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What is the difference between hybrid, online and web-enhanced?

  • 100% online—100% online courses are delivered entirely through the Internet and require no face-to-face meetings. All instruction and interactions occur online within a course management system. Students can enroll in the 100% online courses from anywhere in the world.
  • Hybrid—There is a mix of distance and face-to-face instruction, with at least 51% of the instruction online.
  • Online and intensive—Online and intensive courses are a special format of a hybrid course. Online intensive courses primarily use online teaching and learning methods and technologies in addition to a required intensive face-to-face component (typically one week in length).
  • Web-enhanced—Web-enhanced courses using e-learning instructional technology do not reduce the amount of face-to-face instruction, but provide students and instructors with online tools to communicate, complete assignments, view grades, and a variety of other functions that aid the teaching and learning process.

Why can’t I find my course?

  • A1. Course shells are posted the Friday before registration opens for the semester.
  • A2. The search function in D2L is very particular. Try these search options. 
    • CRN# (Example: 44341) 
    • Title of your course (Example: Introduction to Art)
    • Code and Number with spaces in between. (Example: Art 1200)
  • A3. You may not be added to the course yet. If you are an adjunct instructor, this may be the case. Contact your college’s office coordinator to add you as the instructor of record. 

What do I do if one of my students has a technical issue in my course?

There are many options for students that are having technical issues. We recommend that you post these links in your course in a visible location such as the course of study and news area. When students have issues you can direct them to any of the follow :

  • Access 24/7 D2L Chat
    chat icon in elearning system
    An icon on the My Home page. D2L is the company that hosts our elearning. A representative will be able to help your student with their technical issue.
  • Contact OIT HelpDesk
    • (269) 387-4357 Option 1
    • 2nd Floor, University Computing Center

What is the difference between the Instructor Role and the TA Role in ELearning?

  • Within Elearning, the difference between the instructor and TA role is that the TA cannot add or modify content. Someone with the TA role can see all the quizzes just as an instructor would, for example, but cannot add or modify quizzes.

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Course Management

I want to copy my old course content over into a new course shell. What do I do?

  • See the tutorial for copying courses. 

I want to add a participant to my course, what do I do?

Anyone with a Bronco ID may be added ( enrolled ) to a Elearning course shell. Adding person to your course does not register the participant through Banner. Reference the step by step tutorial for adding participants.

What is the difference between due dates and end dates?

  • Start and end dates in Elearning refer to the availability of a learning object (such as a dropbox). A student will not be able to access the object unless it falls in the window set by the start and end Dates. A submission to a learning object (like a dropbox) is marked as late with a time-stamp if turned in after the assigned due date. Due dates do not affect availability. Reference the step by step tutorial for setting dates.

Can students see the modules before they are ready?

  • In D2L you have the ability to set modules to “draft mode”. This essentially hides the module from the student until you change it to “publish.” See the tutorial for setting a module to publish or draft mode. 

Is there a way to view my course as a student?

  • Yes! You can view your course as a student will see it to get an idea of what the course looks like on the user end. Visit the Management Tools page for a step by step tutorial.


What is the difference between final calculated grade and adjusted final grade?

  • The final calculated grade is what the D2L calculates for you based on your settings.  The final adjusted grade is the place for you to make any adjustments to the final grade while still having a record of what has been calculated.  The final calculated grades will be transferred to the final adjusted grade category if there are no adjustments necessary.  The final adjusted grades will be exported to Banner.

Can I reopen a course for students with an incomplete?

  • The end of a course may be extended but a course may not be opened early.  Reference the tutorial for “Extending the course end date.”

I need to submit my end of term grades.  What do I do?

  • See the tutorial for exporting grades to banner.  


Can a student submit to the dropbox after the end date?

  • An instructor may grant students Special Access to access a learning object outside the assigned Start or End dates. Special Access is found in the Restrictions tab while editing a learning object. 


What is the difference between a forum, a topic and a post?

  • Forums are used to organize your discussion topics into categories.  You can add and manage dates and availability of an entire forum.  One forum can house multiple topics.
  • Topics are the questions or comments that you create that students can respond to.  You cannot create a topic without first creating a forum.
  • Posts are the responses to the topics that you and your students can submit.
  • Replies are the comments made in response to the original posts.

What is the difference between visibility and locking for discussions?

  • The visibility and locking settings are found under the discussion availability settings.  Visibility controls your students’ ability to see the topic.  Locking controls your students’ ability to access the topic.  If the topic is locked, the student can see it, but they are unable to post or respond.  Review the guide for setting up discussions. 


I can’t see the quiz grade in the gradebook. What do I do?

  • A quiz grade may not show in the gradebook for two possible reasons:
    • A grade item may not have been associated with the quiz. Check the Assessments tab in the Edit window of the quiz.
    • The Automatic Grade and Auto Export to Grades check boxes have not be checked. Check the Assessments tab in the Edit window of the quiz.
    • More Quiz information.

My students need to take a quiz again, what do I do?

  • All Students: To allow more attempts for all students in the class. You will need to reference the “Setting Quiz Attempts” step by step guide on our tutorials page.
  • One Student: Alternatively, if you want only a particular student to have more attempts. You will need to reference the “special access” guide on our tutorials page.
  • Reference quiz set up tutorials on the tutorials page.

Can a student take a quiz after the end date?

  • An instructor may grant students Special Access to access a learning object outside the assigned Start or End dates. Additional time on quizzes may also be granted. Special Access is found in the Restrictions tab while editing a learning object. 

Why can’t my students see their submitted quiz results?

  • There are multiple settings that can be implemented to control a student’s view of their submitted quiz. 
  • See the tutorial on submission views.

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