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Facebook does n’t need an introduction. It is the most important sociable media platforms on the planet at the moment and is considered one of the giants of the web along with Google, Apple and Amazon. Have you always wondered where Mark Zuckerberg ‘s caller logo came from ? Did he have many versions of it at the begin ? Let ‘s take a closer look at what the Facebook logo means and its history .

A Few Words About the Creation of Facebook

For those who are curious or who do n’t know the lineage of this social media platform, Facebook was founded in 2004 by Harvard University students, which included Mark Zuckerberg. It was in the first place a platform reserved for students of this prestigious school ; however, because of the excitement about it, Facebook promptly became accessible to other universities and then to everyone in 2006. It revolutionized and democratized the use of sociable media. Since then, more than a billion people visit Facebook every day, despite the chopine ‘s holocene and numerous scandals .

Facebook’s First Few Logos

At the very beginning, Facebook was called TheFacebook. This name was used from 2004 to 2005. The first Facebook logo was simply the name, TheFacebook, in pale blue with the like blue background as seen today. Brackets had besides been added to the logo to give a box appearance. When the company decided to get rid of “ The, ” they used the name in white alternatively of pale blue for better contrast. The baptismal font used since then is a modify adaptation of Klavika. A San Francisco agency called the Cuban Council that was responsible for this foremost pass. Like many engineering companies, the company chose a sans serif font, as it is more clear on the network. The logo has changed very little since then and could be getting dim-witted. To see this, we only have to think of the favicon of Facebook which uses entirely the first letter of the company ‘s name .
As well, many people suspect that the Facebook logo is blue because Mark Zuckerberg has a kind of color blindness and can not see crimson and k. however, amobarbital sodium is the most normally used semblance for caller son.

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A Few Small Changes in 2015

Did you know that the Facebook logo was redesigned in 2015 ? You likely did not notice as it remained very like. The name and colors remained the lapp. It was equitable the font that changed slenderly. The baptismal font was thinned a little–you have to look at both versions to notice this. It was besides modified to look more modern. In short, these changes were not identical big .

A Common Signature for Facebook Products

Since its origin, Facebook has acquired several early companies for which it has popularized–like Instagram and Whatsapp. In the interests of uniformity, the social media platform announced last November that they would make their image consistent. This is not a raw logo for the platform, but a logo for the company as a wholly. Facebook, however, remained simple once again by opting for a signature logo : entirely their mention. The logo for their lotion changed to now being written in capital letters .
so far, there have been three variations of this logo. First, there was the blasphemous interpretation to represent Facebook, the social media platform. then there was the green interpretation to represent WhatsApp, then a version of shades from orange to pink for Instagram. Is this a signboard of a refresh to come for the Facebook logo ? only time will tell, it is increasingly rare for a caller to keep the lapp logo for more than 10 years .
Facebook's new branding distinguishes app from acquisitions ...
beginning : Techcrunch

How to be Inspired by the Facebook Logo

There are many ways to be inspired by the Facebook logo when creating yours. First, why not focus on chasteness ? It is much what makes a effective logo. In any subject, the stream tendency is minimalism and excess details seem to vanish like snow in the spring during redesigns. besides, try not to use more than three colors when creating your logo. There should be a prevailing color and an dialect color.

similarly, do you know the mean of colors ? Each color carries a message. indeed, it ‘s important to choose the right colors when creating your logo. In the case of Facebook, gloomy is a widely used color for logo. It ‘s besides most people ’ mho darling color. Blue is considered a soothing semblance, which inspires confidence and is associated with cognition. If one of your occupation values is approachability, you could do what Facebook did and use gloomy for your logo .

In conclusion, you now know where the Facebook logo comes from. When creating your logo, you do n’t have to rack your mind. On the contrary, keep it simple, like what this social platform did. Start by trying several different fonts, then find the colors that will represent your values. Check out the history of the Mozilla Firefox logo now !

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