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   This school is amazing, me and my sister have been here since we were in 4th grade ! The staff/faculty are indeed kind and cheer and thus helpful. I do n’t know Where I would be without woodward academy. – Posted by

Student/Alumni – Amelia Buckington


   Founded in 1900, Woodward Academy embodies excellence and character. WA is established and provides a phenomenal academic program. It challenges and encourages our children daily. Headmasters and teachers there are highly qualified, motivated and expect nothing light of excellence .WA students meet and exceed those expectations. rigorous academics and extremely senior high school stardards are synonymous with Woodward … .. have been for more than a hundred in Atlanta. Best secret school and best decision, investment we have made as parents. – Posted by

Parent – Caroline


   All three of my sons have been, or is going, or will go to Woodward. My 19 years old has moved on to college, my 16 class old is a junior and my 11 year honest-to-god will attend future class. I highly recommend Woodward for many reasons. First, there is a invest for everyone, no count a child ‘s floor of academics, level of sports or his/her extracurricular interests. Since Woodward is the largest independent day school in the country, there are dozens of sports, arts, clubs and activities. There is sincerely something for everyone. BUT the best part is, despite the large numbers, Woodward manages to work quite well with individuals. Your child will not be a count in the system ! We had problems with one son and the middle school principal worked with us and him to make sure his needs were met. Everyone who works at the school, from the facilities department to the teachers to the administrators, is felicitous to work there and you can tell. I highly everyone who is looking at independent schools go on a tour of Woodward. You will be impressed with the campus and their programs. – Posted by

Parent – doriw


   My conserve and I have had our three children at Woodward for over 10 years. We can not imagine a better identify for our syndicate. – Posted by

Parent – kathl


   Our son has been at Woodward for 5 years. We have been involved parents every footstep of the way. The hold, faculty, and academics have exceeded every expectation. I wish everyone had the opportunity to attend Woodward. – Posted by

Parent – kirst


   Both my children have attended Woodward for their entire life sentence. They have been so happy at school and are very turning into fledged, intelligent, felicitous teens. They are able to explore so many passions at Woodward from academics to sports to service learning to robotics. It is an excite invest with a beautiful campus with so many opportunities. Woodward besides addresses logistics with multiple bus routes and times, MARTA and carpool options. They are truly becoming fantastic community citizens and problem solvers. Thank you Woodward Academy ! – Posted by

Parent – randi


   Our daughter, sought out Woodward herself and initially we as parents in the Catholic school system went into the interview with some trepidation, however at that initial inflict we were blown away. We began our internal research and decided that we would love for her to begin her career at “ The Academy ”. Her progress academically ampere well as athletically has been more than we expected and we could n’t be more gallant of her or our decision to attend. The choices she ‘s making sol early in life to where she sees her future thrive is just simply amazing. She has been highly involve since the 1st day of school, has set many goals for herself and has been determined to accomplish them. She has union several different clubs and has been a character of 3 athletic teams thus far this year. She ‘s a hard work student and needle to say we are proud to be part of the Woodward family. – Posted by

Parent – Toaka


   once we walked into the Primacy School, we could not imagine sending our twins to any other school. Our experience with Woodward Academy has enriched our unharmed family. The diverseness of friends is amazing. The teachers are nurturing and realize that not every student learns the same way. now in 5th grad, we are at the Lower School and still smiling. As our kids are growing they are given more duty and exemption. In addition to academics, they are invited to try many unlike sports and after school activities. Woodward Academy offers the world to my kids. – Posted by

Parent – pia


   My forefather graduated from Georgia Military Academy ( GMA, nowadays Woodward Academy ), I graduated from Woodward Academy, and now my son is enrolled at the elementary school. He is a third generation to go there. I highly recommend Woodward to anyone that is matter to in a great education ! ! ! ! ! ! I ‘m so gallant to say that my family has been apart of Woodward for years and we will continue to be apart of it for years to come. – Posted by

Parent – drhbe


   My daughter is enrolled at the elementary School. We had our hearts set on Woodward even before she was born ! For the final 3 years Woodward has exceeded our expectations !

– Posted by

Parent – jois_


   Woodward Academy has been an amazing educate for my daughters. Both of my girls started Woodward at Pre-K. When it comes to academics the faculty is top notch, the classes are modest, the support for students who need help oneself is available and the academic guidance is provided. The extracurricular programs are great – a wide roll from football and riflery to Outdoors Club and Debate Team. We love being function of the divers Woodward syndicate ! – Posted by

Parent – jodie


   Choosing Woodward Academy was one of the best decisions my conserve and I have always made for our children ( current 8th and 10th graders ). We have been at Woodward since they were in 1st and 3rd grades. There is no better school in Atlanta. The level of education excellence and commitment to real learning constantly amazes us. The students are being taught to be lifelong learners who deeply analyze issues and take pride in their education and cognition. Woodward is besides a syndicate. The teachers, staff and administration in truth know the students and manage about them. They go the extra sea mile to help the students achieve their individual goals. We live army for the liberation of rwanda from Woodward – about 45 miles. It is not easy for us to make this work but it is well worth it ! We are grateful for Woodward every day. – Posted by

Parent – brian


   My child has attended Woodward since kindergarten ( seven years now ). She has always loved the school, and so have I as her rear. The teachers and staff are very attune to each student and know them very well. In the early grades, the teachers and staff are very rear. In the upper grades they are supportive and set clearly expectations. The arts programs are truly top pass, even in the elementary grades. The facilities are amazing. The academics are very solid. Woodward is an inclusive environment where diverseness of many types exists within a very comfortable school community. I highly recommend this school. – Posted by

Parent – kimda


   My two children, ( 7th & 9 thorium grade ) each with very different interests and learning styles, have been very felicitous at WA. The alone arts program and leading athletics plan have offered many opportunities for each child. The depth and breadth of the course offerings challenge both of my very unlike learners. We are very please with the diverseness at Woodward american samoa well as their external studies programs and learning opportunities. – Posted by

Parent – schan


   Woodward is an excellent school. My children are learning to be creative mugwump thinkers. In the younger grades, they learn by participating in many hands-on learn experiences. They are nourish and cared for by extraordinary teachers. My older children are challenged and excited about school. I highly recommend Woodward. – Posted by

Parent – alese


   I went to this Academy K-12 and my brother ampere well, overall it is a very good school that offers many opportunities to its students. – Posted by

Student/Alumni – saman

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