7 Reliable WordPress Hosting for Agencies

optimum performance, uptime, and defend are three crucial prerequisites out of many that a WordPress host servicing must provide, no matter if you are hosting your clients ’ web site or yours .
As an representation, your responsibilities increase more as you need to manage multiple client sites, optimize site performance, arrogate and control permissions wisely, and streamline your work flow seamlessly .
Because of all these requirements, you need to choose a authentic WordPress host serve. It will provide essential features that help you simplify managing multiple sites without compromising operation and security .
These features may include easy ownership transfer, farinaceous entree controls, user-friendly user interface, web site migration, updates and backups, CDN and SSL, choice of datum centers, 24/7 technical, and more with a elastic charge structure.

All these capabilities would help you deliver high-quality service to your clients, win their trust, and grow your business more .
You may besides wonder why WordPress and what ’ mho in it for agencies choosing WordPress host .
The reason is, this open-source chopine offers a simplified process to build websites, and even newbies can manage it without a developer ’ south serve. It besides has 50k+ plugins for diverse purposes, including design, SEO, security, performance, and many more .
WordPress comes with a wide image of themes and templates and other attractive capabilities to design, wield, and launch sites with ease ; no wonder why more than 41 % of all websites on the internet use WordPress .

so, when you search WordPress host services on the internet, you ’ ll get enough of options out there, each offering especial features, tools, and other capabilities. But, ultimately, it becomes confusing what would work for you .
It brings you to the question – which is the best WordPress host for agencies ?
This is why I ’ ve come up with this number of some of the most authentic WordPress host that agencies can reap utmost benefits from .
so, let ’ s check out these WordPress host services to decide which can work the best for you .


Agency Partner Program by Kinsta allows agencies to build, plunge, and manage client sites easily. It is designed particularly for creative and web agencies involved in managing WordPress hosting for clients ’ sites .
Kinsta takes manage of web site migration regardless of its complexity if your site is hosted elsewhere. From portfolio sites to large eCommerce stores, they can handle all types of sites and migrate them absolutely to Kinsta without downtime .
Being a Kinsta collaborator, avail FREE hosting for your site on their Pro plan and achieve the lapp security and performance as other Kinsta Customers along with a 5-star customer corroborate team. Add your logo quickly using the white-labeled clear cache plugin they provide for better stigmatize and visibility .
Using their web site transmit joyride, web site label, and locate rename, you can organize all the sites neatly or perform quick ownership transportation in minutes. In addition, the collaborator program gives you access to Beta tools that you can test and provide feedback to Kinsta so they can offer better services to agencies .

They offer a robust MyKinsta dashboard equipped with several helpful tools to manage the sites, enable WP_DEBUG, search & replace, and more efficiently. Kinsta APM is besides included in MyKinsta – an efficient app performance monitor tool that helps you debug dense WordPress websites .
furthermore, they offer DevKinsta – a potent even square local anesthetic development tool for agencies and developers. You besides get SSL support and a complete host stack to launch your WordPress websites in a few clicks. early features included in it are swift server-level hoard, auto-scaling platform built on top of Google Cloud Platform to handle senior high school traffic .
In summation, you get regular malware scans, Cloudflare firewall, DDoS protection, automatic pistol day by day backups, self-healing PHP, database optimizations every workweek, uptime monitor every 2 minutes, multilingual hold, and more .
Kinsta ’ s WordPress hosting plans for agencies starts from US $ 300/month for 20 WordPress installs, 50 GB storage, 400k visits, and free SSL and CDN .

WP Engine

Accelerate your business with WP Engine ’ s WordPress hosting service and create an incredible digital experience for your clients. It helps you build very well websites and launch them quickly with better SEO, conversions, and humble bounce rates .
WP Engine ’ sulfur advanced and simplified platform reduces engineering hurdles and processes so you can reap more profits by landing more projects and opening new tax income streams. additionally, it lets you transform your ideas into reality with valuable tools and features such as Dev, SSH Gateway, Stage, SFTP, Git, and Prod Environments .

apart from these, they offer launch readiness assessments and technical onboarding so you can get started without confusion or hassles. Plus, WP Engine makes certain the web host is configured correctly with real-time threat signal detection, absolve SSL certificates by Let ’ s Encrypt, global CDN, EverCache ( their proprietorship caching technology ), and WordPress updates .
They have partnered with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services to provide you with enterprise-level solutions, delivering lightning-fast, secure, scalable, and highly available services. In addition, they take care of optimizing GCP and AWS for WordPress that saves you clock time .
WP Engine besides has a partner program to support your organizational goals by offering promote developer tools, lead referrals, and co-marketing opportunities .


SiteGround is undoubtedly one of the best web host platforms, even for agencies that WordPress itself recommends. It lets you develop, do, and launching multiple websites seamlessly with its fantastic tools and features .
Leverage their automated web site apparatus sorcerer and create a brand new site within minutes using the host box. future, you can manage everything using a unmarried, easy-to-use dashboard and access Site Tools cursorily for each web site and options to delete or suspend sites .
once the web site is ready, you can deliver it quickly to your clients and transfer the ownership with a few simple clicks. You can besides recommend the best web hosting plan with extra services to your clients for the new site and help them with their adjacent steps. In addition, you can choose to remain as a collaborator for the locate .
On their overcast and Go Geek plans, it ’ s possible to register the clients as users within your hosting account while giving white-label access to them for Site Tools. As a solution, they wouldn ’ thymine see SiteGround ’ south name or logo anywhere when they access their web site ’ sulfur Site Tools. speak of Site Tools, they are intuitive and powerful to allow complete control on each web site you own or wangle .

You can upload files easily on the sites using file coach, staging creature, and FTP director built for WordPress. Make agile code updates, develop faster, and better control your environment with tools such as WordPress staging, PHP interpretation controls, WP-CLI, MySQL director, Git integration, SSH, and more.

Enjoy release CDN and SSL, automatic pistol updates, WordPress hoard, IP blocker, and other helpful tools to boost the site speed and security. You besides get WordPress Starter Plugin to build a in full functional web site designed professionally with essential functionalities such as touch forms, portfolios, or on-line stores .
SiteGround offers Migrator Plugin for FREE, so you can migrate any count of sites as you want without changing configurations or facing hurdles. In addition, use their SG Optimizer plugin that helps optimize your app and facilitates dynamic hoard. You can besides utilize faineant prototype load, HTML and CSS minifications, and more for better site operation .


scale and succeed by building more quality sites that your clients love with the vane hosting service by Flywheel. You can add more gross streams and reorganize your team using their simplified splashboard and other valuable tools .
Managing WordPress host, collaborating with your colleagues, and bill clients has become a cakewalk with Flywheel. You can besides collaborate well with stakeholders outside your means, such as clients, freelance developers, testers, and so forth, by adding them as collaborators with access to site management, database updates, and file edit .
Don ’ t concern about sharing crucial data with them, as they will get separate person logins that work with SFTP and Flywheel ’ s splashboard. In accession, your team members inside the organization can besides create new websites, request charge, and push changes into the production phase .

Get real-time action logs to learn who is doing what in your team and make better strategies. Besides, you can accelerate web site creation using templates of the plugins and themes you love using. In this manner, you don ’ t have to install everything one by one, which cuts a significant development meter .
Use their staging environment to make web site updates easily in a sandbox environment. It helps you push changes directly to the production phase with a snap. Flywheel ’ s subscribe team is besides excellent, and you can besides seek help oneself from their in-depth software documentation .
Some of their impressive features are blazing-fast lode prison term with no shape, lots of data plaza options across the globe, WordPress optimized servers, and CDN for extra accelerate. In addition, you get security system features like rid SSL certificates, daily night backups, agile SFTP access, and free web site cleanups to prevent hacks .
Give it a judge to Flywheel today .


Deliver extraordinary site experiences to all your clients using the performance-focused web hosting for agencies by Cloudways that helps you and your clients grow. They have been serving agencies for the stopping point ten years and have hosted 600k+ WordPress sites with 120k+ active servers and 72 NPS core .
You can create workflows and add members for efficient collaboration and plan management. Choose from the best five IaaS cloud providers such as Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS, Linode, and Vultr to launch the site and choose any number of servers .
You can launch diverse sites, from building complex multitier world wide web apps to simple websites using WordPress, PHP, Magento, or others. Their intuitive platform helps you wield and deploy mission-critical sites quickly with a click .

In addition, you get pre-configured sophisticate hoard technologies to offer remarkable site experiences. Cloudways offers helpful features that simplify the processes of your agency. It includes 1-click locate staging to make updates without interrupting the production sites, installing and managing unlimited sites on the dedicated obscure server .
You can make discriminate copies of your sites or clone the accomplished waiter with a suction stop. furthermore, they offer WordPress optimized and scalable web hosting with performance-boosting features like progress caches and CloudwaysCDN to support all WooCommerce stores and WordPress sites .
Cloudways offers FREE web site migration services a well to save you from migration hassles. Their price starts from $ 10/month for 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 1 TB bandwidth, and 25 GB storage .


Power your customer websites with a authentic, scalable, and guarantee web hosting service by Pressable. They offer managed WordPress hosting for agencies with a complete set up of valuable tools, high-performance technologies, and support .
Pressable is suitable for agencies of all sizes as they offer low-cost and feature-rich packages, allowing agencies to earn more with less work while managing multiple sites. This easy-to-use platform besides takes care of WordPress core updates so that you can spend more clock time creating the sites and serving the clients .
They help protect the sites from beastly force attacks, malware, and early security threats. In addition, Pressable offers Jetpack Security FREE with automatic daily backups, plugin management, and 1-click security system fixes .

The lapp WordPress creators and WooCommerce developed pressable ; hence, it can deliver optimum site dependability and speed. furthermore, their hardy network has worldwide data centers along with a global CDN to serve your customers no count where they live .
You get free web site migration for any number of sites with ease. And if you want to do it all by yourself, you can use their automatize WordPress Migrator plugin with simple clicks. Or, you can besides seek their avail with inexhaustible white-glove managed web site migrations for detached .
Pressable guarantees 99.99 % uptime that excludes scheduled care. Plus, they will credit 5 % of your monthly fee in your registered explanation for every 30 minutes of downtime and a maximal of 100 % monthly fee if the server ( mho ) is affected .
Pressable ’ mho price starts from $ 31.50/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee .


Agencies across the populace can choose Pressidium to seek premium, low-cost, and managed WordPress web hosting. They never let you worry about web site downtimes as they keep monitoring their servers all the time .
Continue gaining client confidence with optimum security features that protect your sites from cyberattacks. They besides have a stable and advance infrastructure to handle sudden traffic spikes. In addition, Pressidium ’ s dashboard is beautiful and provides full control on your sites, such as team permission management, database management, and more, without requiring an IT degree .

Let them handle stand-in configurations, server settings, and troubleshooting hosting issues so you can peacefully create websites and launch them quickly. They offer day by day automated backups to increase data safety, and you can besides take web site snapshots and roll back if anything goes amiss .
Use their site staging feature to create a site replica and make design changes without affecting the bouncy locate. After you finalize the design, you can deploy it quickly. They besides upgrade your WordPress, apply security patches, and check for vulnerable plugins to offer better security.

Pressidium ’ s plans start from $ 42/month for 3 sites, 30k visits, outright bandwidth, and 10 GB storage .


There are many options available if you search for a WordPress host service for agencies. And to choose the best one for your needs, you need to find the right solution. It must help you deliver high-performing websites to clients, ease your exercise with comprehensive site management, allow you to retain complete restraint, and provide you a beneficial earn opportunity .
Hence, choose the one that can balance these WordPress host aspects and still comes under your budget .

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