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How much is Vivint Smart Home equipment?

Vivint charges a bunch, though the caller besides offers a batch What about Vivint Sky ?Light Bulb previously, Vivint was using the term “ Vivint Sky ” for some security system offerings. For exemplify, the Vivint smart hub was called the Vivint Sky Panel, and the Vivint app was called the Vivint Sky app. Vivint has since phased out the term .
For the most separate, Vivint equipment is pretty costly.

The equipment is singular to Vivint, which is decent in that you ’ re getting something special for your money. We ’ ve tested Vivint ’ mho equipment, and pieces of it actually impressed us, like the chic, unique Deter feature of speech on the video doorbell .
But because the equipment is proprietary, you likely won ’ thyroxine be able to get it monitored by another, cheaper security company when your Vivint commitment expires .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to pay a lump sum up front ( and we don ’ thyroxine blame you ), you can choose to finance. You ’ ll wage spinal column the equipment a little spot at a time, which will result in an extra cathexis on top of your monthly monitor tip .
Vivint credit rating hindranceMoney If you want to finance your Vivint equipment, the party will run a credit check on you. It ’ second annoying but apprehensible.

Vivint sells the keep up security equipment at the following prices :

  • Key fob: $34.99
  • Door/window sensor: $50.00
  • Recessed door sensor: $34.99
  • Glass break detector: $100.00
  • Motion sensor: $100.00
  • Flood sensor: $69.99
  • Freeze sensor: $69.99
  • Tilt sensor: $34.99
  • Garage door controller: $99.00
  • Door lock/smart lock: $159.99
  • Carbon monoxide detector: $100.00
  • Smoke detector: $100.00
  • Element thermostat: $169.99
  • Nest L thermostat: $249.99
  • Nest E thermostat: $169.99
  • Appliance control module: $49.99
  • Lamp module: $50.00
  • Indoor camera: $199.99
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro: $249.99
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro: $299.99
  • Smart Drive: $249.99
  • Medical pendant: $34.99
  • Car Guard: $199.00

What ’ sulfur this ?Pin Vivint has a few unique offerings with devious names, such as the Smart Drive ( which allows you to record video recording 24/7 ) and the Car Guard ( which lets you track your car if it ’ s stolen, among other things ) .
Some of these prices sound reasonable, while some of them seem prohibitively expensive. The methamphetamine break dance and gesture sensors, for exemplify, are disproportionately costly compared to other sensors on the market.

The newcomer tamp down ( a touch screen panel, two door or windowpane sensors, a water detector, and a gesture detector ) is $ 599. And, because most homes have more than one door or window, you ’ ll likely want to add some more devices to the starter kit .
That all adds up to quite a bite of cash, particularly when compared to DIY systems. Ring, SimpliSafe, and Abode each charge around $ 230 for a starter kit out with a similar equipment roll. They besides charge less money to add supernumerary devices, like extra sensors .
Vivint Smart Home equipment in a line As for other professionally install systems, we suspect the Vivint equipment prices are pretty on par with ADT. But it ’ s hard to say because ADT doesn ’ thymine like to share how a lot things cost until you ’ re deep into the bribe process .

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