master of ceremonies of Yakuza 0 ‘s hostesses and employing them in Club Sunshine becomes a laughably absorbing side quest that will keep players busy for hours on end. It ‘s only a given that players who are invested in this minigame would want to figure out the best way to maximize their output in each Cabaret seance. Keeping this in mind, hera are some hostesses that are the cream of the crop in this see .

15 Shizuka

Shizuka in Yakuza 0
aureate hostesses are the best hostesses that players can attain in the game, aside from the six Platinum hostesses that are in a class of their own. frankincense, any stewardess that fits within this class is bound to be quite especial indeed .
Shizuka is no exception to this rule. Her high horsepower means she can be quite bouncy during arduous times with demanding clients, and her skill specialization means that those who want a stewardess that fits this bill will decidedly be please. Players need to  spend 3 CP at the shrine to get this hostess .

14 Seiko

Seiko in Yakuza 0
Seiko is a capital all-around in the front department, and the fact that she ‘s a Gold hostess surely adds more weight unit to her capabilities as a host. Like Shizuka ( or any other Gold hostess ), she ‘s a dependable member to keep on the team .
Her high Love stat makes her a great choice to tackle clients with this requirement. The 3 CP spent to get her at the Shrine will be more than worth it .

13 Koizumi

Koizumi in Yakuza 0
With high HP and Party stats, Koizumi is a great Yakuza 0 host for players to employ in Club Sunshine. Her extremely cunning looks are a major bonus equally well .
Along with the above two, Koizumi is one of the many hostesses that requires a 3 CP investment. however, she more than makes up for it with her amazing output and resilience. She ‘s a great pick for the club .

12 Akina

Akina in Yakuza 0
Akina is another hostess that can be obtained from the Shrine for 3 CP. She ‘s a big addition to the roll, chiefly due to her high talk and Skill stats .
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These stats can prove to be invaluable in moments when players need to employ highly-skilled hostesses near the latter half of the Cabaret Club Czar sidequest. here, Akina can truly glow and collapse guests the royal treatment they deserve .

11 Miss Isobe

Miss Isobe in Yakuza 0
The disco minigame can be slightly frustrating for players to wrap their heads around in Yakuza 0. however, players who finally get the hang of this quest with Majima can unlock a string of substories that are quite hilarious to watch blossom .
Completing both these stories will allow players to recruit Miss Isobe as a hostess. Her high HP and Party stats are to be expected — after all, she was a regular at the disco !

10 Akemi

Akemi in Yakuza 0
For a Silver Hostess, it ‘s amazing how versatile Akemi is. Her military capability — lecture and Skill — level up reasonably well and allow her to tackle customers in the late game. however, try to avoid using her during rival Battles. Akemi ‘s HP is extremely low, and she will suffer from fever attacks that take her HP down quite a bite .
Players can find Akemi at the west end of Shofukucho South. Majima needs to gift her an expensive watch or wallet in order to hire her as a hostess .

9 Unknown

Unknown in Yakuza 0
The friendship that Majima can develop with the mystery caller Simon makes for one of the more memorable substories in the stallion game. The musician ‘s interest spikes evening further when find out what the caller gives as a reward for bearing with his actions — a Gold hostess !
Unknown is well one of the most cryptic hostesses Majima can recruit for Club Sunshine, but she ‘s a welcome addition. not only are her lecture and Love stats great, but her high HP make her a valuable disengagement during rival Battles a well .

8 Dolly

Dolly in Yakuza 0
The friendship that Majima can develop with the Doll Girl ends up leading to Club Sunshine ‘s director getting a massive benefit. This comes in the form of a Gold Hostess — namely, the Doll Girl ‘s mother .
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competently named Dolly, this host can easily become a reliable extremity of the club. Her talk, Skill, and Love are all competent enough to handle the Wealthy and Mega-Rich clients that enter Club Sunshine .

7 Etsuko

Etsuko in Yakuza 0
At a glance, it might seem like hiring a grandma as a stewardess in Club Sunshine — specially an annoying and chatty person like Etsuko — might seem like a boneheaded motivate. however, Etsuko ends up being a fantastic host. In fact, some argue that she ‘s the best non-Platinum host in the entire crippled .
Getting Etsuko in Club Sunshine involves completing the substory The Obatarian Strikes on Sotenbori Street. After getting through this chain of events — and being thoroughly manhandled by Etsuko — she will become a valuable hostess for Club Sunshine .

6 Hibiki

Hibiki in Yakuza 0
Out of all the Platinum Hostesses that can be hired for Club Sunshine, one has to admit that Hibiki is the weakest of the bunch. Her stats might be capital, but her broken HP makes her a huge liability at times, specially during rival Battles. Hibiki is recruited automatically after winning the Rival Battle against Club Mercury.

Some Gold Hostesses are more reliable than Hibiki merely because of this fact. however, her high stats mean that her depleted HP does n’t pose much of a problem when it comes to managing the baseball club one day at a time .

5 Mana

Mana in Yakuza 0
In a way, the fact that Mana is the last stewardess to be hired in Club Sunshine hurts her efficiency. By this prison term, players will already have high-level hostesses, so there ‘s truly no necessitate to deal with Mana and her initial incompetence. She becomes a permanent member of Club Sunshine after the player wins the final Rival Battle against Club Moon .
however, people who end up playing the cabaret golf club sidequest long after it ‘s required will find themselves enjoying the services of a capital hostess. hush, Mana doesn’t actually do anything meaningful due to the lack of any rival Battles .

4 Chika

Chika in Yakuza 0
A Platinum Hostess who ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful as she is effective, Chika is recruited by Club Sunshine after putting an end to Club Venus. This is easily one of the hard Rival Battles to get through in the game .
however, the goal result is worth it. Chika ends up being an fabulously all-around Yakuza 0 host, who will decidedly serve the actor well as they progress towards unseating the final Cabaret Club around — Club Moon .

3 Saki

Saki in Yakuza 0
This Platinum Hostess has incredible stamen and never takes a minute off from work. Saki is easily one of the best additions to the staff of Club Sunshine, and ends up proving her worth time and prison term again .
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She ‘s well one of the most reliable yakuza 0 hostesses about. Players should make it a priority to beat Club Jupiter as soon as possible, in order to recruit Saki as a hostess for the club .

2 Ai

Ai in Yakuza 0
The second Platinum Hostess to join Club Sunshine ends up playing a huge function in ensuring the success of the club as Majima decides to tackle harder opposition in the area of Sotenbori. She can be recruited after defeating Club Mars in a Rival Battle .
Ai ‘s high stats make her a great all-arounder and a valuable asset to Club Sunshine. The fact that she comes to the club so early means that she has an ample sum of time to develop. She can easily become a high-level host who can tend to pretty much every node ‘s needs .

1 Yuki

Special Training in Yakuza 0
Yuki initially seems preferably faint. In truth, though, she ‘s an excellent yakuza 0 host who ends up improving her stats dramatically over time. Her development skyrockets in tandem with her fictional character losing her shy nature, as the actor progresses through this sidequest .
Yuki is a give, and not good because she’s one of the starting hostesses that players can use from the get-go. Her agile development and massive stats mean that she ‘s a tour-de-force, regardless of the situation .
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