Fact check: ‘Homework’ spelled backwards does not translate to ‘child abuse’ in Latin

Fact check: ‘Homework’ spelled backwards does not translate to ‘child abuse’ in Latin

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homework is often hated by both kids and their parents, and now some schools are getting rid of it all together. Keri Lumm reports. Buzz60

The claim : ‘Homework ‘ spelled backward means ‘child misuse ‘ in Latin

many words and phrases are known to have unlike meanings in early languages, and much of the English vocabulary is derived from Latin roots. Some social media users are claiming that the password “ homework ” spelled backward has a mean in the Latin linguistic process. A Feb. 27 Instagram military post with about 18,000 likes features a screenshot of the Google research, ” what is homework backwards. ” The solution purportedly reads, ” So basically ‘Homework ‘ spelled backwards is ‘krowemoh ‘ which in Latin translates to child abuse. ” The same screenshot included in the Instagram meme besides appears in several viral TikToks, and the hashtag # Krowemoh has more than 246,000 views on the chopine. The Google search screenshot that users have used to make the claim is taken from a March 7, 2013, viral post that has recently resurfaced on Twitter, where many users have shared exchangeable versions of the claim. ” I knew that this homework was fair a way to abuse children, ” one Twitter exploiter wrote along with the claim on Jan. 24. USA TODAY reached out to the Instagram drug user for gossip.

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‘Krowemoh’ is not a Latin word

The word “ krowemoh ” does not exist in Latin. According to Google translate, child abuse in Latin is actually “ puer abusus. ” A research of “ krowemoh ” on on-line Latin – to-English dictionaries results in no matches. The classical Latin rudiment consists of 23 characters, and the letter W is not one of them. In Latin, the letter U represented a W sound which could alone occur only before a vowel, according to Dictionary.com. european languages that use the Latin rudiment do not use the letters K and W, and they add letters with diacritic marks or pairs of letters that read as one heavy, according to Britannica. Get these in your inbox: We ‘re fact-checking the news program and sending it to your inbox. Sign up here to start receiving our newsletter. The title that “ krowemoh ” translates to “ child maltreatment ” in Latin was added in January to Urbandictionary.com, a crowdsourced on-line dictionary of slang words and phrases. The Urban Dictionary definition of “ krowemoh ” makes a joke of the give voice and children having loads of homework assignments. Fact check: Israel launching ‘Green Pass ‘ for COVID-19 vaccinated

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The claim that “ homework ” spelled backward translates to “ child misuse ” in Latin is FALSE, based on our research. “ Krowemoh ” does not exist in the Latin speech and the letter W is not partially of the Latin alphabet .

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