Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out?

Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out ? I am a writer who loves researching and writing on many different topics, from health to tech and back again .There is nothing more frustrating than being automatically logged out when you are in the middle of something. There is nothing more frustrating than being automatically logged out when you are in the middle of something.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites out there. not only does it allow you to connect with people around the world but it besides lets you play games, network with colleagues, set up a business visibility, and even make money. It is a platform with a wide variety of uses and benefits. No curiosity it is so popular. Given that we spend a draw of time on Facebook doing a number of different things, there is nothing more frustrating than being automatically logged out when you are in the middle of something. You might be in the center of a game or chatting with a acquaintance when all of a sudden you are logged out. There are many potential causes for this. fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved about immediately. Let ’ s employment through some of the most common reasons for Facebook logging you out .

Potential Reasons Why You Keep Getting Logged Out

  1. Cookies: Your internet browser uses cookies to track sites you visit. Sometimes your settings might be set up to automatically end your session after a certain period of time. Try checking your particular cookie settings for the browser you are using. Try changing your session time.
  2. More Than One Person Logged On: Someone might be trying to log into your Facebook account. Facebook does not allow more than one person to be logged into an account simultaneously on multiple devices. If it is happening continuously within a short period of time, it might be a good idea to change your password.
  3. Time Limit: Facebook has a time limit from when you log in. If you click Remember Me when you log in, the problem should be solved.
  4. Facebook Auto Login: When you log in you are given the option to allow the site to automatically log you on when you arrive at the website. Make sure this box is ticked.
  5. Cache: Try clearing your browser cache as it may be blocked.
  6. Malware: Your computer could be infected with malware or a virus. This is something you should consider checking if it is a regular occurrence.
  7. Facebook Apps: Log back into your account (try a different browser if you need to.) Navigate to your Account Settings and select Apps. Browse the list for an app called Skype. For some reason, this is a common cause of this issue. If you find Skype on the list simply delete it.
  8. System Glitch: Remember, it could just be a temporary glitch in the Facebook system and therefore a temporary problem.

iPad, iPhone, or Smartphone Devices

Depending on the device you are using, there may be another solution available. You can try re-booting your iPhone or iPad to clear the organization, or you can besides try deleting the Facebook app and re-installing it. Both are electric potential solutions, therefore give them a go .

There are some specific solutions worth trying depending on the browser you are using to access Facebook .

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer the trouble might be fixed by changing your settings .

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools and then select Internet Options.

Click on the Security yellow journalism, and then click the Custom Level clitoris at the bottom of the window .

  1. Find User Authentication in the list of settings and select the option for Automatic login with current user name and password.


Try clearing your cookies to resolve the problem .

  1. Go to Safari in the top menu bar and select Preferences.
  2. Select Privacy to view your privacy settings and select the Details option.
  3. In the search option, type in Facebook and remove any entries that appear in the site data list.
  4. Refresh your browser and reopen Facebook.

Beyond this. the problem might be with a plugin or extension you might have enabled in Safari .

  1. Go to Safari and to the top menu bar and select Preferences.
  2. Select Extensions to view any that are added to your browser.
  3. Delete those that you do not need or that are not critical.
  4. Go to your privacy settings and select the Details option.
  5. Refresh your browser and reopen Facebook.

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