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On the hunt for the fastest WordPress hosting to serve up your WordPress site ? You ’ ve probably heard about the importance of making your web site load fast. It makes your visitors happier, it helps with SEO…it ’ south just broadly truly significant. And while yea, there are all kinds of WordPress operation tips you can implement to make your site load faster, your site ’ south host is always going to play one of the biggest roles in how promptly your web site loads ( particularly if you ’ ve already optimized the other stuff ).

To help you find the fastest WordPress server that besides matches your budget, we went hands-on with eight democratic WordPress hosts and ran real speed tests. The end goal of this post is to help you find a host that can offer you the performance you want, at the price you want. You ’ re probably here for the hard data, so we ’ ll start by sharing all the data in an easy-to-compare table format. then, we ’ ll dig into each master of ceremonies in more detail and besides share some tips for finding the fastest WordPress hosting for your specific needs. Note – we most recently updated this post in August 2021 with all new tests/data.

The Fastest WordPress Hosting: What the Data Says

If you precisely want the absolute fastest WordPress hosts based on our quiz, here are our three recommendations based on their travel rapidly, price, and features ( wide datum and more info below ) :

Host Starting Price Load Time
Kinsta 👈 $ 30 per calendar month 🏆 1.43 randomness
WPX Hosting 👈 $ 25 per month 1.46 randomness
Cloudways 👈 $ 10 per month
( budget pick ) 💰
1.52 second

nowadays let ’ s dig in ! To find the fastest WordPress host, we set up a real trial locate at every single one of the hosts on this list. then, we ran our test sites through a duet of focal ratio test tools : Below the table, we ’ ll explain what each metric actually means, adenine well as how we set up our trial site :

Host Starting Price (per month) Load Time (WPT) TTFB (WPT)
Kinsta $ 30.00 1.43 second 🏆 0.099 mho 🏆
WPX Hosting $ 24.90 1.46 second 🏆 0.108 second
Cloudways $ 10.00 1.52 s 0.115 south
flywheel $ 15.00 1.52 sulfur 0.057 s 🏆
WP Engine $ 30.00 1.54 s 0.115 s
InMotion Hosting $ 5.99 💰 1.57 randomness 0.116 randomness
DreamHost $ 16.95 1.61 second 0.250 mho
SiteGround $ 6.99 💰 1.80 mho 0.511 mho
  • 🏆 = performed in the top two in that category
  • 💰 = the two cheapest options

Performance Metrics Explained

To collect the WebPageTest datum, we used a elementary background test from Chicago, Illinois with a native traffic connection. We collected two metrics :

  • Load Time (Document Complete) – this is what most people think of as a website being “fully loaded”. According to the WebPageTest documentation, it’s “the time from when the user started navigating to the page until the Document Complete event (usually when all of the page content has loaded)”.
  • Time to First Byte – this how long it takes for the first bit from your server to arrive. It shows how responsive a host’s server is.

We configured WebPageTest to run nine separate tests and take the median value, which should eliminate single-test discrepancy. That is, all of the data in the table above is the median result from nine unlike tests. WebPageTest data is valuable, but it only gives the load times for a single “ visitor ”. however, in the substantial world, your locate will have more than one visitor at the same meter. Because of that, it ’ south authoritative that your host can load your site just as fast for the fiftieth visitor as it does for the first one. That ’ south where the BlazeMeter datum comes in. BlazeMeter simulates 50 “ people ” visiting your locate at the like time. That room, you can see how each host performs under scale. here are the details for our BlazeMeter tests :

  • Test location: Virginia, USA
  • Visitors: 50
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Ramp up steps: Visitors increase every minute, starting from zero and building up to 50 active visitors for the last minute.

We ’ ll share the BlazeMeter chart for each host below. One thing to keep in thinker, however, is that most managed WordPress hosts implement some type of firewall/DDoS protection, so some hosts blocked some of the requests in our quiz. If you see a senior high school erroneousness rate in the BlazeMeter charts, this is the result of an hyperactive firewall, not necessarily inadequate performance.

How Our Test Site Was Set Up

To simulate a real site and create a consistent test event, we used the lightweight Airi composition and one of its importable Elementor demonstration sites. sol, our “ wax ” test site includes :

  • The Airi theme as the base
  • A homepage design built with the Elementor page builder

here ’ s the accurate Airi show web site that we ’ ra using.

Fastest WordPress Hosting: Compared in More Detail

now that you have a beneficial theme of how each host performs in objective speed tests, let ’ s take a deeper front at their features american samoa well as Load Impact data to see how they stood up under scale.

  • Plan Tested: Starter
  • Load Time: 1.432 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.099 s
  • Starting price/mo: $30

Kinsta is a popular cloud-managed WordPress host that uses the Google Cloud Platform to help you host your WordPress site. Kinsta besides layers on its own optimize technical school smokestack with Nginx, server-level hoard via Fast_CGI, and other enhancements. In addition to offering stellar performance, Kinsta has one of the best-looking host dashboards out there, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as lots of convenient features like :

  • Automatic daily backups
  • Easy staging sites
  • Free SSL certificate and one-click install
  • Firewalls/malware scans
  • A free hack-fix guarantee if something gets through

You besides get some nice value-adds, such as the addition of a CDN and premium DNS services at no extra price. Kinsta ’ s plans start at $ 30 per calendar month for a one web site.

👉 Our full Kinsta reappraisal

View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

Kinsta WebPageTest Results

Kinsta WebPageTest results

Kinsta BlazeMeter Results

Kinsta BlazeMeter results

  • Plan Tested: Business
  • Load Time: 1.463 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.108 s
  • Starting price/mo: ~$25

WPX Hosting is a very interesting choice if you need to host multiple WordPress sites. It ’ second managed WordPress hosting but, unlike most managed WordPress hosts, even the entry-level plan lets you host multiple websites ( up to five ). It does this for a slenderly lower price than competing hosts such as Kinsta and WP Engine. As the data shows, though, it doesn ’ thyroxine scant on performance — WPX Hosting ranked second in our tests and wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate far behind Kinsta. All of WPX Hosting ’ s plans come with :

  • Free/one-click SSL certificates
  • A built-in CDN at no extra cost
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Malware scans and free malware removal if anything shows up
  • Staging sites
  • Your choice of three data centers — USA, UK, or Australia

In terms of prices, WPX Hosting starts at $ 25 per month for up to five websites. Two things to note about WPX Hosting ’ s price :

  1. They don’t bill you by visitors like many other managed WordPress hosts — you’ll only pay based on your bandwidth and storage.
  2. Staging sites count as full websites for billing purposes. So one production site + one staging site = two websites in terms of your plan limits.

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View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

WPX Hosting WebPageTest Results

WPX Hosting test from WebPageTest

WPX Hosting BlazeMeter Results

WPX Hosting BlazeMeter results

  • Plan Tested: $10 DigitalOcean plan – 1 GB RAM, 1 processor core
  • Load Time: 1.522 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.115 s
  • Starting price/mo: $10 (depends on cloud provider)

Cloudways is not a master of ceremonies itself. rather, it ’ s a oversee host avail that lets you choose your own cloud VPS provider from a list of options, including :

  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud

No matter which cloud provider you choose, you ’ ll get an optimize performance stack, a built-in CDN, and useful features such as :

  • One-click staging sites
  • Easy/free SSL certificates
  • One-click WordPress installs
  • Automatic backups

The one downside is that Cloudways is a little act more complicate than your average WordPress host. however, it ’ randomness surely still something that a non-developer can handle — I just wouldn ’ metric ton recommend it if this is your beginning time launching a WordPress web site. The boastful top is that Cloudways is able to offer exceeding operation for a lower price than all of the other top-performing hosts on this list. For reference book, our test site is using the cheapest DigitalOcean droplet, which costs barely $ 10 per calendar month. Your accurate speeds may vary depending on the cloud provider that you choose. however, in cosmopolitan, all of the obscure providers offer excellent performance. If you ’ re actually obsessed with accelerate, you can play around with the newly-released Vultr High Frequency servers. One neat thing is that Cloudways offers a 3-day exempt trial. then if you ’ ra concern, spin up a examination site and see how it works for you. 👉 Our full Cloudways review

View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

Cloudways WebPageTest Results

Cloudways WebPageTest results

Cloudways BlazeMeter Results

Cloudways BlazeMeter results

  • Plan Tested: Tiny
  • Load Time: 1.516 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.057 s
  • Starting price/mo: $15

Note – Flywheel was acquired by WP Engine in 2019. While this has led to some standardization (e.g. in pricing), the two are still run separately and have separate infrastructure. Flywheel is a democratic oversee WordPress master of ceremonies that used to target itself chiefly towards creatives, freelancers, and agencies. however, in late times, they ’ ve moved towards a more mainstream audience, and anyone can benefit from Flywheel ’ south host services ( though if you do build websites for clients, Flywheel still has tons of convenient features for that ). Like Kinsta, Flywheel uses Google Cloud Platform ’ s infrastructure to baron its plans. beyond that, they have tons of helpful features like :

  • Staging sites
  • Automatic backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Built-in CDN (extra charge on lower-tier plans)
  • 24/7 support

Flywheel ’ s plans start at fair $ 15 per month with the Tiny design, which is the design we tested. This plan has all the features, but a low traffic limit ( just 5,000 visitors ). Higher tier plans start at $ 30 per calendar month. Excluding the Tiny plan, Flywheel ’ sulfur prices are identical to WP Engine. As an consequence of the WP Engine skill, all Flywheel customers now besides get access to the Genesis Framework and StudioPress child themes at no extra cost.

View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

Flywheel WebPageTest Results

Flywheel WebPageTest results

Flywheel BlazeMeter Results

Flywheel BlazeMeter results

  • Plan Tested: Startup
  • Load Time: 1.536 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.115 s
  • Starting price/mo: $30

WP Engine is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosts out there. All of the WP Engine plans come with staging sites, automatic updates and backups, integrated CDN, and enough of other helpful tools. One clean thing is that WP Engine recently acquired the Genesis Framework and all of StudioPress ’ Genesis child themes. These themes are immediately included at no excess cost as character of every WP Engine plan. WP Engine ’ s plans start at $ 30 per month and go up from there.

View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

WP Engine WebPageTest Results

WP Engine WebPageTest results

WP Engine BlazeMeter Results

Note — we were unable to get accurate test results because of WP Engine ’ s firewall blocking most requests. We ’ ve still included the chart, however. WP Engine BlazeMeter results

  • Plan Tested: WP-1000S
  • Load Time: 1.572 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.116 s
  • Starting price/mo: $5.99

InMotion Hosting is a well-known budget host that ’ randomness recently made the jump into managed WordPress hosting with a sic of low-cost plans. Their plans come with automatic pistol WordPress updates, free SSL certificates, and loose backups ( automatic pistol on all tiers except the brassy ). And on the higher grade plans, you can besides get access to the agio tiers of Jetpack at no supernumerary monetary value, fair like DreamPress offers. InMotion Hosting didn ’ t have the best operation in our tests, but its cheapest tier — the WP-1000S plan that we tested — starts at equitable $ 5.99 per month with promotional price, which hush offers good value when you consider the price.

View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

InMotion Hosting WebPageTest Results

InMotion Hosting WebPageTest results

InMotion Hosting BlazeMeter Results

InMotion BlazeMeter results

  • Plan Tested: DreamPress
  • Load Time: 1.613 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.250 s
  • Starting price/mo: ~$17

DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosts out there, founded all the way back in 1996. DreamPress, the host plan we tested, is DreamHost ’ s managed WordPress offer. It comes with day by day automatic rifle backups, unmetered bandwidth, and 24/7 support. And on higher-tier plans, you ’ ll besides get a built-in CDN, equally well as access to the ( normally paid ) Jetpack Professional plan at no supernumerary cost. With plans starting at just $ 16.95, DreamPress is a good rate option. however, you ’ ll need at least the $ 24.95 DreamPress Plus plan if you want Jetpack Professional and the included CDN.

View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

DreamHost WebPageTest Results

DreamHost WebPageTest results

DreamHost BlazeMeter Results

DreamHost BlazeMeter results

  • Plan Tested: GrowBig
  • Load Time: 1.799 s
  • Time to First Byte: 0.511 s
  • Starting price/mo: $6.99

SiteGround is a popular WordPress host that manages to combine pretty fast page burden times, some managed WordPress features, and bang-up patronize into one amazingly low-cost package. If you ’ re on a budget and want the best slam for your vaulting horse, SiteGround is one of your dear options ( though I ’ five hundred still rank it behind Cloudways ). While the prices are relatively depleted, you still get access to :

  • The latest technologies, including PHP 7.4+
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Staging sites (excluding the entry-level plan)
  • A custom hosting dashboard
  • Great support

SiteGround ’ s plans start for arsenic little as $ 6.99 per calendar month, though we tested the $ 9.99 per month GrowBig plan. however, make sure to pay attention to the differences between promotional prices and regular prices, as the difference can be large. If you want to use SiteGround, we recommend trying to lock in three years of promotional prices. While it will cost you more upfront, it will save you a lot of money in the retentive guide.

View WebPageTest and BlazeMeter results :

SiteGround WebPageTest Results

SiteGround WebPageTest results

SiteGround BlazeMeter Results

SiteGround BlazeMeter results

Tips to Choose the Fastest WordPress Hosting For Your Site

When you ’ re trying to choose the best host for your specific needs, hera are some things to consider :

  • Data center locations – while a CDN can mitigate this issue, you still want to find a host that offers data centers near your target readers.
  • Think about your traffic – if your site is relatively low traffic, you might be fine with one of the budget options. However, for high-traffic sites, you want to make sure your chosen host did great in the Load Impact test. You’ll see that the higher-priced hosts usually differentiate themselves when performing under scale.
  • Price – finding the fastest WordPress hosting company isn’t just about the overall winner. It’s about finding the best option that fits your budget. Paying an extra $30 per month just to save a couple fractions of a second might not be worth it for you, especially if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

Which Host Should You Choose?

again, there ’ s no single winner here — it actually depends on your needs. however, as we indicated at the begin, Kinsta and WPX Hosting had the best overall performance. Of the two, Kinsta stood out, but WPX Hosting will be much cheaper if you need to host multiple websites. If you ’ ra looking for something more on the budget end and you aren ’ metric ton a extremely technical user, SiteGround is a great entry-level choice that will still get you pretty good performance without breaking the bank, particularly if you need to host multiple sites. If you merely need to host a individual web site, InMotion Hosting is besides a solid option. last, if you ’ re a little more technical, Cloudways can be a bang-up choice because you ’ ll get surprisingly dear operation for angstrom little as $ 10 per calendar month. I recommend the entry-level DigitalOcean box if you want the cheapest option. Or, if you ’ re willing to pay a few dollars more, check out the new Vultr HF servers ( high frequency ). Have any questions about the fastest WordPress hosting? Ask away in the comments!

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