How to Remove the TikTok Watermark

In this article, I show you four different approaches to getting rid of the TikTok water line for free. Choose your path and remove the annoying TikTok logo from the corner of your videos. It ‘s very annoy and about impossible to remove the TikTok water line from a television. Since the watermark moves round throughout the video, the TikTok app does a very good job of making the water line hard to excise. notice : There are a bunch together of spammy AF websites that say they you can download TikTok videos with no water line. They ‘re all lie. TikTok literally burns their watermark into the MP4 asset, so there is no way for an app to help you download the video recording without the TikTok water line directly. At least not right now. But it ‘s not impossible. Creators can use video editing hacks to remove the water line from their video. here, I ‘ll describe three strategies you can use to remove the TikTok water line from a television. These techniques are listed in order of difficulty :

  • Beginner: Crop the video to remove the watermark
  • Medium: Cover with your own watermark instead
  • Advanced: Add a blurred shape over the watermark
  • Pro: Trim out part of the video with no watermark and add video layer as overlay

In this article, I ‘ll walk through each of these three strategies and show you how to remove TikTok watermarks from your video recording .

1) Crop Out the Watermark

Difficulty degree : Easy. The easiest way to remove the TikTok watermark is good to crop it out of the television. To do sol, you ‘ll need an on-line crop tool that allows you to visually define a custom-made crop area. Kapwing ‘s Crop Video instrument is ideal for this habit subject .Video tutorial Step 1: Upload video to Kapwing In the TikTok app, click the “ Share ” icon and chink “ Copy link. ” then, head to Kapwing ‘s Crop Video landing page and paste the link into the television. If you ‘ve already saved the TikTok video to your camera bun, pawl to upload a video recording . Kapwing will fetch your content from TikTok and import it into the editor. Step 2: Select area that excludes the watermark Using the purple sliders in the corners, move the crop outline box to include only the center area of the video recording, with no watermarked top or bottom. note that the water line moves to the bottom of the video recording after a few seconds, so you ‘ll need to snip out both the top and bottom to make your television watermark-free . Step 3: Publish After finishing your snip, click “ Done ” to return to the independent editor and “ publish ” to get the cropped MP4. immediately, your video nobelium long has the water line ! Download the watermark-free video recording

2) Cover with your own watermark instead

Difficulty level : medium Step 1: Import video into Kapwing Studio Download the TikTok television and open your call browser, then navigate to Get started with the Studio by clicking “ Start editing, ” then upload the TikTok television to the Studio .Upload Screen on Kapwing You can besides import TikTok videos directly by pasting the contribution link into the Studio editor program. Step 2: Add a text layer with colored background Use the text button in the main toolbar to add a custom watermark. Type the text that you want to cover the TikTok water line with, then choose “ Edit text ” to select custom font, color, and vogue options. Add a background tinge so that the wide text box can cover the TikTok water line sphere. You can make the background color blend in to the surrounding area or make it obvious with a contrasting color .Text layer with background color alternatively, you can use an double water line by uploading an trope overlay or by searching for your logo on-line. Click the “ Images ” yellow journalism to search the candid world wide web for the picture PNG you want to cover the watermark with. Step 3: Position text layer over watermark area Since the TikTok water line appears in the crown exit and bottom proper corner, you ‘ll need to duplicate the layer to appear over it. Click “ Edit text ” ( or use the actions in the right-hand menu, if you ‘re on a calculator ) and click “ Duplicate. ” then, move the second gear text layer over the lower right corner . optional : You can make it so that the custom-made watermark “ moves ” with the TikTok watermark. Just pawl Timeline and change when the water line layers appear to match the vivification of the TikTok logo. The logo switches corners every three-and-a-half seconds, indeed use the timestamp buttons to match up the layers with the 3.5 second scar .Timed text layers in Kapwing Step 4: Publish once the video preview looks correct, snap Publish to burn it all together. After Kapwing processes your video recording with the customs water line, you can download the MP4 to contribution with friends or mail on social media .

3) Add a Blurred shape

difficulty : advance The TikTok water line can be distracting, and it besides gives away the identity of the person who made the television. To obscure the text, you can hide it behind a smear layer of the same television so that the words are no longer clear. This helps the water line blend into the video background . Step 1: Upload video to Kapwing

Start by opening the Kapwing studio and uploading the TikTok video. alternatively, you can import the video using a TikTok URL. Step 2: Duplicate the TikTok video layer three times using Kapwing When your TikTok video uploads to Kapwing, duplicate the layer three times. On mobile, the “ Duplicate ” clitoris is in the last course when you click “ Edit video recording. ” Step 3: Crop and cover For two of the layers, use the Crop cock to select alone the area with the TikTok logo in the lead leave and the bottom right corner .Crop TikTok Video on Kapwing then, drag to military position these smaller video recording overlays on top of the original son . Step 4: Blur the overlay videos Select the overlie video recording and chink “ Adjust ” from the video actions. Scroll down the last adjustment luger : confuse. then, add a little blur to the video recording layer ; I recommend moving it to about 5 . When you click done, you ‘ll see that the TikTok watermark is immediately blurred indeed that you ca n’t see the underlying text ! The video recording layer should blend in to the chief national of the video so that it ‘s not closely as noticeable. Step 5: Click Publish to get the watermark-free video After the TikTok watermarks have been obscured in both corners, click “ publish ” to process the blur MP4. The watermarks should be barley visible .

4) Replaced watermarked section with a no-watermark section

difficulty : Pro This scheme, which is alike to # 3, involves you overlaying the watermarked section of the video with the same sphere from several seconds earlier. Since TikTok moves the water line, there are times in your video where there is no water line over the corner. Duplicate the video layer and trim it down to the non-watermarked section. then, this character of the video – without a water line – will loop the whole time. note : This technique only works if the TikTok video is relatively stable ( no dramatic view changes or fast-moving textures ) Step 1: Follow steps 1-3 from Approach #3, above Upload video to Kapwing Studio, duplicate video level three times, cultivate two of the layers to the watermarked character of the corner, and overlay those corners on lead of the original video recording . Step 2: Trim to no-watermarked section of video For each of the short video overlays, click “ Trim ” from the “ Edit video ” layer. Change the begin and the end fourth dimension so that the only remaining section of the television has no water line . Step 3: Loop Click the Timeline release to make sure that the shorter snippets of video loop through the wholly time. Click the “ loop topology “ button in timeline on the shorter layer if it ‘s not selected by default option. This ensures that the non-watermarked section will continue playing over the watermarked bite. besides make surely to click “ Mute “ on the overlie videos so that the good does not cycle . Step 4: Publish and Share This method gets you the closest representation of your TikTok video with no watermark. It ‘s a capital road for people who very want to remove the app ‘s brand from a video before sharing. I hope that this guide to removing TikTok watermarks help you make even better master capacity. In the interim, we hope that Kapwing can be a resource and lead for people trying to complete advanced multimedia tasks. If you have feature of speech requests or ideas for us, please reach out on Twitter, Instagram, or over e-mail ; we love to hear from our users and constantly tag posts with the hashtag # kapwing.

last but not least, make certain to check out the @ Kapwing TikTok transmit !How to remove the tikTok watermark for free on KapwingHow to remove the tikTok watermark for free on Kapwing relate Articles

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