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When it comes to the best Xbox Series X /S Accessories, the flip international relations and security network ’ t precisely the limit. At least, not yet. There is a good count of excellent gaming headset options, and there are quite a few controllers and charging bases to choose from equally well. however, vitamin a far as H.O.T.A.S. and yokes, you ’ ll be distressed to find a fortune of high-grade choices out there, though we are looking forward to testing new ones that will be hitting the shelves soon. This international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate surprise as the cabinet is only about a class honest-to-god, and we ’ ra not out of the woods – or quite, the big component deficit of 2020-2021 – just even. This makes choosing authentic Xbox S eries X/S accessories a tad catchy, which is why we are here to help. We ’ ve put together a list of all the best Xbox Series X/S accessories keeping in mind quality, budget, and functionality. It international relations and security network ’ t a massive list, but rest assured we will be adding to it as more great options trickle in .

TL;DR – These are our picks for the Best Xbox Series X/S Accessories:

1. Xbox Wireless Headset

Best headset for Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Wireless Headset Xbox Wireless


Interface: Wireless | Connectivity: Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 | Features: Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone : ten While there are respective excellent Xbox Series X/S headsets out there to choose from, you can not go incorrect with the one built specifically for Series X/S gaming. The Xbox Wireless Headset, albeit not perfect, comes with all the tools you need to get immersed, from Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone : x corroborate to Xbox Wireless connectivity, which leaves more USB ports on the console table rid for other accessories. interim, all other headsets on the market offer support for one or two of these features, but never all of them. Thanks to its bang-up revolve auricle cup dials, which controls the book and game/chat poise, the Xbox Wireless Headset is intuitive and easy to use, a boon during tense game moments. Its ultra-soft earcups, light weight and customizable fit, on the other hand, keeps things comfortable throughout your sessions. Best of all, the price is right, which means it ‘s accessible to most gamers, regardless of budget .

2. Xbox Core Controller

Best controller for Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Core Controller Xbox Core


Interface: Wireless | Connectivity: Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth | Features: Hybrid D-pad, textured grapple on triggers and bumpers, multi-device compatibility The Xbox Core control is adenine close to perfection as you get, and considering all the big alternatives out there, that ’ s decidedly saying a bunch. A nice promote from its harbinger, it comes with enhancements that make your Xbox X/S experience a unharmed lot fluent. so, if you ’ ve been an Xbox crippled pre-X/S consoles, you ’ ll be happy to know that it offers a companion shape factor while inaugurate a few newfangled, if minor, improvements like a share button, textured bobby pin, and an easier to use the D-pad. If you are an Xbox virgo of sorts, you ’ ll appreciate its beautifully sculpted frame, a well as satisfying to use buttons, triggers and bumpers – angstrom well as the fact that you won ’ metric ton have to go through hoops to connect it to the cabinet. It ’ s got multi-device connectivity adenine well so that if you need a break from console table gambling and want to switch to PC, you know you can rely on it and its Bluetooth connectivity. You can even make it your own by visiting the Xbox Design Lab to give it personalized coats of key that match your stylus. Loading

3. Logitech G923 TrueForce

Best racing wheel for Xbox Series X/S

Interface: Wired | Connectivity: USB | Features: Closed-loop motor dominance, TrueForce engineering on some games, on-wheel game controls Logitech has taken its older racing wheel models, put them in concert in one full-bodied software, and added in what it calls its TrueForce technical school that delivers extra sensations and vibrations designed to make your game feel a piece more realistic. And, so you ’ ve got the Logitech G923, a steering-wheel-and-pedals jazz band that gives you a richer, more immersive race and driving have.

Adding to that realism is its ability to continuously adjust the voltage flowing through its motors, a agio brushed metallic element human body, and automotive-style leather stitching around the wheel. This is a toy that won ’ triiodothyronine feel like a toy dog, and it ’ ll see you through all the racing games on Xbox Series X/S ( or PS5, for that topic, as there ’ s a Sony comfort translation is available a well ) as if you ’ ra inside the game yourself. There may be budget options out there that will set you back less, but if you want the best, this is more than worth its mid-range price chase .

4. Razer Atrox

Best fight stick for Xbox Series X/S

Interface: Wired | Connectivity: USB | Features: Fully interchangeable buttons and panel, Sanwa components, fully-mod capable There aren ’ t a set of arcade or contend sticks on bridge player for Xbox Series X/S at the here and now, and the ones that are available aren ’ t actually reliable. fortunately, Razer is here to save the day with the Razer Atrox, which is immediately in full compatible with the new consoles. It boasts all the controls you ’ ll always need for all those fighting games, and then some, ampere well as high-grade ( and actual ) Sanwa components and an authentic arcade layout for a dab of nostalgia. More than just a regular arcade stand by, however, it ’ randomness fully customizable and mod-capable, with not precisely exchangeable top jury, buttons and joystick, but besides an easily accessible inner platform and a honeycomb structure for casual ride. And, it ’ s a ambition for modding maniac everywhere .

5. Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand

Best controller charger for Xbox Series X/S

Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand Razer Universal Quick Charging


Interface: Wired | Connectivity: USB Type C to Type A | Features: Quick commit, magnetic contact system, overload protection There ’ s no sense in powering your Xbox Wireless Controller with AA batteries when you can plainly get a rechargeable battery. The merely thing is that you ’ re alone up to 30 hours rather of the 40 hours that AA batteries promise. fortunately, you ’ ve got something like the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox, which lets you wirelessly juice up your restrainer, available. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which, when fully, lasts for three hours. For base hit, it comes with overcharge​ protective covering to prevent overheating and short​ circuit, a well as a magnetic contact system so that your accountant is secure and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate unhorse or gulf at every knock or blow. It besides comes in six different colors so you can get one that matches your accountant. Plus, you don ’ metric ton even need an available USB port on your console table, as it can be hooked up to any USB wall spark plug, leaving those valued few ports on your console table unblock for other peripherals .

6. Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Best storage expansion drive for Xbox Series X/S

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox 1TB SSD Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox 1TB


Interface: Storage Expansion port | Connectivity: Storage Expansion port | Features: Compatible with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, Quick Resume, Up to 2TB capacity The Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB internal SSD drive and the Xbox Series S offers a 512GB drive, but in the gambling world, those are barely adequate, specially for hard-core gamers. fortunately, Microsoft has accounted for that, giving these consoles the ability to expand its storage with memory card-style SSDs that you can easily slot into them without needing a free USB port. Enter the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which slots easily into that storage expansion port, expanding your port to up to 2TB.

Because it ’ s designed specifically for these consoles, it offers seamless consolidation into the Xbox Velocity Architecture and delivers fast, lag-free read and write capabilities, allowing you to focus on your crippled without being distracted ( or frustrated ) by sluggish transfer speeds. Since it is an SSD, it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to be brassy, with the 2TB capacity setting you back $ 400. But, the price of entry model international relations and security network ’ t besides bad if you ’ re on a budget, and it gives you an supernumerary 512GB of storage space. Michelle Rae Uy is a mercenary technical school and travel writer, part-time production editor program, and a full-time traveler from Los Angeles, California. She presently splits her time between Los Angeles, London and the respite of the world. Follow her on Instagram @ straywithRae .

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